Candy idea, a mother designed for their children’s products!

Candy Idea, a mother for her children to design products! – Cindy is a Sohu of maternal occupation women, when the mother in 2012, and a lot of mother, in the process of raising his son, Cindy met a lot of trouble, a lot of baby products design is not reasonable, the product quality can not be guaranteed. Cindy has a lot of ideas, she wanted to personally design products for the children, she would like to go to the factory to see their own raw materials procurement and production. Cindy baby was just 10 months old, it is long teeth, eat food supplement, when love slobber, Cindy baby slobber, long eczema, looking at the baby red chin, Cindy very distressed. Cindy tried a variety of methods, to give the baby bib is more than and 30. Cindy found the traditional bib, several problems, slobber towel first, traditional cotton Bib requires repeated cleaning, add a lot of burden for mothers. Second, with the traditional design, so that when the mother of the first people very worried, afraid to le children, so the baby to play on the bed, and can not sleep with the baby bib, but often side edge milk meal or sleep, deep sleep, if you forget Wai mouth off, there will be around the neck risk. The most important thing is, just a simple solution to the traditional Bib slobber without wetting the clothes, but did not solve the problem of Cindy, that is to keep the baby chin dry. So, Cindy designed the first product – disposable paste paste, and applied for a patent, Cindy created its own brand, Candy Idea. With the traditional bib, bib, slobber towel main advantages compared to the product: 1) disposable, eliminating repeated cleaning troubles, reduce pollution two washing and drying process; 2) on the back of stick slip design, attached to the chest on the clothes, replacing the traditional strap around the neck of the risk, and convenient replacement 3); multilayer absorbent, waterproof layer design, faster absorption, more firmly locked, keeping the baby chest, neck, jaw, face area dry, prevent eczema, dermatitis and other skin diseases. Design, development, production of this product is not a simple thing. Find the factory can take a long time for a lot of twists and turns. She went to the factory to investigate, Cindy style of work is the first to examine people, people on the right half of things. Cindy finally found a willing to follow her ideas and requirements of the production of this paste factory. Cindy negotiate with factory to confirm raw material, packaging…… Cindy understand the concerns of mothers, they are worried about the use of recycled waste materials, they are worried about the health of the product, they are worried that the product has a fluorescent agent… These Cindy are confirmed. Do not waste processing, does not contain fluorescent agents, do not contain heavy metals, no staining agent. Plastic bags used for packaging are made of food grade materials. Mouth.相关的主题文章: