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With a friend to buy lottery lottery prize and 300 thousand a accidentaly across – Sohu-姉summer

With a friend to buy lottery lottery prize and 300 thousand without a scratch – Sohu accidentaly across the daughter "winning spree lasted more than a month, the last 300 thousand yuan prize was finally opened, fell to the Qingdao City East Road 1 37622150 lottery betting station. It is said that winning lottery is "novice", looked at his friend to buy, after also want to try their luck, did not think the 300 thousand yuan prize went into the arms. No jackpot lottery will not be discouraged, "in 5000," send TV "in 1000 to send the electromagnetic oven", "in 50, in 30 to send 50 to send 30, as of December 30, 2016, the Qingdao lottery has access to multiple manners. With some friends xicongtianxiang often spread 300 thousand life to buy lottery tickets myself, with friends to play, the result being director; with a friend to go to the interview results have been selected…… I did not expect to buy lottery tickets, accompanied by friends to buy lottery tickets, the results of their own awards. The day before, the Qingdao lottery Zhang (of surname) is the case, the young man usually do not often buy lottery tickets. On Saturday, came together with friends in Qingdao City, East 1 road Fucai 37622150 betting. See "scraping daughter" activities a lot, a friend bought a few pieces of "scraping the daughter" bad luck, in 100 yuan. After that, the two men left together. Mr. Zhang left after the "heart itch", thinking of a friend in the award, he also try luck? He went back to the betting station, a friend to buy the rest of the pack "scraping the daughter" lottery, buy down. Unexpectedly, pleasantly surprised. Mr. Zhang to be scraped to second lottery tickets, the first prize of $300 thousand, on the show in front of him. Is "pie in the sky" hit, not ignorant is not possible. A lot of people fighting for more than a month, are looking forward to the award of 300 thousand yuan, did not expect the award should be so unexpected. In the 300 thousand yuan prize for doing? Zhang plans, just to decorate bridal chamber and marriage. "It’s so lucky." He’s still a little hard to believe. It seems much more free time with friends, maybe a good thing will find the door.相关的主题文章:

Xu Xudong confirmed apple in the Taiwan area Chinese first direct flagship store will be opened in A-tda7294

Xu Xudong confirmed: apple in the Taiwan area Chinese first direct flagship store will be opened – Sohu [Technews] in science and technology science news, A13 day before the Far East Group President Xu Xudong to attend the SOGO anniversary press conference, said Apple in the Taiwan area China only direct flagship store, will be located in their own A13, the new museum, and the first episode of Apple will be located in Taipei 101 different messages. In fact, the Apple Corp direct retail store though most located in the shopping center opened a shop in shop, but there will still be a single "Flagship" flagship store, like a famous glass cube, located in New York’s Fifth Avenue, Apple Fifth Avenue. Because Xu Xudong clearly pointed out that the new A13 Apple outlets will be "Flagship", considering the effect of a store, Apple should only be Xinyi District only a Zhiyingdian left in the A13 museum. The A13 is located in Taipei Xinyi District loose the square Shou Road, pine road intersection. One side is Mitsukoshi hall A11. (Source:Google) but there are also other news that Taipei will still be building a 101 in the third quarter of 2017 to carry out the first Apple store, so Apple will equate to open two retail stores in Taipei Xinyi District, only 101 stores Limited construction pattern, will be smaller "shops", rather than currently the world’s only 20 flagship store types. Otherwise, the 101 store will only be a flash concept store, similar to the previous Tesla strategy. As for Xu Xudong, referring to the A13 museum is currently still under construction, is expected in 2 years, the slow opening at the end of 2018. This land 13 years ago by the Far East Group to 3 billion 200 million mark, located in A11, Neo 19 Mitsukoshi Museum by the opposite. (source: Flickr Jorge Lá named scarCC BY; 2) read: for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章:

Ferrari plans to launch hybrid models in 2019 – Sohu-kaya scodelario

Ferrari plans to launch in 2019 a hybrid car Sohu – Sohu [E] electric car park recently, Ferrari Group Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne announced that " Ferrari plans in 2019 to make major strategic adjustment, the transformation of " models will be part of the brand to hybrid;. Marchionne said in his speech: " due to the development of hybrid vehicles is the trend of the times, Ferrari launched a hybrid car is inevitable choice. " Marchionne had previously revealed to the media that Ferrari will launch a hybrid car program, but did not disclose the specific time node of the program. The Marchionne’s statement revealed the specific execution time of the plan. Ferrari (LaFerrariAperta) as early as 2013, Ferrari group has launched a series of LaFerrari hybrid electric. At the September Paris motor show, Ferrari also showed LaFerrariAperta series hybrid vehicles. LaFerrari series models are the Ferrari group is currently producing the best performance of a car, driven by power is 120 kW and 949 Ma battery V-12 engine, torque can reach 663 pound feet, the maximum speed can reach 217 miles per hour. Ferrari (LaFerrariAperta) it is reported that Ferrari only produces 200 private custom convertible series hybrid vehicles, as well as the other will be used in 2017 Ferrari’s 70 anniversary of the exhibition on display. Marchionne said that Ferrari production hybrid car and can not be disclosed without any motive, Ferrari production of hybrid cars there is hope to get some profit in the market after the business, so as to guarantee the survival of 9 Limited Edition models.相关的主题文章:

Until you finally Changhe q35 August 28th will be officially listed (video)-sweets parade

Until you finally Q35 will be officially listed in August 28th, officially announced recently, Changhe Automobile, Changhe Automobile second new small SUV Changhe Q35 models will be on August 28th at the base of research and development of automobile industry of Beijing officially listed. The car will launch 1.5L a total of 6 models of displacement, the price range of 6.6-8.9 million. A new car with Beiqi Saab X35 sharing technology platform. Tip: as a Chinese brand of small SUV, Changhe Q35 rivals include Changan CS35 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), refine S3 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and other models. The car equipped with rich; will push 6 models of young design, the new car uses the upper and lower split grille grille on the dot matrix design, and wrapped in a large Silver Chrome, and connected with the headlights, the style is very fashionable. The inlet size is large, and with a black, very dynamic, the rear part of the car’s rear lines full, simple design, hanging Q35 logo. Q35, body size, length and breadth of 4286*1815*1665mm, wheelbase 2560mm, while the same platform Saab X35 pre exposure wheelbase of 2570 Q35, compared to X35 reduced the Changhe Saab 10mm. Q35 drive configuration is relatively rich Changhe Changhe configuration, Q35 is equipped with a multi-function steering wheel, cruise control, electric folding mirrors, sunroof, LED daytime driving lights and other equipment. In addition, Changhe Q35 according to different configuration will be available in two sizes, three style wheels. Security configuration, the new car is the standard ABS+EBD, brake priority, dual front airbags, crumple, steering column lock, automatically cut off the circuit system, ISOFIX child seat interface. To provide a power of 6 models of power system, Changhe Q35 will powertrain and Saab X35 sharing, and equipped with a 1.5L engine, the maximum output power of 85kW (116Ps), peak torque of 148Nm, transmission system, 5 speed manual and 4 speed automatic gearbox. In addition, the official said, three manual transmission models are also equipped with shift prompt function. Edit comment: Changhe Q25 listing makes up the blank of the SUV product line, and accelerate the pace of the introduction of SUV models, the Q35 will be listed, will bring considerable sales for Changhe motors, only continue to enrich their product line, can grasp more consumers.相关的主题文章:

The role of a variety of ancient wide sleeves-纪元1701

[Abstract] the role of a variety of ancient opera stage wide sleeved on the sleeve dance is colorful, common has the whole crown, shake sleeve cuff, whisk Yang vibration sleeve horror, open sleeves, retaining sleeve Yu, face hidden table table, laughing cry in sleeve cuff on the head from the sun and rain, the retaining sleeve Tibet, with sleeves dance etc.. China’s clothing culture as the center, has a long history. According to archaeological discoveries, dating back 18 thousand years ago in Beijing Zhoukoudian cave people that period, to fur sewing needles. "The book of rites of ancient · Li Yun" is Chinese ancestors "Zhu Ma silk, clothing its feathers" account. Even the drama stage, sleeve dance is colorful, common has the whole crown, shake sleeve cuff, whisk Yang vibration sleeve horror, open sleeves, retaining sleeve Yu, face hidden table table, laughing cry in sleeve cuff on the head, to block rain, with a sleeve for storing sleeve dance etc.. This makes both sleeve pockets, towels, facial expressions, allusions, etiquette, dance out many functions, the image to show a variety of ancient wide sleeves, from a change in the history of life may glimpse customs and transport phenomena, some enlightening points. Only this, try to describe as follows. Towels, towels, handkerchiefs will sleeves when handkerchief to wipe, wipe away tears, concealed, sun shading is the ancient custom behavior in life. For example: we have "Xin Qiji song Qian, who call the red kerchief and green sleeve, the hero tears make the emotion; Ruan Ji the" Bamboo Grove "with" when describing the Chaoyang for Mei ". During the Warring States period, "a lot of people" to describe the prosperity of Qi: people with open sleeves can cover the sky and the cloudy days; "waving sleeves into the screen like Yang state to describe people retaining sleeve. The ancients "face" and "Mask" or "mask weep" customary language, generally omitted subject sleeve, such as "noses" the code from the "mask sleeves, greedy" refers to the original idiom, to cover the nose with his sleeve. Qu Yuan "Lisao" in long sigh to cover tears "and" cover tears ", Bai Juyi’s" song "in" the king hid not save "face", "Pipa" in "full house" is heavy smell mask weep "are described as mask weep, sleeve Calei Yuanqu in Italy;" singing red tears dripping sleeve lapel, more than very grieved is wet "green sleeve mop wipe tears wet face. In fact, in real life, but also the common people with his eyes, wipe wipe face, this is the custom of inertia, is a historical transfer phenomenon. So far the idiom "wait and see" is also this. The role of pocket to hold useful sleeves to hide things in this custom, the "sleeve" also reflected on the part of speech. The sleeve is used as a noun, verb, sleeve, sleeve is installed into the reservoir. Such as "a dream of Red Mansions" write the first round stone not only green to the sky, was the vast time bring red, is "the sleeve", which is installed on their sleeves. In ancient China, people who had the status of wearing wide sleeves. The sleeves are sewn pocket, the pocket opening direction and sleeve is opposite, and the pocket is shaped like a cuff. So, money, what the letters in the pocket, even if the hands or with what’s inside the East will not fall out. Because the sleeves often money, so it will be used to describe the poor. "The sleeves swaying with every soft breeze". Also some of the so-called "blade", "boss", which is the hidden sleeve knife, short arrow. "Pocket" of the original field相关的主题文章:

Dove led the Fed policy direction-mia farrow

The dovish Fed policy direction leading U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes with the warrant recovery of the U.S. job market gradually close to the Fed’s full employment level, the Fed rate hike on when to start under debate is also increasingly fierce. At the end of last week’s September monetary policy meeting, the three Federal Reserve officials to maintain interest rates unchanged policy decisions voted against, highlighting the differences in the timing of the Fed’s interest rate hike. But the fact that the six consecutive meeting to maintain interest rates unchanged, but also further illustrate the dovish camp has led the Fed’s interest rate policy direction. Maintaining price stability and promoting full employment is the two major policy objectives of the Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve policy differences are also focused on the future of inflation and the prospects for the job market. The Fed governor Renard and Tarullo as the representative of the "Dove" officials believe that although the unemployment rate of 4.9% is close to the Fed expects the full employment level, but other employment indicators showing the employment market there is still room for further improvement. They stressed the need to see signs of continued inflation in the United States will support further interest rate increases. In Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank President George and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco governor Williams as the representative of the "hawks" officials believe that the U.S. labor market has basically reached the level of full employment, a further decline in the unemployment rate will push up wage growth and overall inflation. If you do not raise interest rates as soon as possible, there will be a risk of soaring inflation. They worry that the Fed may eventually be forced to raise interest rates sharply to curb inflation, which will lead to a sharp tightening of the financial environment than expected, and may lead to the U.S. economy into recession again. Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen expressed some identity between the both sides, the two factions of the policy to seek consensus. In a press conference last week, the lag that the transmission effects of monetary policy on one hand Yellen, stressed that the Fed interest rate policy should be forward-looking, too late warning rate hike will bring inflation risks; on the other hand, she pointed out that changed over the past few decades the United States inflation formation mechanism, now transformed into the job market improved before inflation the degree of pressure is not so large, US inflation expectations remain stable for a long time, but in the past few years, the U.S. inflation rate continued below the 2% target also needs attention. Yellen believes that this approach is in line with the current interest rate hike in the Fed’s ultra-low interest rate policy environment. From the Fed’s federal funds rate forecast, Fed officials have gradually realized that the economic growth and moderate inflation continues to slump, the fed only to raise interest rates to slow rhythm. Last December, the Fed had expected to raise interest rates four times in 2016; in March this year, the Fed will raise interest rates in 2016 is expected to be reduced to two times in September, the Fed is expected to raise interest rates only once this year. At the same time, the Fed continued to cut interest rates in 2017 and in the expected rate of increase in 2018, indicating that the Fed is becoming increasingly cautious in the rhythm of interest rates. From the release of policy signals fed last week, the Fed is likely to raise interest rates again in December this year, and in December last year to start the first hearing相关的主题文章:

Three guess the stock market after the holiday and coping strategies-dxperience

After the three major stock market speculation and strategy Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you guess: market callback trend falls in place? Probability: 80% specific reasons: U.S. stocks fell overnight, affected by this morning in Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities, all day long concussion, the technology, the market short-term support in August 12th low of 2999.04, repair the rebound, the daily pressure on 60 gem pressure line 30. Although on line K-line combination has a short order, but the stock has been adjusted for 4 consecutive days, with the exclusion of the continuous drop trend, should be a slight rebound in the. The news section, then there are two main things, one is the case of IPO Hongkong will usher in two years of financial market is the largest, the postal savings market, the other is a late September fed meeting on interest rates rise. The two will still have a certain impact on the A shares, the United States news for heavy. At present, the expected rate hike is not strong, or in a whirling state, so at the end of the boot floor, or is expected to activate the market sentiment. At present, the market is still relatively safe to go, with the transfer expected, the two round of new shares led the plate stabilized rebound, the stock market is certainly not the whole, but the level of stocks victimizes many varieties in the stabilized rebound, at present, before the 3000 effective smashed through the probability is very low, this round of adjustment to say is basically come to an end. The main willing in the pre oversold plate layout, which means the main optimistic about the holiday market. Is expected after the holiday will start a stock market rally. Therefore, the market can be considered short-term pullback. Coping strategies: ownership. Capital speculation: the main outflow of funds? 80% reasons: probabilistic description: Shanghai early outflow of 1 billion 187 million yuan, the gem outflow of 391 million yuan, the main capital outflow slightly. 66 industry sector, a large single net inflow of 12 funds, 54 large single net outflow of funds, inflow and outflow ratio is 0.22, the main capital outflow plate in large area. Two, 2680 in trading stocks, 967 large single net inflow of funds, 1713 large single net outflow of funds, inflow and outflow ratio is 0.56, the downturn in market sentiment. Coping strategies: the overall weak market shocks, holidays uncertain factors, the funds generally cautious, control positions involved. Hot conjecture: titanium dioxide industry leader announced price realization probability: 70% reason description: September 14th from the business agency was informed that the domestic titanium dioxide industry leading enterprises in Sichuan Lomon titanium industry, announced the price of billions. Sichuan Lomon titanium industry said that from September 14th onwards rutile titanium dioxide prices of domestic customers raised 500 yuan tons; raised the international customers $50 tons. Henan baililian chemical announced that since September 14th, titanium dioxide of various types of sales price on the basis of the original price of domestic customers raised 500 yuan tons, to international customers raised $50 tons. Analysts believe that this year, the continued rise in the price of titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide prices continued to rise, corporate profits appear complex相关的主题文章:

H-1B visa as an accomplice American downsizing Trump vowed to guide unhealthy – Sohu

H-1B visa as an accomplice American downsizing? Trump vowed to guide Sohu technology according to the unhealthy trend of U.S. President elect Trump (Donald Trump) announced the first 100 days of mobile plan, the reform of the visa regulations will increase penalties overdue detention of foreign workers, and ensure the work opportunity to give priority to American job seekers. British Financial Times reported on 12, according to the testimony of the contents of vice professor of public policy at Howard University of Ronil Hira in the United States Senate, through H-1B (professional staff visa) employ a large number of foreign workers, the average salary is usually low technology. 2013 U.S. software engineers pay median $101400. During 2010-2014 Infosys, Cognizant Tech, Solutions TCS and Wipro H-1B respectively by employing 31861, 29676, 27193 and 26540 foreign workers, the average salary of these 4 companies are not more than $70 thousand. In February this year Trump invited a by Disney (Walt Disney) fired Technology Department staff appearing in the campaign site, how they are due to the H-1B statement (introduction of foreign low-cost labour) and lose their jobs. Peter Thiel is a Silicon Valley venture capitalist of the election only open behind Trump Silicon Valley heavyweight, he has been invited to enter the presidential transition team. As a German born he can change the Trump on foreign technology workers attitude has drawn attention. The Wall Street Journal reported on 11, Trump after winning the election for the first time in an interview with the media reiterated his list of the first 100 days of mobile commitment: modify the international trade agreement, through tariffs to deter American enterprise production line will be moved to other countries. In October 2016 the United States Semiconductor and electronic components manufacturing employment month minus 1300 to 356 thousand and 600, a record low since statistics began in 1985, a record high (January 2001 714 thousand and 500) reduction of violence 50%. Last week released data show that in September 2016 the United States Information Industry vacancies (not seasonally adjusted) annual reduction of 14.5%, ninth consecutive months less than a year earlier level, the highest since August 2007 to November 2009, the longest downturn record. The Wall Street Journal reported on October 4th, MPF Research statistics, affected by increased supply and employment growth slowed in the third quarter of this year, including San Francisco (down 3.1%) and New York (down 1.1%), Houston, San Jose (San Jose) the apartment rents appear the first time since 2010 fell. (by MoneyDJ News reported that the first figure authorized reprint;相关的主题文章:

Car remote control key is not how to do A lot of people don’t know (video)-若槻ゆうか

Car remote control key is not how to do? Many people do not know how to control the remote control of the car keys, how to do with the continuous development of science and technology, we have become more and more rich vehicle configuration. Now the remote control key should also soon become household car standard. Speaking of car keys, do you know what to do if the car keys are suddenly out of power or broken? One, the reason for the failure of the key fails to open the door, there will be only a few cases. First, the key is not power; second, the sensor module problems; third, there is a nearby interference source. I think I have to say something about the source of the interference. We use the car keys, by sending signals indicative of electromagnetic waves. If the vehicle is parked in a place surrounded by a strong magnetic field, it is possible that your key switch will fail. We should see many similar news in the mobile phone information, micro-blog and other places, said some criminals took the jammer in your vehicle near, do you think you have locked the door, in fact you are not locked. But when you’re gone, you’ll get in your car and blow up all the valuables in your car. Two, how to open the door of our common remote control keys in general there are two, one is the traditional folding key, one is the electronic chip intelligent key. If your key is the folding key words, when the key is dead, we can put the mechanical part to open, and then take it into the keyhole on the door, this time you can open the door. If your key is the key to the electronic chip, then we need to find the mechanical part. The mechanical part of the electronic chip key is hidden in the body of the key. There’s an insurance on the back of this key. We can see it. Just pull it. Three, the key is not power, how to hit the car on fire? Now, the door is open, but the key is not power, how to hit the car on fire? Generally have a key to start this kind of car, will be equipped with a place called induction, it can exist in any place near the console, such as in the cup or the left side of the steering wheel. Anyway, if your car is not very understanding of it, you will find, can not find it, you will see the owner’s manual or on the phone to ask for 4S. Note that the use of remote control keys should also pay attention to some of the notes, as follows: 1, do not put the keys and mobile phones and other electronic products together. 2, do not throw the key. Because the circuit board inside the keys are relatively fragile, you can easily throw a long time still broke 3, key water can not be thrown, and does not press any key, then the key to open the shell, then take the hair dryer to dry him, otherwise the water will flow over the entire circuit board. How can you know that the battery is running out of power when the battery is dead? There are three situations: 1, remote control distance. For example, in the five or six meters he can unlock, then you may have to stand next to the door to unlock. 2, occasional failure. For example, the original may click to open the door, now press two or three to open the door. 3, the key above the indicator light. If it is the key!相关的主题文章:

Good morning let in Riverview Hotel – Chongqing rush about telling the news around spreading golden

Good morning let in Riverview Hotel – Chongqing rush about telling the news around spreading our Sohu every night tour the city lights, just wake up…… The movie "passing from your world" let Chongqing cents hot up too wonderful for words. This is a city with water and fire, the Yangtze River and Jialing River company, also have no rest seasons Hot pot spicy passion. You know, people not only straightforward character, and the river Jingyou deep feelings. Among them, the stunning Riverview Room is not only locals, but also the hearts of foreign tourists love. Since the Chongqing Residenz Hotel good morning free try to sleep activities, good morning Bird has received a congratulatory message sent back to sleep buddy. Have played on the value of the yen, personality, thoughtful good morning all kinds of confession. Sleep tester was a door that is wonderful music, electric curtains open automatically, feel good enough. Are the first side of the bath while watching the Riverview Room is large enough, it is too extravagant, ha ha ha. My sister is very hi. As the qiansimen bridge at night is really beautiful. Good morning decoration style is really good, especially good. The next time a foreign friend to recommend here ~ ~ must sleep tester Pi Dandan location Bang Bang Da, next to the top floor is out of Hongyadong, Kuixing Lou, the light also can be divided into minutes to see Monument for Liberation. Although living in Chongqing for so long, but not seriously felt Hongyadong night, took a lot of patches. Qiansimen bridge across the river with the Chongqing Grand Theatre is also very delicious. Can not help but sigh, our big Chongqing is really beautiful. Sleep tester Tracy first trip to Chongqing, because did not set the Riverview Room, so I chose the tatami room. Very quiet, there is a key machine Ma, very modern machine Ma above, meet what the smoke seckill. And her boyfriend after watching the night, Hot pot, go to sleep, the second day sitting on the top floor directly from the 9 floor, out of a large platform to go to the downtown Monument for Liberation, is really a good way to magic, jiaochangkou sat near the river cable car. I did not expect a day to feel the Chongqing so many classic features. Good morning, you deserve it. Sleep tester, hall is industrial retro, special love that a few paddles behind the front desk, I heard a good morning painted on their staff. There is a room deep green leather sofa, after their home to a. There are two types of slippers in the room, as well as hangers, and so on. After traveling to other places, as long as there are good morning is the first place. Try sleeping T ingT I am Yan value control, the husband is practical. It’s not easy to satisfy both of us. In the morning, I of the decoration layout, and the window of Riverview said OK, husband is very satisfied with the humanization design, such as wet partition, do not bother, and a warm reception, switch design, reading and other functions, can choose according to the light, thoughtful and environmental protection. The next morning and look forward to the encounter *^_^* sleep tester Christ Virgo as we all know, all picky. But good morning makes me very surprised, like the owner of it相关的主题文章:

The school dormitory after a noisy nearly 600 girls stand – Sohu Education-noreply

The school dormitory after a noisy nearly 600 girls stand – Sohu education Baoji China Daily at night, nearly 600 girls were sent in the dormitory station? In September 27th, Qishan County, one of the parents to reflect China Daily, a week ago, because a girl in the evening noisy, high school teacher punished the Yidian floor nearly 600 girls standing accommodation to the next day at 5 a.m.. A senior vice president Yidian said, standing is true, but the students only in the outdoor station for half an hour. For the practice of punishment, some people think it is wrong, but also expressed support for the public. The student: standing at 5, a lot of people cold Mary (a pseudonym) in the Qishan County senior high school sophomore Yidian, because far from home, and parents are working in the field, on the choice of the boarding school. In September 25th, Mary’s father, Mr. Wang from outside the home to see her daughter when found, she kept a runny nose, asked that the September 20th, the teacher asked the students to stand in the corridor almost all night. Mary told China Daily reporter, in late September 20th, and his classmates next night, back to the dormitory after the wash, ready to sleep, and in a dormitory with a high school girl at 10:30 in the evening after lights out, still shouting. "At this time, the teacher let all high school students put on clothes, outside the dormitory." Mary said, when the teacher sternly scolded you, then let everyone back to the corridor standing, not to stand back to the room to sleep, the next day at 5 a.m.. With the same dormitory Mary Xiaofang (a pseudonym) said, then stand outside in the cold is not, but the teacher is not allowed to enter the dormitory, many students have a cold. Mr. Wang heard her daughter suffered after very angry, "the teacher education of children are girls but no ground for blame, after all, the weather is cold, cold night is very heavy, when the teacher education should pay attention to the scale." In September 27th, the China Daily reporter interviewed several high school girls in the school, they both said the evening of 20 is teacher collective stand to the next day at 5 a.m.. The school responded: outdoor stand is only half an hour to Vice President Yidian high school Tang Cheng told China Daily reporter, said, let them stand is true. At 10:30 in the night of the incident lights, a girl because of accommodation are not used to living in the dormitory, loudly, seriously affected the other students rest, so the teacher of this building will be nearly 600 girls from downstairs. Tang Cheng introduced, although the stand is true, but the long standing with parents and students reflect the different understanding, after the school, students only in the outdoor station for half an hour, at around 11 PM have all returned to the dormitory rest, afterwards didn’t let the students stand in the building stand. In the video control room of dormitory, the China Daily reporter from the transfer of the monitor screen to see the girls, at 10:32 in the evening, is concentrated on the first floor of the dormitory door, about 11 in the evening, the girls began to return to the building, because there is no camera installed in the corridor of the school dormitory, so it was unable to verify. In September 27th, Qi really相关的主题文章: