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What kind of experience is living in the ruins of the Millennium castle 陈进生

What kind of experience is living in the ruins of the Millennium castle? Introduction: what kind of experience is living in the ancient castle ruins beyond 1000 years? This castle in Spain retains the traces of the middle ages, and the space experience is wonderful. (source: Yatzer) pay attention to the public number "tune in tune", and see more original content! Before the castle ruins, listen to Jay Chou sing "William Castle", will always imagine the lyrics of the castle master William S and the fat witch, housekeeper pig, and Kathleen princess in the old castle in the end what is it like? The mysterious castle with English retro style is always full of imagination. In the super Millennium castle ruins is a kind of what kind of experience? Such opportunities are rare in the world, but it’s always possible to come up with a case to fill our imagination. Peratallada castle is located in Catalonia, Spain, BaixEmpordà, a cultural relic building, its construction history can be traced back to the tenth Century a.d.. Today, it’s a private holiday villa, and MESURA architects, who come from Barcelona, take over the task of design and transformation. To get such a unique historical and aesthetic value of the project, also has a special significance for the MESURA team, "where we found a unique exquisite garden, every stone here clearly retains traces of medieval streets, texture is also like in the century." The task of MESURA is to design the garden and landscape for the Peratallada castle. The whole space terrain is more complex, the street surface and villa entrance has two meters drop. The stone walls in the castle surround the garden in the middle of the castle, and there is another locust tree over a hundred years old. Because it is the commanding height of the castle, the design team as a starting point, with its towering trunk in the vertical direction of the entire space. Castle ruins, castle ruins, three Turkey stone material platform, using wood decorative concrete wall for segmentation. The stone used for paving is 7cm*15 cm slate, which is made of waste from a local quarry. The castle ruins of castle ruins considering the complex terrain because of stone cutting has also brought many problems to the design team, such as drinking water mouth corners use stone, to let the water according to the gravity flow, so must use CNC cutting forming a special shape. Such as electrical and plumbing engineering early when the design has been integrated into the building, such as the socket and a light source installed on the bench. Although the design team retains the simplicity of the century, the functionality always follows the modern rhythm. Designers add live water devices to create subtle and non stop underwater sound, rippling water reflects the scenery around the castle, continue to create a mysterious romantic atmosphere. The rainwater harvesting system has also brought into the concept of sustainable development. On the roof of the building.

住在千年古堡遗迹中是种怎样的体验?   导语:住在超越千年的古堡遗迹中是一种怎样的体验?西班牙这个古堡完全保留了中世纪的痕迹,空间体验很美妙。(来源:Yatzer) 关注公众号“ 有腔有调”,查看更多精彩原创内容! 古堡遗迹   以前听周杰伦唱《威廉古堡》,总会幻想歌词里古堡主人威廉二世和那个胖女巫、管家猪、和凯萨琳公主身处的那座古堡到底是什么样子?那神秘的带着英式复古风格的童话古堡总是令人充满想象。   那住在超越千年的古堡遗迹中是一种怎样的体验呢?这样的机会称得上世间罕有,但拿出一个案例来填补我们的想象空间总是可以的。   Peratallada 城堡是位于西班牙加泰罗尼亚 BaixEmpordà 的一座文物建筑,其建造历史可以追溯至公元 10 世纪。   如今,它已是一座私家度假别墅,接手其设计改造任务的是来自巴塞罗那的 MESURA 建筑事务所。   拿到这样一个独具历史美学价值的项目,对于 MESURA 团队来说亦有特别的意义,“在那里我们发现了一个独特的精致的后花园,这里的每一块石头都清晰地保留着中世纪的痕迹,街道纹理也是中世纪的模样。” 古堡遗迹 古堡遗迹 古堡遗迹 古堡遗迹 古堡遗迹   MESURA 的任务是为 Peratallada 城堡设计花园和景观。整个空间地形较为复杂,街道面与别墅入口有两米的落差。   城堡中的石墙将花园围在城堡中央,另有一棵超过百年的刺槐树。因其是古堡的制高点,设计团队便以此为切入点,用其高耸的树干在垂直方向上支配了整个空间。 古堡遗迹 古堡遗迹   三个土耳其白石材质的平台选用木质纹理装饰的混凝土墙面进行分割。铺地用的石材是 7cm*15 cm 的石板,这些石板皆是用当地采石场的废料制作而成。 古堡遗迹 古堡遗迹   考虑到地形复杂的缘故,石板的切割也给设计团队带来不少问题,比如落水口喝边角处使用的石板,需要让水根据重力流出,所以必须得运用数控机床技术进行切割定型成特殊的形状。而诸如电力和管道工程早在设计时就已被整合进建筑中,比如把插座和灯源安装在石凳上。   尽管设计团队最大限度地保留了其中世纪古朴的模样,但功能性总要跟上现代的节奏。设计师加入的活水装置创造出细微而不会停止的水声,荡漾着波纹的水面映照着古堡周围的景色,持续营造出神秘浪漫的氛围。而雨水收集系统的装置也带入了可持续发展理念。在建筑的屋顶部分,雨水被收集到一口离地面 9 米高的井口中,用于灌溉花园。 古堡遗迹 古堡遗迹 古堡遗迹   值得一提的是,虽然设计团队运用了很多诸如活水装置、雨水收集系统以及数控机床技术等现代化的手段,但这些手法都巧妙融入了古堡的自然景观之中,并没有打扰到 Peratallada 本身珍贵的历史感,让这座后花园展现出更多的历史纪念意义。相关的主题文章:

Yao Securities yesterday left a large drop gap 成人dvd专卖店

BS Securities yesterday left a large decline in a hot part of capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina Finance client: the most profitable investors in the market for Hong Kong stocks plunge yesterday level2 through the mechanism cards this month, form gradually was the first high and low, high 19770 temporary 1 days, while the low 18764 points temporarily for 3 days, with the amplitude of 1006 point meter is still relatively narrow, so in the rest of the trading day of the month, the technical point of large amplitude, namely the later have higher or lower the index. In addition, a month’s high low is generally not close to the three trading days. From the trend, the Hang Seng Index after yesterday’s plunge, the technology gap under a large drop left, ranging from 19403 points to 19032 points, down 10 since the breach just cover the antenna and the 20 antenna, so the situation is indeed worrying. Simply put, on behalf of the past 10 days and 20 days to buy goods of breakthrough by Lei became lose, on the short-term market outlook is weak. Look at the performance of big city quarter, until the moment ended, this season is still high, temporarily for the January 4th high of 21794 points, because now refers to gradually fell from the high, to reverse the weak state when not easy, plus the HSI has again fallen were commonly used moving average line is. After a brief rebound after the show (19770 points 18534 points in January 21st to February 1st, the rebound) the whole city is to try again in bottom of the form, and the end of the January 21st, temporarily to 18534 low point. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

耀才证券:昨天遗留下一大型下降裂口 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   本月大市昨天之急跌,形态上已渐呈先高而后低,高位暂为1日之19770点,而低位则暂為3日之18764点,以1006点之波幅计相对仍窄,故在本月餘下之交易日,技术上该有更大之波幅点出现,即稍后该有更高或更低之指数出现。况且,一个月之高低位一般是不会紧贴於三个交易天内出现。   再从走势上看,恒指经过昨天之急跌,技术上遗留下一大型下降裂口,介乎19403点至19032点,由於此下降裂口刚好覆盖10天线及20天线,故情况确实较令人担心。简单一点说,即代表过去10天及20天内买货之人突破间由羸变输,对短期后市而言当属偏淡。   再看季度大市之表现,直到目前一刻止计,本季大市之高位仍暂为1月4日之高位21794点,由於现指已渐跌离此高位,要扭转此弱态当非易事,加上恒指已再度跌穿各组常用之平均移动线,正在表示经过短暂之反弹后(1月21日之18534点反弹至2月1日之19770点),整个大市现又再重陷欲试底之形态中,而所指的底,暂该为1月21日之低位18534点。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:


Tibet Mount Everest 1911.93%-2145.88% Chinese strong trading yejiyuzeng Economic Net Beijing on February 4th morning news, Tibet Mount Everest trading, as of press time at 15.97 yuan. According to the Tibet Mount Everest announcement said, after Tibet Mount Everest industrial Limited by Share Ltd financial management center preliminary estimates, the year 2015 is expected to achieve net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is about 172 million yuan to 192 million yuan, with the same period last year attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 8 million 549 thousand yuan (statutory disclosure data), will increase 1911.93%-2145.88%. The company purchased 100% equity of tower Mining Co., Ltd. in August 12, 2015 completed the asset transfer, and in August 20, 2015, China Securities Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. Shanghai branch completed the registration process of shares. The company acquired 100% stake in the mining in the tower, the business combination under the same control, according to the provisions of the "enterprise accounting standards", the company were retrospectively adjusted over the same period last year comparative data, net profit adjusted 2014 attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 267 million 235 thousand and 300 yuan, is expected in 2015 annual net profit attributable to the listed and adjustment the shareholders of the company after compared to the same period last year, will be reduced by 35.64%-28.15%. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

西藏珠峰强势涨停 业绩预增1911.93%-2145.88%   中国经济网北京2月4日讯 早盘,西藏珠峰涨停,截止发稿报15.97元。   据西藏珠峰公告称,经西藏珠峰工业股份有限公司财务管理中心初步测算,预计2015年度实现归属于上市公司股东的净利润约为17,200万元到19,200万元,与上年同期归属于上市公司股东的净利润854.90万元(法定披露数据)相比,将增加1911.93%-2145.88%之间。   公司收购塔中矿业有限公司100%股权已于2015年8月12日完成了资产过户,并于2015年8月20日在中国证券登记结算有限公司上海分公司办理完毕了股份登记手续。本公司收购塔中矿业100%股权,属于同一控制下企业合并,根据《企业会计准则》的规定,公司对上年同期对比数据进行了追溯调整,调整后的2014年归属上市公司股东的净利润为26,723.53万元,预计2015年年度实现归属于上市公司股东的净利润与调整后的上年同期相比,将减少35.64%-28.15%之间。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

was in an unprecedented predicament – net withdrawal 和而不同的意思

Small fund company counter attack path: "corner overtaking" and "wind catcher", reporter Chen Junling, editor of Yu Yong "the poor are changed, change the pass, long general." This is the first from the "book of changes" under · copulative word, stand in the time node, B C Shanghai at the turn of the year, again measured over the past 4 years the fund industry situation, experience more profound meaning of the old saying. 4 years ago, from 2011 to 2012, the capital market was at a low ebb, and the securities fund industry, which had been "looking at the sky and eating", was in an unprecedented predicament – net withdrawal, shrinking scale, brain drain. Qiongzesibian, it is also in that year, a number of fund companies not willing to sink at the helm, began to seek transformation path. Combing over the past 4 years, the fund industry data, Zhengbao reporter found that Celestica fund, Minsheng Bank and other former unknown small fund companies in trouble and firmly grasp the new changes, the subsequent years of Internet banking, fund subsidiary, fixed income fund market "wind", completed a small the fund’s magnificent counter attack. Qiongzesibian "5 years ago, I came to the fund company, the scale of the whole industry 3 trillion, a few years later, is still hovering at 3 trillion." One day in the summer of 2012, headquartered in Beijing, a bank based fund company’s marketing department responsible person Born Under A Bad Sign showing a trace of emotion. In the official view, belong to the wealth management industry, the same service to investors and the real economy, the fate of different funds, trust 5 years "shift", so many like her "old fund" at a loss, but out of love for the fund industry, she has been to adhere to, and many newcomers are silent to choose to leave. In 2013, when the asset size of the trust industry and a stride forward singing militant songs in the three quarter of the year, at the end of the formal crossed the 10 trillion mark the occasion, had set thousands of pet in one, in the bull market, a hundred responses to a single call asset management is still hovering at 3 trillion of the fund industry, somewhat lonely. One day in the winter of 2013, the reporter had to participate in a host of third party financial wealth management forum, in banking, trust and other tall guest speakers, finally speaking is a fund Rating firm responsible person, his speech topic is "fund investment and choice", this time the audience has There is not much left. "Compared with the market touted bank financing, trust, the fund performance is really bleak in the past two years, and even mahogany, purple sand teapot such niche investment in the limelight, have overshadowed the fund." Recall a few years ago when attending the forum, investors and the media sought after scenes, the person in charge of the heart from emotion. Back in 2011 to join Celestica fund during the past, Celestica fund deputy general manager Zhou Xiaoming said, as an old man in the fund industry, he left the old club after harvest, he had an unsuccessful quantitative private entrepreneurial experience, but also out of love for the fund industry, he finally chose the day this small company philip. As ranked by the veteran fund company before that time, Celestica fund is still a continuation of "heaven" survival mode, but not with the former rival, visibility of

小型基金公司逆袭路径:“弯道超车”与“风口捕手”   ⊙记者 陈俊岭 ○编辑 于勇   “穷则变,变则通,通则久。”这是最早出自《周易·系辞下》的一句话,站在乙未、丙申年之交的时间节点,再次回测过去4年来的基金业变局,更能体会这句古话的深刻寓意。   4年前的2011年至2012年之交,资本市场正处于低谷,一向“看天吃饭”的证券基金业也陷入前所未有的困境——净值回撤、规模缩水、人才流失。穷则思变,也正是在那年前后,一批不甘心沉沦的基金公司掌舵者,开始谋求转型路径。   梳理过去4年的基金行业数据,上证报记者发现,天弘基金、民生加银等昔日名不见经传小基金公司,于困境中变革图新,并紧紧把握随后几年的互联网金融、基金子公司、固收基金等市场“风口”,完成了一次小基金的华丽逆袭。   穷则思变   “5年前,我刚来基金公司时,全行业规模3万亿,几年过去了,至今仍徘徊在3万亿。”2012年夏天的一天,总部位于北京的某银行系基金公司市场部负责人流露出一丝生不逢时的感慨。   在这位负责人看来,同属财富管理行业,同样服务于投资人和实体经济,基金、信托5年来“此消彼长”的迥异命运,让不少像她这样的“基金老人”茫然,但出于对基金业的热爱,她一直在坚守,而不少后来者则默默地选择离开。   2013年,当信托业资产规模一路高歌猛进,并在当年三季度末正式跨过“10万亿”大关之际,曾集万千宠爱于一身、在大牛市中一呼百应、管理资产仍徘徊在3万亿上下的基金业,多少有些落寞。   2013年冬天的一天,记者曾参加一场第三方理财主办的财富管理论坛,在银行、信托等高大上嘉宾发言后,最后上台演讲的是一家基金评级公司负责人,他的发言主题是“基金投资与选择”,此时台下的听众已所剩无几。   “相比市场热捧的银行理财、信托,这两年基金业绩确实黯淡很多,甚至红木、紫砂壶这样的小众投资的风头,都盖过了基金。”回想几年前出席论坛时备受投资人和媒体的追捧场景,这位负责人不由心生感慨。   回想2011年加盟天弘基金时的往事,天弘基金副总经理周晓明坦言,作为一名基金行业的老人,在他离开老东家嘉实基金后,他曾有过一段并不成功的量化私募创业经历,但同样出于对基金行业的热爱,他最终选择了天弘这家小公司。   如同当时排名靠前的老牌基金公司,彼时天弘基金仍延续着“靠天吃饭”的生存模式,但无法与前者匹敌的是,知名度、人才梯队、股东背景均不利于其赶超,若要在随后几年的竞争中突围,他们必须找到一条差异化的破局之策。   是年夏天,天弘基金一则广揽电商人才英雄帖,吸引了同样思虑转型的媒体人张牡霞的目光,初到天弘的那段日子,她也曾有过迷茫,直到2013年携手阿里推出余额宝之后,才让她和其他后来者庆幸当初的明断与坚守。   与天弘基金借互联网金融“弯道超车”,并成为首家资产管理总规模破万亿的基金公司不同,民生加银基金则选择了另一条错位竞争的策略——基金子公司。   “过去5年,是国内基金业最不好的5年。这五年,民生加银却走了一条与其他公司都不太一样的路,资管规模逆市而上。”这是2013年底接受上证报记者专访,民生加银基金管理有限公司董事长万青元说的一句话。   回想2011年初到民生加银时的场景,万青元至今仍记忆犹新——“这里没有总经理,没有投资总监,基金经理就那么两三个人。”在对多位基金大佬的拜访和调研后,他确立了将基金公司打造为一个多元化的资产管理公司的构想。   时隔4年,当我们再次回测过去几年的基金业变局,以及与昔日风光无限的信托业的“此长彼消”,难免会发出“在最困境中坚守,终有拨云见日之时”的感慨。   “风口捕手”   “三年,我觉得资本市场一定有机会,只要有机会,只要我们做好了准备,就一定能够上去!”在2013年底说这番话时,万青元向记者透露了当时的“三年规划”——2016年时公募排名进前20名,管理资产规模要达到1000亿。   尽管彼时的基金业身处熊市,让万青元如此笃定看好基金业的理由是,综观全球资管市场,基金行业还是个朝阳行业,之所以过去的基金公司钟情于股票买卖上,那是因为思路没有完全打开,将来整个金融业的趋势是混业经营。   一个月前,民生加资产管理有限公司总经理蒋志翔在所作的《寻找基金资管的历史方位》一文中透露,经过短短3年时间的发展,无论是从机构的数量,还是从管理资产规模考量,均获得了爆发式增长。   来自基金业协会的数据显示,截至2015年底,民生加银资产管理有限公司以8068亿元,位列基金子公司专户管理规模榜首。在蒋志翔看来,基金资管既是同业搅局的“坏孩子”,更是大资管时代肩负金融使命的“弄潮儿”。   如果说以民生加银为代表的基金公司,抓住了基金子公司的“风口”,那么以出身草根的天弘基金则是抓住了“互联网金融”风口。在日前接受记者专访时,周晓明并不讳言,其成功既有主观因素,更重要的是赶上了互联网金融的大势。   “一个产品成功的关键,是它在哪些纬度上契合到客户的需求,这个是最最根本的事情。”周晓明总结成,“余额宝”成功源于满足了互联网的“长尾”,其借助互联网手段,才使得一个普通的货币基金呈现出全新的客户体验。   继2013年“余额宝”横空出世以来,天弘基金就被视为基金行业一批“黑马”。而在2016年新年之际,两则与天弘有关新闻再次成为业内的热点。一则是其资产管理总规模首破万亿,另一则是其代理的香港北上基金开售。   根据天弘基金最新公布数据,截至2015年12月31日,含专项专户,其资产管理业务总规模达10742亿元,成为国内基金业历史上首个破万亿的基金公司。如果说首破万亿多归功于余额宝,那么刚刚上线的两地基金互认则是其走出内地的“新棋局”。   回顾这几年的互联网金融发展,周晓明称,从2013年开始,天弘基金一直在思考如何满足余额宝客户群的综合理财需求,这自然包括权益类的理财需求以及全球资产配置需求,而两地基金互认正是一条能帮客户实现全球资产配置的通路。   盘点过往4年的基金业沉浮和小基金弯道超车的逆袭案例,资深基金研究人士王群航分析称,产品业绩持续性好、公司治理结构的完善、基金产品的创新和投研、渠道等人才的引进,是上述公募公司近年来规模增长较快的主要原因。THE_END 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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After the three major points of the festival, dull ending can be exchanged for "silver ten" Guangzhou Bandung: A shares ended September war ended, narrow range of shock in the vast majority of people expected. Two, before the uninterested mood continued strong, on the last trading day of 290 billion of the total turnover and low refresh. Not only that, A shares in September is to win continued low volume, low volatility double champion " ", a test of investors holding great patience. Not only the ending mediocre, in September the overall market performance is satisfactory, the stock index on K-line three positive end, k-week short-term will be formed Sicha, the total turnover is a serious decline, a record low since the Spring Festival, the index is the amplitude of the same refresh nearly 10 years to the lowest on record. Whether from the technical indicators, market sentiment, or performance index, the data for " Kim Gu " then the dull Friday has collapse of itself, ending can get ten " " silver; market? Guangzhou Bandung believes that not only rise in the market, and vice versa, the extreme market in September so that A shares have a lower starting point on October, also let the structural rebound have a practical foundation easier to implement, but after this three aspect or directly determines the overall performance in October: 1. Surface of the capital, the rectification of the top of the real estate can allow the precipitation in the property market funds before the outflow in conjunction with the A shares of funds back, to alleviate the anemia of A shares of the disease; second, favorable policies have landed, Shenzhen Tong officially entered the countdown, the yuan in the SDR of A shares have a positive the effect is not small, can make public, private and foreign main institutions to increase positions through the good layout; third, even if the market is extreme in September, still was born as Sichuan Shuangma, wuchangyu, Lutianhua stage Of the bull stock, then the investment market in October in which the air, which will show the structural theme hot market in October? We have repeatedly mentioned that, in the market capital side is difficult to appear completely reversed stock game, the phenomenon of funds get together and hold together increasingly serious, shock differentiation will be the main theme of the market. But regardless of the overall performance of the market, through the bull bear contrarian varieties will always exist, and this is also actively looking for the outlet. According to the thinking of speculation in stock in previous years, we can go to the bold layout from these aspects: first, the third quarterly results than expected, with the 9 month end, quarterly speculation will be put on the agenda; second, the annual transfer potential of the three " " small capitalization stocks, stock price collocation ban period comes, to send more power; thirdly, we recently mentioned repeatedly, involving the transfer of equity, placards, cap and other assets and the expected targets in recent days, the continued inflow of funds, the transaction is obvious. Such as the recent continued strength, the two cities to become the focus of the capital chasing wuchangyu, Hechi Lutianhua, chemicals and so on. Who will be the next Lutianhua? The stock market investment perspective, trading post, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [[ifengstock]] or Phoenix securities after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing to go tomorrow; 节后三大看点 平淡收官能否换来“银十” 广州万隆:A股9月收官战画上句号,窄幅震荡的走势在绝大多数人的意料之中。两市节前无心恋战的情绪持续浓厚,在最后一个交易日2900亿的总成交额也再刷新低。不仅如此,A股在9月更是拿下了持续低成交量、低波动的双料"冠军",极大的考验着投资者的持股耐心。不仅收官表现平平,9月市场整体表现更是难让人满意,沪指月K线三连阳终结,周K线短线死叉即将形成,总成交额更是严重下滑,创下了春节以来的新低,指数振幅同样也是刷新了近10几年的来的历史最低记录。不论是从技术指标、市场人气、还是指数表现来看,各项数据让"金九"已经不攻自破,那么周五的平淡收官能否换来"银十"行情呢?广州万隆认为,没有只涨不跌的市场,反之亦然,9月的极端行情让A股有了一个对较低的起点,也让10月结构性反弹有了更容易实现的现实基础,而节后的这三大看点或直接决定着10月整体表现:其一、资金面上来说,高层对房地产的专项整治能否让沉淀在楼市的资金会同节前流出A股的资金一起回流,来缓解A股的贫血之症;第二、利好政策的相继落地,深港通正式进入倒计时、人民币纳入SDR箭在弦上都对A股都有不小的积极作用,能否会让外资和公、私募主力机构借利好加大仓位布局;第三、即使是行情极端的9月,依旧诞生了如四川双马、武昌鱼、泸天化等阶段性牛股,那么10月市场的投资风口会在哪,哪些题材又将会在10月呈现结构性火爆行情?我们已多次提到,在市场资金面难以出现完全反转的存量博弈之下,资金扎堆抱团现象愈发严重,震荡分化也将是市场的主旋律。但不论市场整体表现如何,穿越牛熊的逆势品种会一直存在,而这也是我们积极寻找的风口。参照往年的炒作思路,在选股上我们可以从这三个方面去大胆布局:第一类、三季报业绩超预期的,随着9月划上句号,三季报炒作将提上日程;其二、年报送转潜力大的"三高"股,小市值高价股搭配解禁期来临,送转动力更强;其三,就是我们最近反复提到的,涉及股权转让、举牌、摘帽等有资产重组预期的标的,连日来资金持续流入,异动明显。如近期持续走强,成为两市资金追逐焦点的泸天化、武昌鱼、河池化工等等。谁将能成为下一个泸天化呢?股市早报,投资前瞻,涨停预测,牛股捕捉,尽在微信号【凤凰证券】或者【ifengstock】盘后剖析A股走势,指点明日走势,请关注微信号【复盘大师】或【fupan588】 相关的主题文章:

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Netqin intends third flag game assets *ST Huang Tai was invited to purchase hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulation trading client Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line bloggers to tutor the each reporter Huang Li was one of the stocks of listed companies, one is the A shares of listed companies; a subsidiary to encourage independent listed but failed, a number of re transformation also ultimately fruitless. The two companies are listed on the NYSE in the U.S. mobile Internet Co netqin, and in the A shares listed on the Taiwan *ST huang. Now, to have experienced a lot of ups and downs, after tossing and turning, they finally embrace together. Yesterday (23 days), *ST and Qin Huangtai have announced that the Qin and Beijing Jinxin Rongda investment management company, Shanghai Houfeng Investment Limited (*ST Huangtai controllingshareholders) is on the acquisition of Qin’s Beijing flies nine days Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the nine flies) 100% equity planning. But at present the proposed transaction parties have not reached any final agreement. Netqin founder and chairman Shi Wenyong told the "daily economic news" reporter, the sale of nine flies, flies is to support the independent market, to create value for shareholders of qin. As to whether it will affect the performance of listed companies, Qin said, "we will consider the performance of the company and shareholder returns, in addition, there are many other netqin’s business growth." It is worth noting that flies nine days last year had tried to H-share listed companies backdoor Mustang international, then the valuation has been nearly 4 billion yuan, if the restructuring is successful, the market value of only 2 billion yuan *ST imperial units or backdoor. Backdoor *ST Huang Taiwan? In a sense, the Qin and *ST Huang Tai is a complementary relationship. Netqin has been seeking to divest its wholly owned subsidiary of flies for nine days, but failed; while the *ST emperor always looking for a breakthrough in transition, improve the company’s operating status, but has no significant effect. However, the initiative to find a home network Qin, may give both sides a win-win opportunity. In February 23rd, *ST emperor Taiwan announced that the company intends to issue shares to buy assets and supporting financing, and Qin, Beijing Jinxin Rongda Cci Capital Ltd, the acquisition target company flies nine 100% equity plan. *ST Huang Taiwan of the reorganization planning is the result of active network qin. In fact, as early as January 29th, *ST Huang Taiwan has announced that the company received the letter of intent third "restructuring sent to party, said it and its affiliates have asset restructuring and our intention." However, the planning for the acquisition of game distribution company, or the transformation direction is not *ST programming of the previous emperor. From the end of 2014 restructuring rumors with the Liuyang River, *ST Huang Taiwan in 2015 and released the restructuring announcement, said it intends to raise 2 billion 170 million yuan, the layout of tomato industry, but in January 25th the announcement of *ST imperial units, on the progress of the reorganization is described as "stagnant". Has been released from the 2015 performance forecast theory

网秦拟第三次卖旗下游戏资产 *ST皇台受邀收购 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   ◎每经记者 黄丽   一个是美股上市公司,一个是A股上市公司;一个想促使旗下子公司独立上市却遭失败,一个多次重组转型也终究无果。这两家企业正是在美国纽交所上市的移动互联网公司网秦,和在A股上市的*ST皇台。如今,在都经历了一番坎坷、辗转后,他们终于“拥抱”在了一起。   昨日(23日),*ST皇台和网秦均发布公告称,网秦与北京金信融达投资管理公司、上海厚丰投资有限公司(*ST皇台控股股东)正在就收购网秦旗下北京飞流九天科技有限公司(以下简称飞流九天)100%股权进行筹划。但目前各方尚未对该拟交易达成任何最终协议。   网秦创始人、董事长史文勇告诉《每日经济新闻》记者,出售飞流九天,是支持飞流独立上市,为网秦股东创造价值。至于是否会影响到上市公司网秦的业绩,他表示,“我们会综合考虑公司业绩和股东回报,另外,网秦旗下还有很多其他成长型业务。”   值得注意的是,飞流九天去年还曾试图借壳H股上市公司野马国际,彼时估值已经近40亿元,若此次重组能顺利进行,市值仅20亿元的*ST皇台或被借壳。   欲借壳*ST皇台?    从某种意义上说,网秦和*ST皇台存在着互补关系。网秦一直在寻求剥离旗下全资子公司飞流九天,但均以失败告终;而*ST皇台则一直在寻找转型的突破口,改善公司经营现状,但至今未见明显效果。   不过,网秦的主动找上门,或许给了双方一次“共赢”的机会。2月23日,*ST皇台发布公告表示,公司拟以发行股份购买资产并配套融资的方式,与网秦、北京金信融达投资管理有限公司,就收购标的公司飞流九天100%股权进行筹划。   *ST皇台此次重组筹划正是网秦主动的结果。事实上,早在1月29日,*ST皇台曾公告称,“公司收到第三方发来的重组意向函,称其及其关联方有意向与我司进行资产重组。”不过,此次筹划收购游戏发行公司,或并非*ST皇台此前规划的转型方向之中。   从2014年结束与浏阳河的重组传言后,*ST皇台2015年又发布重组公告,称将拟募资21.7亿元,布局番茄产业,不过*ST皇台在1月25日的公告中,对此次重组进展的描述却是“停滞不前”。   从已经发布的2015年业绩预告中,记者了解到,*ST皇台2014年净利润亏损3928.85万元,2015年虽然盈利约650万元,但主要是取得浙江皇台酒业全资子公司股权转让及房产处置收益所致。*ST皇台的经营状况依然不容乐观。   《每日经济新闻》记者注意到,有公开消息称,飞流九天2015年8月估值就已经超40亿元,而*ST皇台市值仅20亿元,若双方谈拢,*ST皇台或被“借壳”。   飞流九天曾谋港股上市    值得注意的是,此次欲与*ST皇台筹划重组的飞流九天,并非第一次在资本市场亮相。记者注意到,早在2014年,网秦就曾筹划飞流九天借壳香港上市公司野马国际。但至2015年8月,飞流九天与野马国际最终还是终止了重组。   与野马国际的重组失败,网秦创始人史先勇昨日向《每日经济新闻》记者解释称,是网秦主动与对方协商的结果,“飞流取消在H股上市就是为了回A股上市。”   此后,网秦又拟向清华控股子公司金信融达投资管理公司转让飞流九天的全部股权,彼时网秦公告称,交易价值至少为40亿元人民币(约合6.26亿美元)。同时,双方还签下180天的独占期,这也正是为何在*ST皇台的公告中,会出现金信融达投资管理公司身影的原因。史文勇也向记者表示,“网秦之前与清华控股就飞流的交易签了排他协议,所以这次交易需要三方磋商。”   网秦甩卖飞流九天资产,如今已是第三次。但对于网秦而言,飞流九天无疑能为公司带来一笔可观的收入,尽管飞流九天并未对外公布过公司业绩,但从其估值也可见一斑。   记者了解到,飞流九天是国内较早的游戏发行公司,目前已经发展成为全球移动游戏发行与运营服务商,已与国内外多家游戏厂商达成合作,其中包括了完美世界、腾讯、墨麟等,已经成功代理发行了《攻城掠地》、《龙骑战歌》、《战地坦克》、《啪啪三国》等手机游戏。   一位从飞流九天离职不久的人士向记者介绍称,飞流九天是国内较早的一批游戏发行公司,在2015年之前业绩情况都非常好,一直处于行业较高水平。2015年随着游戏类型发生变化,飞流并没有做出相应策略改变,所以增速有所放缓。   而网秦2015年第三季度财报显示,该季度公司净营收为8790万美元,归属于公司的净亏损为250万美元。网秦缘何要卖掉飞流九天呢?史文勇告诉记者,“支持飞流独立上市,是为网秦股东创造价值。”至于为何选择*ST皇台,史文勇表示以公告为准。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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Dragon financial news: whether the bull market and hold gold hot column capital flows thousand thousand shares of shares of newly diagnosed rating source: simulated trading client dragon financial news Author: Jinyuxinzhi since opening in 2016, the global market is turbulent, the influx of capital for the precious metals market to hedge, gold rose sharply. From the lowest point of $last December, $1046.2 per ounce, up to $1263.21 in February 11th, gold rose 20%, gold has become a star in the eyes of investors, once again shining light. Now, although it has fallen, it still stands above $1220 an ounce, accumulating strength and waiting for the opportunity to continue to rise. See a reason — massive Masukura mechanism. Since the beginning of this year, the agency has increased its holdings of gold, and the world’s largest ETF gold fund, SPDR, has increased its holdings of gold for more than 60 tons in the past 15 months. At present, SPDR gold ETF position has reached 752.29, is the highest since March 2015. The total number of gold this year, ETF Masukura has more than 2015 to lighten up. Gold futures in futures markets continued to rise; the Shanghai gold exchange delivery volume soared, and the total delivery volume in January was expected to exceed 800 tons, at least 4 times higher than the same period last year. In addition, even the European central banks that have sold net all the time have now become net buyers. Under the strong support of institutional positions, gold remained strong. More reason two – negative interest rate Japan central bank behavior to promote economic growth, decided to adopt a negative interest rate policy, joined Denmark, the euro zone, Sweden and the Swiss central bank ranks. At present, about 1/4 of the world’s economies face some form of negative interest rates and weak growth, and even the Federal Reserve does not rule out the possibility of negative interest rates in the future. This makes the market surprise. Gold is affected by the interest rate environment, and rising interest rates will make it unattractive. However, the global deflation environment has led to the negative interest rates of multinational currencies. Gold has been sought after as hard currency, and the attraction has been greatly increased. See more reason three – the Fed rate hike probability drops, the Fed interest rate is undoubtedly closely related to the price of gold. Last year, the Fed’s interest rate hike has been the most powerful weapon to suppress gold bulls. At present, the Federal Reserve has completed its first interest rate hike in nearly ten years, but this year is still faced with the interest rate hike. However, since the start of the global market volatility, stocks rise 6 years probably will end, the economy is still in a difficult situation China superposition of three, the U.S. economic recovery in the external environment is not optimistic. This could affect the recovery of the US economy. From the economic data released recently, the U.S. manufacturing sector weakness, inflation has eased, like a stagflation signal. Gold is the best configuration of stagflation period. It’s too early to say that gold is back in the bull market, but we can, for the time being, bear the gold. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

龙讯财经:不论牛市且持黄金 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端   来源:龙讯财经 作者:今雨新知   2016年开年以来,全球市场动荡不安,资金纷纷涌入贵金属市场寻求避险,促成黄金大幅上涨。从去年12月最低点每盎司1046.2美元算起,到2月11日最高为1263.21美元,黄金涨幅达20%,黄金一举成为投资者眼中的明星,再度发出熠熠之光。如今虽然有所回落,但仍然站在每盎司1220美元之上,积蓄力量,等待时机继续走高。   看多理由一――机构大举增仓。   今年以来,机构大举增持黄金,全球最大的ETF黄金基金SPDR在过去一个月里,连续15次增持黄金,总计超过60吨。目前,SPDR黄金ETF的持仓量已经达到752.29,是自2015年3月以来的最高位。今年黄金ETF增仓的数量已经超过2015年减仓的总和。期货市场黄金净多头持续上涨;上海黄金交易所交割量大幅飙升,整个1月份交割量预计超过800吨,比去年同期至少高出4倍。此外,就连一直以来净卖出的欧洲各国央行,目前也已变为净买方。在机构的持仓的强大支撑下,黄金保持强势。   看多理由二――负利率   日本央行为促进经济增长,决定采用负利率政策,加入了丹麦、欧元区、瑞典与瑞士央行的行列。目前,全球大约有四分之一的经济体面临某种形式的负利率以及增长乏力,甚至连美联储也不排除未来采取负利率的可能。这让市场大跌眼镜。黄金受到利率环境的影响很大,利率上升将使其缺乏吸引力。但全球的通缩环境使得多国货币进入负利率,黄金作为硬通货得到追捧,吸引力大增。   看多理由三――美联储加息概率下降   美联储加息无疑与金价关系密切。去年,美联储加息一直是压制黄金多头的最强大武器。目前,美联储已经完成了近十年来的首次加息,但今年仍面临这多次加息。然而开年以来全球市场波动剧烈,美股6年上涨趋势恐将终结,中国经济仍处于三期叠加的困难格局,美国经济复苏的外部环境并不乐观。这可能影响美国经济的进一步复苏。从近日公布的经济数据来看,美国制造业出现疲软,通胀却有所缓和,似有滞涨信号发出。而黄金则是滞涨时期的最佳配置。   虽然现在提到黄金重回牛市还为时过早,但我们可以暂且不论牛熊,持有黄金便好。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:


China’s advanced level new energy automobile production line was put into operation in Weihai. Liu Changyong photo in new net Beijing August 30 (Qiu Yu) Beijing passenger car index management system announced the application of the situation, the year 60 thousand new energy vehicle indicators have been robbed. New energy vehicles are gradually popular, (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporters combed found that more than 10 provinces have introduced relevant policies to encourage the purchase and use of new energy vehicles, insufficient number of charging piles and other issues is expected to be improved. Charging facilities — more requirements for large public buildings charging parking spaces at least 10% issued by the Ministry of housing "notice" on the strengthening of city electric vehicle charging facilities planning and construction work, to 2020, the national electric cars will be more than 5 million charging facilities, a serious shortage of contradictions and the rapid growth of electric vehicles will be further intensified. In order to solve this problem, Hebei, Fujian and other places in the file for residential areas and large public buildings around the charging facilities configuration requirements. The reporter found out, Hebei, Fujian, Guangdong, Chongqing and other places, with the construction of new residential parking spaces should be reserved for the 100% charging infrastructure installation conditions, large public buildings with parking charging facilities shall not be less than 10% of the total parking spaces, each at least 2000 electric vehicles supporting the construction of a fast charging station. About the proportion of parking spaces for large public buildings with charging facilities, Shandong and Hainan require higher, respectively, 15% and 20%. The graph is electric vehicle charging pile. Beijing city network reporter Jin Shuo photo traffic convenience – Tianjin stipulates that new energy vehicles are not limited by tail number limit measures, reporters noted that Tianjin, Shanxi and other places issued documents, to facilitate new energy vehicles travel. Tianjin proposed that, since January 1, 2016, the city issued a license plate of new energy vehicles are not restricted by motor vehicle tail number limit line management measures. Shanxi stipulates that from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2017, the marked gas heavy truck and methanol heavy truck will be cut by half the highway toll in the expressway in Shanxi province. The seven Department of Shanghai jointly issued the Interim Measures for Shanghai to encourage the purchase and use of new energy vehicles (revised in 2016), and proposed that the city should give preferential and convenient access to new energy vehicles in order to ease traffic congestion and take measures to limit the use of motor vehicles. China News Agency Zhang Yun photo " src=" 20160829; 2016829152317.jpg" style=" border:px solid #000000" title=" a new energy electric vehicle entrance shuttle from Shanxi Taiyuan center before passing. China News Agency Zhang Yun photo " > a new energy electric vehicle entrance shuttle from Shanxi Taiyuan center before passing. Sino Singapore)

减高速费、不限行 多地出台政策鼓励购买新能源汽车-中新网 资料图:中国先进水平新能源汽车生产线在威海投产。刘昌勇 摄   中新网北京8月30日电 (邱宇)北京市小客车指标管理系统公布的申请情况显示,全年6万个新能源车指标已全部被抢完。新能源汽车正逐渐普及,中新网(微信公众号:cns2012)记者梳理发现,10余省份已出台相关政策,鼓励购买和使用新能源汽车,充电桩数量不足等问题有望得到改善。   充电设施――   多地要求大型公共建筑充电停车位不少于10%   住建部发布《关于加强城市电动汽车充电设施规划建设工作的通知》称,到2020年,全国电动汽车保有量将超过500万辆,充电设施严重不足与电动汽车快速增长的矛盾将进一步加剧。   为解决这一问题,河北、福建等多地在文件中对住宅区和大型公共建筑附近充电设施的配置提出要求。   记者梳理发现,河北、福建、广东、重庆等地要求,新建住宅配建停车位应100%预留充电设施建设安装条件,大型公共建筑具有充电设施的停车位应不少于总停车位的10%,每2000辆电动汽车至少配套建设一座快速充换电站。   有关“大型公共建筑具有充电设施停车位的比例”,山东、海南要求更高,分别分15%和20%。
图为电动汽车充电桩。中新网记者 金硕 摄 图为电动汽车充电桩。中新网记者 金硕 摄   通行便利――   天津规定新能源汽车不受尾号限行措施限制   记者注意到,天津、山西等地出台文件,为新能源汽车出行提供便利。   天津提出,自2016年1月1日起,本市核发号牌的新能源汽车不受机动车尾号限行管理措施限制。   山西规定,2015年1月1日至2017年12月31日,对标注的燃气重卡和甲醇重卡汽车,在山西省境内高速公路通行时减半征收高速路通行费。   上海七部门联合发布《上海市鼓励购买和使用新能源汽车暂行办法(2016年修订)》并提出,本市为缓解交通拥堵,采取机动车限行措施时,应当对新能源汽车给予优惠和通行便利。 中新社发 张云 摄" src=" 2016 0829 2016829152317.jpg" style="border:px solid #000000" title="一辆新能源电动汽车高考接送车从山西太原某考点前驶过。中新社发 张云 摄" > 一辆新能源电动汽车高考接送车从山西太原某考点前驶过。中新社发 张云 摄   推广应用――   2018年海南公共机构新增车辆100%选用新能源汽车   多地计划在公共服务领域加强新能源汽车的推广应用,并提出了具体比例。   海南要求,2016-2020年,新增和更换的公交车中新能源公交车的比例分别达到50%、60%、70%、80%、90%。2018年起,公共机构每年新增或更换的车辆,除特殊情况外,应100%选用新能源汽车。   山东提出,2014-2016年,青岛等新能源汽车推广应用示范城市的政府机关及公共机构购买的新能源汽车占当年配备更新车辆总量的比例不低于30%,以后逐年提高。   不仅在公共服务领域,甘肃对全省新能源汽车的整体推广数量也提出了要求。2016-2020年,全省新能源汽车分年度推广数量分别不低于1.0万辆、1.2万辆、1.5万辆、2.0万辆、3.0万辆,且推广的新能源汽车数量占本地区新增及更新汽车总量比例不低于1%、1.5%、2%、2.5%、3%。 资料图:微公交电动汽车亮相兰州。杨艳敏 摄   财政补贴――   北京、上海等地设补助总额上限   北京、上海、海南等地对新能源汽车实行补贴,同时设定了补助总额的上限。   北京、海南规定,针对新能源汽车,按照国家和本市1:1的比例确定补助标准,国家和本市财政补助总额最高不超过车辆销售价格的60%。   上海、甘肃在文件中提出,国家和本市新能源汽车财政补贴总额最高不超过车辆销售价格的50%。   河北省则把机关公务车、执法执勤巡逻车、校车、出租车等9类新能源汽车纳入公共服务领域范围,在推广期内省级财政按国家补贴标准1:1比例对购车用户予以补贴。(完)相关的主题文章:

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The pillars of the new material "death" to see the light polarization Hengda stocks hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading contest: national investment adviser at the client King catch shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the original title: the pillars of the new material "death" to see the light of Hengda concept the polarization of each reporter Xu Shuai shares with the intensive disclosure of quarterly three, Hengda investment track in the A stock market is gradually clear. Now there are two stocks joined Hengda concept stock camp". The evening of October 27th, ieslab (002339, closing price of 21.94 yuan) disclosed three quarterly, adult life constant holding approximately 4.95%, approaching placards line; in shares (300018, closing price of 15.47 yuan) in October 27th three quarterly disclosure evening show, holding approximately 4.95% adults constant. Thus, Hengda in Jinzhou pipeline, national technology, the pillars of the new material, Meiyan auspicious, Cangzhou pearl, ieslab and in shares of the 7 stocks in three quarterly reports. But from the two level of market trend, Hengda stocks suffered strong polarization: such as Meiyan auspicious, continuous trading; weak as the pillars of the new material, ushered in a huge amount of green disc. Hengda life settled in two according to the three company three quarterly quarterly ieslab released late October 27th showed that the top ten shareholders, Hengda Life Insurance Company Limited – the traditional combination of A holds 2.81% stake in the company, Hengda Life Insurance Company Limited – the traditional combination of B holds 2.15% of the shares of the company. Hengda Life Insurance shares a total of 4.95% of the shares, has been approaching placards line. In shares (300018, closing price of 15.47 yuan) in October 27th three quarterly disclosure evening show, Hengda Life Insurance Company Limited – the traditional combination of A and Hengda Life Insurance Company Limited – universal combination B company entered the list of top ten shareholders, the total holdings of 23 million 810 thousand shares, the total share capital of about 4.95% in fact with intensive disclosure three quarterly, Hengda life have appeared in the list of the top ten shareholders of listed companies. The investment treasure (micro signal: mjtzb2) noted that the new life Hengda Jinzhou pipeline, national technology, the pillars of the new material, auspicious pearl, Changzhou, Meiyan ieslab and 7 in shares of the stocks of the top 10 shareholders list. In addition to Cangzhou pearl, Hengda life on the remaining shares of the shares are approaching the placards line. What is interesting, and most of the venture capital market, high dividend preference for blue chip stocks is not the same, the Hengda life into 7 companies, the relative market value is not high. As of 27 closing, the lowest of the pillars of the new material market value of about 6 billion 395 million yuan, the highest is the total market value of 14 billion 70 million yuan the auspicious. In addition, Hengda life also preferred equity dispersed shares. For example, the 7 listed companies, the shareholding ratio of the national technology and the first major shareholder Meiyan auspicious are below 5%, belong to no actual control of the company and more dispersed ownership structure. It is worth mentioning that the polarization of the concept shares is also the cause of the halo of Hengda concept stocks

栋梁新材“见光死”恒大概念股两极分化 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 全国投顾大赛:偷看投顾大王捉妖股 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   原标题:栋梁新材“见光死”恒大概念股两极分化   ◎每经记者 胥帅   随着三季报的密集披露,恒大在A股市场的投资轨迹也逐渐清晰。眼下又有两只个股加入了恒大概念股的“阵营”。10月27日晚间,积成电子(002339,收盘价21.94元)披露了三季报,恒大人寿持股约4.95%,逼近举牌线;中元股份(300018,收盘价15.47元)10月27日晚间披露的三季报显示,恒大人寿持股约4.95%。   由此,恒大出现在金洲管道、国民技术、栋梁新材、梅雁吉祥、沧州明珠、积成电子和中元股份这7只个股的三季报中。不过从二级市场走势来看,恒大概念股遭遇两极分化:强如梅雁吉祥,连续涨停;弱如栋梁新材,迎来巨量绿盘。    恒大人寿三季报入驻两公司    据积成电子10月27日晚间发布的三季报显示,公司前十大股东中,恒大人寿保险有限公司-传统组合A持有公司2.81%的股份,恒大人寿保险有限公司-传统组合B持有公司2.15%的股份。由此恒大人寿合计持有4.95%的股份,已经逼近举牌线。   中元股份(300018,收盘价15.47元)10月27日晚间披露的三季报显示,恒大人寿保险有限公司-传统组合A与恒大人寿保险有限公司-万能组合B均进入公司前十大股东名单,两者合计持股2381万股,占公司总股本约4.95%   事实上随着三季报的密集披露,恒大人寿已现身多家上市公司前十大股东名单。每经投资宝(微信号:mjtzb2)注意到,恒大人寿新进金洲管道、国民技术、栋梁新材、梅雁吉祥、沧州明珠、积成电子和中元股份这7只个股的前十大股东名单。除沧州明珠外,恒大人寿对其余个股的持股比例均逼近举牌线。   有意思的是,和大多数险资入市偏爱蓝筹、高股息股不一样的是,本次恒大人寿进入的7家公司相对市值都不高。截至27日收盘,最低的栋梁新材市值约合63.95亿元,最高的则是总市值为140.7亿元的梅雁吉祥。此外,恒大人寿还偏爱股权分散的个股。譬如这7家上市公司中,国民技术和梅雁吉祥第一大股东的持股比例均在5%以下,均属于无实际控制人且股权结构较为分散的公司。    概念股股价两极分化    值得一提的是,恒大概念股的光环也引起了市场的躁动,其中,最为闪耀的便是梅雁吉祥。在10月25日晚间披露三季报后,梅雁吉祥在10月26日、27日迎来连续涨停。不过从龙虎榜席位来看,买入资金里并没有来自广州的营业部。10月26日的龙虎榜数据显示,国泰君安上海天山路、安信证券南昌胜利路、华泰证券成都南一环路、中国中投宁波江东北路、招商证券上海世纪大道进入买入前五名,合计买入1.6亿元。   相比梅雁吉祥,金洲管道、国民技术、栋梁新材这三只股票就没那么走运了。特别是栋梁新材,更是遭遇了“见光死”。栋梁新材在10月26日晚间披露了三季报,10月27日栋梁新材早间集合竞价时一度涨停,随后以大涨5.42%高开,不过开盘后不久股价开始走低,收盘下跌了1.54%。值得一提的是,栋梁新材全天放出了11.51亿元的巨量,换手率高达20.22%。   事实上,“见光死”也曾出现在其他恒大概念股上。今年8月15日晚间,隆鑫通用披露半年报,恒大人寿成为公司前十大股东。在8月16日经历一个涨停后,隆鑫通用在8月17日遭遇了疲态,当日股价全天高开低走并放出巨量。值得一提的是,当日盘中25.35元的股价也是隆鑫通用年内最高价格。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

于高位承压后走弱 和珅 石头与水

State Department: sudden danger Yixieqianli pounds Asian clients view the latest market early review: $Chonggao, non US shocks upward, short-term recovery. The euro against the dollar bottomed at 1.1100 level, currently trading at 1.1140 level; Japan down to below 112, currently trading at 112.30 level; the pound against the dollar to refresh the lowest level in 7 years, currently trading at 1.4115 level; gold dropped after stabilized at 1202 level, currently trading at 1220. On the weekend after the British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that June 23rd will be held in the British retreat European referendum, in the open market on the gap of shorting the pound, the European currencies such as the euro, the Swiss franc, a devaluation. In the disc gap of more than 130 pounds, then fell nearly 230 points, refresh in 2009 March to a new low. In this regard, the market entered an emergency hedge period, the stock market down, hedge asset favor. After the standard high down, the Asian stock market fell significantly, gold futures bottomed out above 1200, short-term upward of nearly 20 U.S. dollars. 23 days midday, the yen rose crazy, Japan hit a low of 112. Commodity currency, there is a big rise. The market closed today: today’s important financial events: no focus today: financial data time state and data before the actual value is expected to 23:00 U.S. home sales in January annualized rate (%) of 14.7 to 0.73 23:00 announced the U.S. February Conference Board consumer confidence index 98.1 97.5 23:00 to be released into the United States in January home sales in the total number of (million) 546550 to be announced today recommended transaction currency: analysis of EURUSD Technology: Europe and the United States peaked, currently testing 61.8 support level 1.10, short-term shocks; the average short order, deviation is too large, there is the opportunity to break through the main callback. Below, focus on test support 1.10 and 1.0960 support, overhead resistance and 1.1080 resistance above. GBPUSD: the United States is in the downward trend, the current breakthrough before the low, down obviously; average convergence to turn to, short after the market can be expected. Top of the average resistance and resistance of the whole point of 1.4200; below attention to 1.4050 support and 1.40 support. AUDUSD: Australia is in the upward trend, short-term pullback, before the test of high strength resistance; average long, low strong buying attention interval breakthrough. Top attention front high resistance 0.7250; lower attention average brace and 23.6 horizontal support 0.7205. GOLD: the current volatility in the gold triangle, in high pressure after the above weakness; selling strong, long-term breaking risk. The top 1224 resistance and the triangle top resistance; the bottom triangle bottom support and the whole point support 1201. Sina statement: Sina published this article for the purpose of transmitting more information, does not mean that.

国汇亚洲:英镑一泻千里 险情突如其来 客户端 查看最新行情   早间回顾:   美元冲高回落,非美震荡上冲,短期收复失地。欧元兑美元止跌于1.1100水平,当前交投于1.1140水平;美日下行至112下方,当前交投于112.30水平;英镑兑美元刷新7年新低,当前交投于1.4115水平;黄金大幅下调后止跌于1202水平,当前交投于1220。   继上周末英国首相卡梅伦宣布6月23日将举行英国退欧公投之后,市场在休憩的间隙马不停蹄的抛空了英镑,相关的欧系货币如欧元、瑞郎等一应贬值。英镑于亚盘跳空130余点,随后又狂跌近230点,刷新2009年3月份来新低。对此,市场进入紧急避险期,股市出现下调,避险资产获得青睐。继标普冲高回落之后,亚洲股市出现较大下跌,黄金期货则止跌于1200上方,短期上冲近20美金。23日午盘时分,日元疯狂上涨,美日一度触及112低位。商品货币方面,则出现较大上扬。   今日休市市场:   无   今日重要财经事件:   无   今日焦点财经数据:   时间  国家与数据  前值  预计  实际   23:00  美国1月成屋销售年化月率(%)  14.7  0.73  待公布   23:00  美国2月谘商会消费者信心指数  98.1  97.5  待公布   23:00  美国1月成屋销售总数年化(万户)  546  550  待公布   今日推荐交易标的:   货币技术分析   EURUSD:欧美触顶回落,当前测试61.8水平支撑1.10,短期震荡;均线空头排列,乖离偏大,有回调机会,以突破为主。下方关注测试支撑1.10和1.0960支撑;上方关注均线阻力和1.1080强阻力。   GBPUSD:镑美处于下行趋势,当前突破前低,下行明显;均线收敛拐向,后市空头可期。上方关注均线阻力和整点阻力1.4200;下方关注1.4050支撑和1.40支撑。   AUDUSD:澳美处于上行趋势,短期回调,测试前高强阻力;均线多头排列,低位买盘较强,关注区间突破。上方关注前高阻力0.7250;下方关注均线支撑和23.6水平支撑0.7205。   GOLD:黄金当前处于震荡三角,于高位承压后走弱;上方卖盘强势,长期下破风险较大。上方关注1224阻力和三角顶部阻力;下方关注三角底部支撑和整点支撑1201。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章:

与一般基金2亿元的首募门槛相比 沈阳建筑大学是几本

The launch of the fund three annual exams: 83 the loss is only more than 130 only to shrink the size of the launch of the fund, the fund manager to take the lead for sponsored funds, compared with the average of 200 million yuan fund first raised the threshold, the launch of the fund only to raise 50 million yuan can be established. The amount of the subscription shall be no less than ten million, and the holding time shall be no less than three years. This approach to the interests of fund managers often becomes one of the selling points of the fund. In addition, this approach reduces the threshold for the establishment of the fund, many small and medium-sized fund companies have joined them, hoping to achieve "counter attack" with it". Since the founding of the first wave of start-up funds has been in the past three years, those who once advocated risk sharing, income sharing fund today? Does the sponsor fund become a win-win product for both fund companies and investors as expected? The news on the surface of the fund launched a panoramic comb, for investors to present the true appearance of such funds. In 2015, the number of blowout to equity varieties, according to Wind information statistics show that as of January 31st this year, the current set up a total of 208 sponsored funds. The following table is the overall statistics of the launch Fund: in 2012, the CSRC promulgated and implemented the relevant regulations, formally added the launch fund audit channel, simplified the audit procedures, giving priority to audit, and launched the fund officially opened. As you can see from the chart, the fund launched last year is more than the sum of the past three years, reaching 109. The initial fund was mainly based on bonds and currency, and then gradually increased equity funds. On the whole, most of the products are still low risk products. Even higher risk equity funds are mainly managed by passive managed index funds and hybrid funds with absolute return as the target. There is only one high-risk active stock fund, China Europe Pioneer stock (001938), which was established in November last year. In the last two years, hedge funds have become one of the most popular types of start-up funds (the alternative investment fund on the map), and 17 have now been established. Large scale shrinkage or liquidation or transformation, according to the regulations, the establishment fund after three years of establishment, if the fund asset size is less than 200 million yuan, the fund contract automatically terminated. Today, the first fund set up in 2012 has ended three years’ protection period". Public information, the fund has two — the League of Nations (253070) an debt credit debt and Western gains stability and increased profits (675021) have been winding up. And those still operating in the same period of funds, from the scale of change, 2/3 of the scale of the fund than the size of the establishment of shrinkage, less than 20%, more than 90%. Another 1/3 of the fund compared with the beginning of the scale of growth, the interface news found that, or with the help of institutional funds, the state Jin Guoxin flexible configuration (762001) is one of the typical. The fund was founded in August 2012, the first raised size of 179 million copies. By the end of the first quarter of last year, the scale was only 88 million yuan. When the contract expires in August 2015, if the scale still does not reach 200 million yuan

发起式基金三年大考:83只亏损 130多只规模缩水   发起式基金,指基金管理人带头认购发起的基金,与一般基金2亿元的首募门槛相比,发起式基金只需筹集5000万元即可宣告成立。带头认购的金额不少于一千万,且持有时间不少于三年。这种与基金管理人利益绑定的做法往往成为基金卖点之一。此外,这种方式降低了基金的成立门槛,不少中小基金公司纷纷加入其中,希望借助它实现“逆袭”。   距离第一波发起式基金成立浪潮已过去三年,那些曾经宣扬风险共担、收益共享的基金如今怎样?发起式基金是否如想象中那样,成为基金公司与投资者双赢的产品?界面新闻对发起式基金进行全景式梳理,为投资者呈现这类基金的真实面貌。   2015年成立数量井喷 转向权益类品种   根据Wind资讯统计显示,截止至今年1月31日,目前共成立了208只发起式基金。下表为发起式基金总体情况统计:   2012年,证监会颁布并实施相关条例,正式增设发起式基金审核通道,简化审核程序,优先予以审核,发起式基金正式开闸。从上表可看到,去年成立的发起式基金比过去三年的总和还要多,达到109只。   发起式基金最初以债券和货币类为主,而后逐渐增加权益类基金。总体来看,目前仍以低风险产品居多。即使是风险较高的权益类基金,也以被动管理型的指数基金和以绝对收益为目标的混合型基金为主。目前仅有一只高风险的主动股票型基金中欧时代先锋股票(001938),于去年11月刚刚成立。过去两年里,对冲基金也成为发起式基金的热门品种之一(即上图的另类投资基金),目前已成立了17只。   规模大幅缩水 或清盘或转型   根据规定,发起式基金在成立三年后,若基金资产规模低于2亿元,基金合同自动终止。时至今日,2012年时成立的首批基金已陆续结束三年“保护期”。公开资料显示,目前已有两只基金――国联安中债信用债(253070)和西部利得稳定增利(675021)相继清盘。   而那些仍在运作中的同期基金,从规模变化上来看,有三分之二的基金规模均比成立时的规模缩水,少则两成、多则九成。   另有三分之一的基金与成立之初相比规模增长,界面新闻梳理发现,其中或借助了机构资金的力量,国金国鑫灵活配置(762001)便是其中的典型。该基金成立于2012年8月,首募规模为1.79亿份。到去年一季度末时,规模仅剩0.88亿元。在2015年8月合约到期时,如果规模仍不达2亿元,很可能遭遇清盘命运。”   从该基金半年报可发现,它选择了一条“投靠”机构资金的道路。数据显示,6月末时资产净值扩大到27.33亿元,机构持有比例则从14年年报时的20.38%扩大至98.2%。   要成为机构专用产品是有代价的,机构资金的风险偏好通常比较低。该基金在三年期限将至时摇身一变,改变投资思路,奔向绝对收益。一方面,它将业绩比较基准从“沪深 300 指数收益率×60%+上证国债指数收益率×40%”调整成“金融机构人民币三年期定期存款基准利率(税后)”。另一方面,投资范围也变得更加宽泛灵活,股票投资占比从 30%-80%调整到了0%�95%。从资产配置看,股票占净比从过去的五至七成下降至不到一成,现金占比升高至三成左右。   业绩差距大 风险也不小   界面新闻梳理发现,截止至1月31日,有83只基金成立至今处于亏损中。若剔除指数型基金,仍有22只基金收益为负,它们大多成立于去年。下表为成立以来净值亏损(以复权单位净值增长率计算)最严重的10只主动型基金:   中原英石灵活配置(000986)去年2月成立至今,以近三成的跌幅高居亏损榜首。作为中原英石基金公司旗下唯一一只公募产品,它的最新规模仅为0.13亿元。新华稳健回报(001004)、中欧精选A(001117)的亏损幅度也在两成以上。而与它们的亏损业绩形成鲜明对比的是,中原英石灵活配置和新华稳健回报设立时均围绕“一年期银行定期存款收益率”制定业绩比较基准,致力于提供投资者以稳定的绝对收益。   也有部分基金实现了较好的收益。以去年年度收益为例,下表为去年收益居前的10名:   从上表可看到,发起式基金收益差距较大,收益前十的基金中,最高的华商创新成长(000541)达到85.4%,第10名的嘉实绝对收益策略(000414)只有17.48%。   从风险角度来看,上表中许多基金在今年1月大跌中也难幸免。华商创新成长跌幅29.76%,北信瑞丰无限互联主题(000886)更是跌了32.63%,把成立至今累计收益都跌没了。   上表中躲过1月大跌的基金仅有4只。从基金类型来看,它们是偏债混合型基金(包括保本基金)、对冲基金以及半年前刚刚完成转型的国金国鑫灵活配置。   综上,经历了三年尝试,从业绩上看,此类机制基金并未体现出明显优势。而从风险上看,虽然整体风险偏好度较低,但一些基金的业绩波动较大,与其绝对收益目标明显背道而驰,应引起投资者警惕。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: