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Toronto Dog Daycare Do You Know What Your Kids Are Doing Online? Posted By: Robert Siciliano Your child is active online. Did it ever occur to you that he or she uses a fake name so that they can AND rsquo;t be identified by you? Chances are, you, the parent, also uses a pseudonym. It AND rsquo;s very common. Cyberspace is full of obvious pseudonyms, but a phony name can also be a regular name that many people have. Your child will be lost in a sea of David Johnsons or Amanda Millers. Intel Security did a study and found that 40 percent of kids use aliases or alternate accounts. Intel Security also found: Many kids fessed up to cyberbullying, including making threats. Far fewer parents in the survey, however, believed their kids were capable of cyberbullying. Over 25 percent of the kids admitted they AND rsquo;d meet someone in person after first meeting them online. Wayne State also conducted a study: Over 50 percent of juvenile respondents admitted to tracking or stalking a romance partner or harassing/bullying them. Parents really need to monitor their kids AND rsquo; cyber lives. However, there are obstacles facing parents such as being intimidated by technology and feeling awkward requesting their kids AND rsquo; passwords.

kids online safety How Technology Can Help In Bully Detection Posted By: vikram kumar In the world today, social media is used as a platform to communicate with people no matter how far you are from each other. Through the various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blogging sites, people are able to express freely whatever they have in mind and other people are also able to interact with them. By posting information, people can be able to create a pool of people who can discuss with each other whatever topic they want to talk about. Social media is a great way to explore a lot of things that you are not able to see in real life. Through technology, it is possible to see an almost real- life scenery. People also use social media to entertain and to be entertained. By following entertainment sites that posts entertaining articles, funny videos, Hollywood stories, fashion articles, sports, games, and a whole lot more kinds of entertainment, people will get to see what can make them happy without having to force themselves to interact with people in real life if they do not want to.

natural language processing Facebook Trolls: How To Deal Posted By: Robert Siciliano Cartoonist Ben Garrison posted something AND ldquo;about the Fed AND rdquo; online, says an article at www.vice.com, and this created a firestorm, leading to his billing as the AND ldquo;most trolled cartoonist in the world. AND rdquo; You see, his other cartoons were altered in an offensive way, fooling people into thinking these alterations were his original creations. How can Garrison climb out of the hole others dug for him? First identify the type of trolling.The vice.com article describes several forms of trolling: Hate speech. This targets anyone other than a white straight man who AND rsquo;s not transgender. Cyberbullying. Targets are often known by the cyberbullies, though I AND rsquo;d like to point out that in this day and age, if you disagree with someone AND rsquo;s comment on an article, you might be called a bully. Trolling. Like cyberbullying, trolling has developed an incredibly broad encompassment, but in its truest form, it refers to anonymous harassing. The basic difference between cyberbullying and trolling is that the target has no way of responding directly to the troller. Griefing. Many people do something little, like send a nasty tweet.

cyber bullying Catfishing Scammer Tells All Posted By: Robert Siciliano Catfishing is when someone creates a phony online account AND mdash;and not necessarily to scam someone for financial gain. An article on vice.com tells all about a person who AND rsquo;s been catfishing for eight years. She started in middle school by creating AND ldquo;Joey AND rdquo; on MySpace. She then commented, as AND ldquo;Joey, AND rdquo; on her real MySpace page to make herself appear that some cool kid named Joey thought she was pretty. She got older and didn AND rsquo;t have friends. Don AND rsquo;t blame her for this. Her mother was an addict and father behind bars. She wanted friends, but years of abuse impaired her ability to integrate with people AND mdash;as herself. So she created more fake accounts, to create the self she wanted to be. She snatched photos of a cool-looking girl on MySpace and created an account for AND ldquo;Amanda Williams. AND rdquo; The common name would make detection of catfishing impossible. Because Amanda AND rsquo;s photo was stunning and her account presented with confidence, many people began adding her and sending flattering messages and friend requests. Our girl here spent loads of free time on social media, constructing Amanda AND rsquo;s life. (Can you see how it AND rsquo;

catphishing Smartphones For Kids Aren’t Such A Good Idea Posted By: Robert Siciliano Maybe you believe that kids should not have smartphones because the devices can tell a pedophile where a child is located. But there AND rsquo;s other reasons that perhaps you haven AND rsquo;t thought of: cyberbullying, violent porn, online drug purchases, you name it. Smartphones give kids ongoing Internet access; they can AND rsquo;t live without this constant connection because it AND rsquo;s the normality that they AND rsquo;ve grown up with. Children and teens are a product of their technological times and can AND rsquo;t imagine getting through the day without constant connection to the cyber universe. An article in The Telegraph features a perspective from child psychotherapist Julie Lynn Evans. She points out that the striking increase in youth suicides and youth emotional issues (e.g., anorexia nervosa, cutting) is the result of constant Internet access. Evans has personally seen the correlation; the driving force of the mental problems gets traced back to cyberspace and the smartphone. Remember the good AND lsquo;ol days when the only access that kids had was at the family room AND rsquo;s computer or even the one in their bedroom? You can AND rsquo;t carry that thing around. Evans AND rsquo;

cyberbullying Cyberbullying: Its Uniqueness & Prevention Posted By: Robert Siciliano Unfortunately, cyberbullying is prevalent, and a growing threat in today AND rsquo;s always-connected world. Cyberbullying refers to bullying done via computers, or similar technologies, such as cell phones. This kind of bullying usually includes mean or threatening comments, or public posts through texts, emails, voice mails, social media posts, all intended to embarrass the victim. Cyberbullying can happen to both adults and kids, but since it AND rsquo;s so common among youths, it AND rsquo;s good to know how to help your children deal with the problem. One important idea to keep in mind is that unlike the kind of face-to-face bullying that many of us witnessed in school years ago, cyberbullying doesn AND rsquo;t end when the bully is out of sight. These days, a bully can virtually follow his or her victim everywhere using technology. The bullying can take place without the victim AND rsquo;s immediate awareness, and because of the broad reach of social media, the audience is often much larger than at the school yard. Since it can be difficult to get a cyberbully to stop their harassment, your best bet is to teach your kids safe online habits to try to prevent a bullying situation in the first place.

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GPS school bus tracking Trolls Get Dose Of Reality Posted By: Robert Siciliano Well, you know that old saying: The viciousness of an online bully AND rsquo;s attack is inversely proportional to the size of his (you fill in the blank), I was thinking ego. Many online bullies are female, but in the case of former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling AND rsquo;s daughter, the trolls are collectively male. Recently Schilling tweeted how proud he was that his daughter, Gabby, will be playing softball as a pitcher for Salve Regina University. Schilling got a lot of responses. And some were disgusting, including one that mentioned assault (yeah, I AND rsquo;d like to see the dude who posted that try to mess with a collegiate pitcher AND mdash;these young women aren AND rsquo;t to be messed with). Other repulsive acts and terminology came up in the comments. Sometimes, as Schilling set out to prove, it AND rsquo;s not best to just ignore the bullies, thinking they AND rsquo;ll go away. In the case with 17-year-old Gabby, the AND ldquo;bullies AND rdquo; are more like pond scum idiots who, in real life, would probably scurry like a mouse if a woman got in their face. Schilling quickly tracked down the names and schools, plus some other details, of the bullys.

online privacy The Qualities Of A Good Manager Posted By: Connie H. Deutsch The Qualities of a Good Manager by Connie H. Deutsch In years gone by, it was assumed that if someone rose through the ranks to the position of manager, he was smart. Although that was many decades ago, and things have changed greatly, there is still a substantial division between labor and management. For a very short while I worked for a company that, although large, hired only women to work for them. My manager was a bully. He didn’t bully women physically, but he did bully them emotionally and he tried to make it seem as though his bullying was for their benefit because it would motivate them to try harder. A good manager knows that people have different learning styles and respond to criticism in different ways. There is no such thing as one standard way of dealing with anything. I’m one of those people who responds to kindness a million times better than I respond to nastiness. My manager didn’t know that and didn’t care so he chose to handle a situation with his one-size-fits-all managerial style.

manager Elected Officials Failed Performance Reviews Posted By: Aninda To: All Elected Officials From: Your Employer, U.S. Citizen Date: October 21, 2014 Re: Performance Review and Employee Counseling Statement As your employer, the U.S. Citizens submit this counseling statement to all individuals seeking election. Overall, employee performance the past decade has been dissatis factory and requires immediate improvement. This counseling statement will be added to your permanent file and should be consulted frequently if you wish to keep your job. All new applicants should heed these performance requirements. We have listed nine areas that need immediate improvement and suggest you review the same prior to November 4th, 2014. Your public acknowledgement of deficiencies in job performance is necessary to determine your future employment. Failure to acknowledge this counseling statement may result in your immediate replacement. Remember why we hired you: You campaigned hard for the position and spent a fortune. We hired you because we believed you were sincere about working to meet the needs of our country, not so you could become rich and famous. Be sure your advertisements include your achievements, we are not interested in how methodically you can tear apart your opponent.

overreach blood of patriots How Important Is Your Name? Posted By: Connie H. Deutsch How Important is Your Name? by Connie H. Deutsch Shakespeare said, "What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." But is that really true? From your earliest days, your name can bring you acceptance or you can be the target of teasing and bullying. It can be very traumatic because all children want to fit in and a name that’s very unusual or offensive can blight a child’s future. Take the case of the parents who gave Nazi names to all their children. They may not have considered that the names Adolf Hitler and Aryan Nation would cause their children irreparable psychological trauma, although I really can’t imagine any parent not being aware of the potential damage they were causing. This case came to light a couple of years ago when a grocery store refused to decorate a birthday cake for their son Adolf Hitler’s third birthday. The end result was that they lost custody of all their children.

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Online GED Diploma Posted By: Jeff jaxson Stand up for your Rights The worst part of life is when you like your job and the opportunities in front of you, but something negative creeps into the portfolio. Quite a number of people face this problem of sexual harassment in the work place for various reasons. This is not gender or color specific but when this raises its ugly head the best recourse is to contact the harassment lawyer in Los Angeles who will get down to basics and deal with the issue. What the plaintiff has to provide is valid and concrete proof that this has been happening and hand over all the evidence to the expert. Quite a number of people end up resigning from their jobs because of this form of bullying in the office, but why do this, especially if you are on a steady professional curve? The best way to deal with any form of aggravation is to get it out of the way, so that it is nipped in the bud. The mindset of most people is to avoid confrontation, but when you are at the receiving end, it is best to speak your mind.

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adolescent therapy Facebook’s Suicide Prevention Plan Posted By: Connie H. Deutsch Facebook’s Suicide Prevention Plan by Connie H. Deutsch On the face of it, Facebook’s suicide prevention plan seems like a good idea, if not an ambitious idea. There are a couple of things that I question, one of which is that its users can flag when they think a friend may be considering suicide and click on "Report Post" and the next time that person logs in, he will be told to contact the person who is concerned about him, enlist the help of another friend, or put them in contact with a suicide helpline. Now, imagine yourself having a really bad month or two and under a lot of stress at home and at your job and thinking that you have a good friend with whom you usually share your ups and downs. Now, this friend reports your post as a possible suicide when all you wanted to do was confide in him or her as you’ve always done about what’s going on in your life. You’ve always been able to vent about these things and here you are, having this friend report your post as a possible suicide.

Facebook 3 Problems That Won’t Happen If You Hire Service Apartment In Pune Posted By: John Steffen Harassing landlords are here to stay. Most landlords feel that since they own the house they can do whatever they feel like doing. Things often escalate into tensions and fights when things deteriorate from shove to push. Also, since landlords own the property, more often than not they will try to enforce their own rules and regulations without even considering for a moment that you may be discomforted by it. Being in a Service apartment Pune will comprehensively rid you of all the worries, bullying and uncomfortable rules that you don’t need especially when you are paying for your accommodation in Pune. Most of us fail to appreciate these special things about apartment hotels in Pune so we thought we would make a list of everything that you need not worry about when you are at an apartment hotel. Overcrowding We all love some privacy especially when we are vacationing or on business. When you in are in Pune, either for business or pleasure, you want to be left alone. No nagging, no questions or odd stares, especially if you have a female friend with you.

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