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It will push the new communication standard for future video text as simple as 外来媳妇本地郎第一部

Google push new communication standard in the future will be like the video text as simple as The Verge according to foreign media reports, the company will cooperate with Sprint, Germany Telecom, Orange and Vodafone and other mainstream mobile operators, the implementation of new standard to replace the original RCS, SMS and MMS. According to reports, RCS standard, SMS support higher quality photos and group chat, but the future may also have more features, such as video calls. But now, these functions may not be fresh. In Messenger, Whatsapp, Facebook  Line and apple iMessage application, the user has to use these new features. However, the introduction of RCS may also be able to simplify the chaotic communication. If it is eventually integrated into the default messaging application of new Android mobile phone, then a future launch video call will be like texting as simple — no need to tangle in the Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts and other applications. However, although the RCS standard has been prepared for several years, but in the short term the real implementation seems unlikely, but need to slowly transition. The implementation of new standard procedure is complex, in the case of T-Mobile, Android in the upper department, they cannot achieve the new standard immediately, but must be converted to the new RCS video call protocol protocol. At present, Google and the 19 operators to carry out RCS, but also to the Android platform. But Google said, companies such as apple and Microsoft in the presence of other operating platform can also use RCS. (Xiao Hua) 谷歌推新通信标准 未来视频会像发短信一样简单   据外媒The Verge报道,谷歌将与Sprint、德国电信、Orange和沃达丰等主流移动运营商合作,推行新的通信标准RCS,以取代原来的SMS和MMS。据介绍,RCS标准下,短信支持质量更高的照片和群聊,而未来可能还会有更多功能,比如视频通话。   不过到了今天,上述功能也许都不新鲜了。在Facebook Messenger、Whatsapp、Line以及苹果的iMessage等应用上,用户已经使用过上述新功能。但是,RCS的推出也许还能够简化目前混乱的通信。如果它最终被整合到新Android手机的默认通讯应用中,那么将来某一日发起视频通话时也会像发短信一样简单――不需要再在Skype、FaceTime、Hangouts等应用中纠结。   不过,尽管RCS标准已经准备了数年时间,但短期内真正实施似乎还不太可能,而需要慢慢过渡。推行新的通信标准程序复杂,以T-Mobile为例,在Android上部署时,他们无法马上实现新的标准,而必须将其RCS视频通话协议转换成新的协议。   目前谷歌与19家运营商合作推行RCS,但还只限于Android平台。不过谷歌表示,在苹果和微软等公司的参与下,其他操作平台也可使用RCS。(哓桦)相关的主题文章:

A10 processor by TSMC and solely responsible for assembly tasks belonging to Foxconn 黄山学院教务处

Black technology? Transmission iPhone7 support electromagnetic interference shielding technology, according to foreign media 9to5Mac reported, iPhone  7 as apple two years of big updates, will naturally use a lot of black technology". And this change is not from the appearance can be easily reflected, there is news that Apple will be on iPhone  7 to use the latest electromagnetic interference shielding technology. IPhone7 supports the electromagnetic interference shielding technology (pictures from Baidu) it is understood that Apple intends to iPhone  7 A10 processor, Wi-F and Bluetooth, RF RF chip components are electromagnetic interference shielding treatment to substantially reduce electromagnetic interference between components. The benefits of doing so is to ensure the normal operation of the equipment in the premise of the element can make the arrangement more closely, in the mobile phone batteries and other parts to make more space. The earlier iFixit dismantling report shows that electromagnetic crosstalk seems to lead to iPhone  6 motherboard space utilization efficiency is low, so if that is correct, iPhone  7 of the battery capacity may be all growth, while Apple had last year as Apple  used similar technology to build on the S1 chip Watch. In addition, the news that StatsChipPac and Amkor from South Korea will provide 7 iPhone  the electromagnetic interference shielding technology support, A10 processor by TSMC and solely responsible for assembly tasks belonging to Foxconn, Pegatron and Wistron three. 黑科技?传iPhone7支持电磁串扰屏蔽技术   据外媒9to5Mac报道,iPhone 7作为苹果两年一次的大更新,自然会用上很多“黑科技”。而这种改变并不是从外观上就能轻易体现出来的,有消息称苹果将在iPhone 7上用到最新的电磁串扰屏蔽技术。 传iPhone7支持电磁串扰屏蔽技术(图片来自baidu)   据了解,苹果打算为iPhone 7的A10处理器、Wi-F与蓝牙芯片、RF射频芯片等元件都进行电磁串扰屏蔽处理,以大幅降低元件之间的电磁干扰。这么 做的好处就是在保证设备正常工作的前提下可以让元件排布更加紧密,在寸土寸金的手机内部为电池等其他部分腾出更多空间。   早前iFixit拆解报告显示,电磁串扰问题似乎导致iPhone 6的主板空间利用效率较低,所以如果推测正确的话,iPhone 7的电池容量有可能将所有增长,而苹果也曾在去年为Apple Watch打造的S1芯片上使用过类似技术。   另外,消息称来自韩国的StatsChipPac与Amkor将为iPhone 7提供电磁串扰屏蔽技术支持,A10处理器交由台积电全权负责,而组装任务则归属于富士康、和硕和纬创三家。相关的主题文章:

OPEC 回头太难吉他谱

Accumulated wealth: economic data weakened, the U.S. dollar rebounded, the euro dollar figure 1 Basic Analysis: Tuesday (February 2nd) Asian market in early trading, the euro dollar is hovering around 1.0900 level. Overnight, the euro needs to be supported partly. The PMI data of all other countries released in the day showed that the manufacturing growth slowed down in the beginning of the year, and the German PMI data was 52.3, estimated to be 52.1, and the final value was 53.2 in December. The EU PMI data for December was 52.3, in line with expectations, but also lower than 53.2 in December. In the United States, personal income increased by 0.3% in December. But consumption stagnated and opened in December. U.S. ISM manufacturing data in January was 48.2, weaker than expected, in view of the employment sub decline, Friday’s non farm terrorism will not be satisfactory. Investors are paying close attention to the performance of employment data released by Germany, which will directly affect the direction of the euro. PPI and unemployment data in the euro area can also affect the short-term trend of the euro. During the New York period, the market ushered in two U.S. data, investors pay little attention to it.       operation strategy today: technology from the current trend, the recent trend has been around 1.0800—1.1000 rangebound this 200, now again hit along the location near fall, currently on a trend line rebound, but the overall present weak trend, aggressive investors hit 1.0900 days short. Stop 1.0930, target 1.0800. international gold dollar figure 2: fundamental analysis: Tuesday (February 2nd) Asian city in early trading, spot gold down, trading at $1127 ounce. Overnight international spot gold (after a strong rise, COMEX the most active February 2016 gold in Beijing time 23:05 minutes a turnover of 2202 hands, to pay a lot of gold pulled intraday high of $1128.95 an ounce, also set a new high last November 3rd. After the biggest monthly increase in the past year, the first day of February continues to rise, and the short-term or further rise. Gold is still in the buyer’s market. Last week the U.S. GDP data and the University of Michigan consumer confidence index slowed less than expected, today announced a series of U.S. data overall poor performance, the dollar fell as gold prices add power, gold in high shock period, the bargain is a good long strategy. Operation strategy: from today 4H gold market trend, rising trend along a line running trend of a slight rebound on Friday after a virtual break, but the upside did not go far, is expected to fall from high probability of large, aggressive days hit 1128 short, stop 1133, target 1118. dollar crude oil: 3 fundamental analysis: Tuesday (February 2nd) Asian session, trading at $31.40 a barrel. Overnight, U.S. NYMEX crude oil futures prices closed in March. 汇生财富:经济数据疲软打压美元欧元借机反弹   欧元 美元 图1   基本面分析:   周二(2月2日)亚市早盘,欧元 美元位于1.0900附近水平徘徊。隔夜欧元获得部分买需支撑。日内公布的所有其他国家的PMI数据都显示年初制造业增速下滑,德国PMI数据为52.3,预估为52.1,12月终值为53.2。欧盟12月PMI数据为52.3,符合预期,但也低于12月的53.2。美国方面,12月个人收入增加0.3%。但消费停滞不前,12月期间开支持平。美国1月ISM制造业数据为48.2,弱于预期,鉴于就业分项下滑,周五的非农恐将表现不尽如人意。日内关注欧洲时段,投资者密切关注德国公布的就业数据的表现,这些数据的好坏将直接影响欧元的走势方向。欧元区的PPI和失业率数据也能影响欧元的短线走势。   纽约时段,市场迎来两项美国数据,投资者稍加留意即可。      今日操作策略:   技术上从目前走势来看,近期走势一直围绕1.0800—1.1000这200的区间震荡,目前再次触及上沿附近的位置出现回落,目前踩着一条趋势线出现反弹,但总体呈现偏弱走势,激进投资者日内触及1.0900做空,止损1.0930,目标1.0800.   国际黄金 美元: 图2   基本面分析:   周二(2月2日)亚市早盘,现货黄金冲高回落,交投于1127美元 盎司附近。隔夜国际现货黄金(盘中涨势强劲,COMEX最活跃的2016年2月期金在北京时间23:05一分钟内成交2202手,大量买单令黄金拉升至日内新高1128.95美元 盎司,也刷新了去年11月3日来新高。在取得一年以来最大单月升幅后,2月首日继续保持上行,短线或进一步升高。黄金目前仍处于买方市场。继上周美国GDP数据趋缓以及密歇根大学消费者信心指数逊于预期,今日公布的一系列美国数据整体表现不佳,美元回落为黄金上涨增添了助力,在黄金高位震荡时期,逢低做多是较好的多头策略。   今日操作策略:   从4H黄金行情走势来看,沿着一条上升趋势线运行,上周五虚破之后出现小幅的反弹的走势,但上行空间并没有走多远,预计冲高回落概率较大,激进的日内触及1128做空,止损1133,目标1118.   原油 美元: 图3   基本面分析:   周二(2月2日)亚洲时段,交投于31.40美元 桶。隔夜美国NYMEX 3月原油期货价格收盘下跌2.00美元,跌幅5.95%,报31.62美元 桶,中国经济数据疲弱引发市场对该国原油需求下降的担忧;另外,预报显示美国今冬气温高于正常水平,对取暖原油需求疲软。同时,石油输出国组织(OPEC)成员国与非OPEC产油国是否能就缓解不断恶化的全球供应过剩问题达成一致的疑虑与日俱增。中国是除美国以外最后一个固定的石油消费国。问题是所有人都将希望寄托在中美两国的需求上。如果中国是唯一一个需求可能增加的真正消费国的现状不改变,只要中国经济出现问题,油价就会走低。   今日操作策略:   从小时K线图上来看,目前运行到下跌通道的上沿位置,在这个位置虽然看起来偏强,但是在下跌趋势当中首次遇到关键阻力位置还是有一定的回落空间的,激进投资者可以轻仓做空,触及32.50做空,止损33,目标31.   英镑 美元: 图4   基本面分析:   周二(2月2日)亚市早盘,英镑 美元位于1.4430附近水平徘徊。隔夜英镑 美元一路大幅反弹,纽约时段尾盘最高触及1.4443,且最终以较长阳线收涨,目前汇价继续维持反弹之势。英镑 美元表现超群,纽约时段升至当日高位,尽管油价下跌,但英国1月制造业PMI录得3个月新高52.9,前值为52.1,提振英镑,汇价收复上周五(1月29日)大部分跌势。周一(2月1日)英镑兑美元上涨1%,受助于强劲的制造业数据,但市场担心英国民众愈发支持英国退出欧盟限制涨幅。另外今日美元走软也支撑英镑,美国疲弱的制造业数据也重压了美元。自12月以来英镑遭受一系列因素的打击,包括对英国央行[微博]加息预期大幅减弱,以及担心今年的“退欧”辩论将最终导致英国脱离欧盟,或至少导致流入英国的外国投资枯竭。   今日操作策略:   从小时K线图上来看,英镑 美元形成一条上升通道,目前触及通道上沿的位置可以轻仓做空,触及1.4440做空,止损1.4500,目标1.4330.   美元 日元: 图5   基本面分析:   周二(2月2日)亚市早盘,美元 日元位于121附近水平徘徊。上周五汇价大幅上涨,最高触及121.68,并以超长阳线收涨,目前汇价继续维持上行势头。上周五亚洲时段日本央行(BOJ)宣布推出新的刺激政策,日元大跌,美元 日元获得支撑上涨,录得当月高位121.68。日本央行不但将银行间利率降至-0.10%,且将4月起始的本财年通胀预期从1.4%降至0.8%,同时还将实现2%通胀目标的期限延长至2017年初。上一交易日汇价上涨近300点,当日收盘维持大部分涨幅,当周收于121.06。。在全球贸易和经济增长放缓,以及大宗商品价格通缩的背景下,日本央行的宽松举措将会进一步加剧与世界各国央行持续竞争性贬值所造成的“全球货币战争”。日本央行通过这一“新举措”将允许日本从其贸易伙伴国“拆借”更多的经济增长点,并限制输入型通货紧缩程度。   今日操作策略:   从小时K线图上来看,汇价昨日已经踩到区间下沿的位置获得支撑,日内可以逢低做多,日内触及120.5做多,止损120,目标123. 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章:

to the capital fund to all shareholders 10 shares for every 15 shares. 2015 1-12 months 孙莉雅

[report] Sunwill shares profits down 96% last year to 10 to 15 to send 0.1 yuan – Sohu securities related stock movements panorama news network February 4th Sunwill shares (002676) on Thursday evening released annual report, in 2015 the company achieved net profit of 2 million 123 thousand and 200 yuan, down 95.6%, earnings per share 0.01 yuan, intends to shareholders for every 10 shares were distributed 0.1 yuan (including tax), to the capital fund to all shareholders 10 shares for every 15 shares. 2015 1-12 months, the company achieved operating income of 1 billion 202 million yuan, down 19.04%. Sunwill shares that the company’s home appliance industry in destocking operating range, the domestic cost of production rises, energy and the environment to strengthen the binding objective problems become more and more fierce; foreign market demand is still low-spirited, the company in 2015 operating situation decline. (Panorama) finalpage 2016-02-05 1201971842.PDF Author: Huang Minbei

[年报]顺威股份去年利降96% 10转15派0.1元-搜狐证券 相关公司股票走势   全景网2月4日讯 顺威股份(002676)周四晚间发布年度报告,公司2015年实现净利润212.32万元,同比下降95.6%,每股收益0.01元,拟向全体股东每10股派发现金红利0.1元(含税),以资本公积金向全体股东每10股转增15股。  2015年1-12月公司实现营业收入12.02亿元,同比下降19.04%。  顺威股份表示,公司所处的家电产业处于“去库存化”运行区间,国内生产要素成本上升、能源与环境约束力强化等客观问题日益加剧;国外市场需求仍萎靡不振,公司2015年经营情况出现下滑。(全景网)   finalpage 2016-02-05 1201971842.PDF  作者:黄敏北相关的主题文章:


A micro religious you read French Wine label – Sohu before drinking, how quickly to get a bottle of French Wine situation? The answer is to look at the label. The label contains a lot of information today, with the wine encyclopedia to learn some knowledge of French wine, buy wine certainly need it later! Basic composition of 1, France Wine standard although different in France produced by law have different provisions, but as shown in the figure, the French Wine standard generally bottled, Chateau name, appellation name, year and winery owner name marking information. It is worth noting that French wines are usually not labeled with grape varieties, and most of them are mixed. So, when you look at the label, we must pay attention to the region, so as to determine its grape varieties. For example, here is a bottle of Bordeaux from France (Bordeaux) red Wine, from Moulisen Medoc shows that the region is Medok murless, therefore it should be Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabernet Sauvginon), Melo (Merlot), Cabernet Franc (Cabernet Franc) and other red grape varieties mixed wine. In order to facilitate better read the label in the following main areas of France Wine 10 types, down, the next time you see which areas you can easily determine the wine grape varieties. 2, the common French wine terminology, followed by wine encyclopedia summarizes some common French wine terminology, read French wine label is not a problem. (hereinafter in alphabetical order): Biologique Blanc de Blancs: organic production; white in white, with a 100% white grapes sparkling wine champagne in white white is made of 100% Chardonnay; Blanc de Noirs: "black and white", with a 100% red grape the variety of brewing sparkling wine, champagne in black and white is made with Pinot Noir or Maunier Pino; Brut: natural, usually appear in the sparkling wine on the wine label, which means extremely dry, but with some residual sugar; Cepage: grape varieties, often appear in the breed name before, such as "Cepage Merlot" is by Melo brewing Wine; Chateau: Chateau, the word most commonly used in Bordeaux, meaning "French castle". According to Jesse, Robinson? (Jancis Robinson) in the "Oxford Wine dictionary" in the interpretation, in Wine, Chateau generally refers to a grape planting and brewing Wine manor, including vineyards, wine cellar, often including Wine itself, and any building the estate or buildings; Clos: used for Burgundy, often refers to the vineyard; Cotes: slopes or hills, usually beside the river, such as Cotes Du Rhone translated as "Rhone Valley hill"; Co.

一篇微信教你读懂法国葡萄酒酒标-搜狐   在喝酒之前,怎样快速了解一瓶法国葡萄酒的情况呢?答案是看酒标。酒标所含信息很多,今天就随红酒百科全书来学一些法国酒标的知识,以后买酒肯定用得着!   1、法国葡萄酒标的基本构成      虽然在法国不同生产地因法律有不同规定,但如图所示,法国葡萄酒标一般会标示酒庄装瓶、酒庄名、法定产区名称、年份和酒庄所有者名称等信息。而值得注意的是,法国葡萄酒通常不会标注葡萄品种,且多为混酿。所以,当你观察酒标时,一定要注意其产区,这样才能断定它的葡萄品种。   比如,上图中是一瓶产自法国波尔多(Bordeaux)的干红葡萄酒,从 Moulisen Medoc 可知,其产区是梅多克的穆利斯,由此可知它应是赤霞珠(Cabernet Sauvginon)、梅洛(Merlot)、品丽珠(Cabernet Franc)等红葡萄品种的混酿。   为方便大家更好地读懂酒标,以下奉上法国 10 大产区的主要葡萄酒类型,记下来,下次看到哪个产区的酒就能轻松判定葡萄品种了。      2、常见的法国葡萄酒标术语   接下来,红酒百科全书总结了一些常见的法国葡萄酒标术语,读懂法国葡萄酒标也不是难题。(以下按字母顺序排列)   Biologique:有机生产;   Blanc de Blancs:“白中白”,一种采用 100% 白葡萄品种酿造的起泡酒,香槟中的白中白是用 100% 霞多丽酿成的;   Blanc de Noirs:“黑中白”,一种采用 100% 红葡萄品种酿造的起泡酒,香槟中的黑中白是用黑皮诺或莫尼耶皮诺酿成的;   Brut:天然,通常出现在起泡酒酒标上,意指极干型,不过还是带有些许残余糖分;   Cepage:葡萄品种,常出现在品种名称之前,如 “Cepage Merlot” 就是指由梅洛酿造的葡萄酒;   Chateau:酒庄,这个词在波尔多最常用,法文意为“城堡”。据杰西斯?罗宾逊(Jancis Robinson)在《牛津葡萄酒词典》中的释义,在葡萄酒方面,Chateau 一般指一个种植葡萄且酿造葡萄酒的庄园,包括葡萄园、酒窖,也常包括葡萄酒本身,以及该地产上的任一建筑或多栋建筑;   Clos:多用于勃艮第,常指葡萄园;   Cotes:山坡或山丘,通常旁边会有河流,比如 Cotes du Rhone 译为 “罗讷河谷丘”;   Coteaux:山坡或山丘,与 Cotes 同义,如莱昂丘(Coteaux du Layon);   Cru:在勃艮第通常指地块,但从法文层次上看,Cru 一般用来指高质量的、独特的、极具区域和特殊土壤特征的葡萄酒或其他产品;   Cuvee:译为 “桶”,通常出现在香槟酒名中,主要指来自几个大桶中的混酿葡萄酒;   Demi-sec:半干型,不过还是有甜味;   Domaine:勃艮第惯用这个词。杰西丝?罗宾逊对 Domaine 的解释是:指一处产业,特别指勃艮产区第种植葡萄和酿造葡萄酒的产业。Domaine 和 Chateau 都算是一个产业集群,可译为 “酒庄”,但 Domaine 的不同在于,其拥有的葡萄园可以环绕在酿酒坊周围,也可以在远离酿酒坊的地区;   Doux:甜酒;   Eleveenfutsdechene:在橡木桶中陈年;   Grand cru:字面意为 “伟大的园地”,在勃艮第、阿尔萨斯地区指最好的特级葡萄园;   Grand Vin:一般指的是酒庄主打酒款或最佳酒款,通常采用一个年份最好的葡萄酿造而成。不过,该词不属法律规定之内,一般是酒庄的个人行为;   Millesime:年份,该词在香槟地区用的比较多;   Mis en bouteille au chateau domaine:酒庄装瓶;   Moelleux:半甜型:   Mousseux:起泡酒;   Non-filtre:未过滤的葡萄酒;   Petillant:轻微起泡;   PremiereCru(1er Cru):勃艮第地区用来表示一级园;   Sec:干型;   Superieur:常指酒精度略高于平均水平的葡萄酒;   Sur Lie:在酒泥(发酵完成的死亡酵母细胞)上陈酿的葡萄酒,一般会带有奶油、面包、酵母等风味,常见于卢瓦尔河谷的慕斯卡德葡萄酒;   Vendangea la main:人工采摘;   Vieille Vignes:老藤;   Vignoble:葡萄园;   Vin Doux Naturel(VDN):天然甜葡萄酒,是一种加强甜型酒,产自朗格多克露喜龙地区。   3、延伸阅读:法国葡萄酒分级体系   如今,法国葡萄酒有 3 个主要的等级,即 AOP(Appellation d’Origine Protegee)、IGP(Indication Geographique Protegeee)和 VDF(Vin De France)。AOP 是欧盟原产地命名保护的标志(1992 年确立),而 IGP 是受保护的地域标志。两个标识的区别在于 AOP 是指其产品原料、生产、包装等都在原产地完成,IGP 则指其产品原料、生产、包装等只有一部分在原产地完成。      为了配合欧洲农产品级别标注形式,法国葡萄酒的分级体系在 2009 年发生了一次改革:   (1)AOP:法定产区葡萄酒,取代原来的 AOC。它指的是产自法定产区的葡萄酒,法定产区可大可小,每个法定产区都有各自的法规,涉及酿酒葡萄品种、葡萄种植条件等方面;   (2)IGP:优良地区餐酒,取代原来的 VDP。IGP 是一个相对没有 AOP 那么严格的等级,通常会标注葡萄品种和 IGP 产区;   (3)VDF:酒标上无产区提示的葡萄酒,取代原来的 VDT 和 VDF。VDF 是最普通的法国葡萄酒,通常也会标注出葡萄品种。   一般来说,酒标上的法定产区越具体,其级别也就越高。而值得一提的是,现在很多法国葡萄酒还是会使用 AOC 标识,这主要是由于欧盟法律实施起来需花费很长时间,加上有地方保护主义,短期内 AOC 是不会消失的。(文 WineFolly)   【作者简介】酒妹,红酒百科全书资深编辑,高级品酒师,超级无敌美女歌手,以“吃是为了肉体,喝是为了灵魂”为人生理想,不聊国事,只谈吃喝顺聊风月。同道中人,请加个人微信:siswine。   红酒百科全书,中国领先的葡萄酒新媒体,微信公众号:wikiwine。相关的主题文章:

and China has been favored for its international quality. Since the initiative of the new Silk Road Economic Belt 南昌大学附属中学is

Capacity cooperation has benefited Kazakhstan, and China has been favored for its international quality. Since the initiative of the new Silk Road Economic Belt, the cooperation between China and Kazakhstan has yielded fruitful results. Pictured, recently, Chinese workers in Kazakhstan Pavlodar petrochemical plant construction project site vulcanization. Wen Longjie photo Beijing, Astana 14 October Xinhua: Kazakhstan cooperation capacity benefit China advantage of international quality won the favor of new network reporter Wen Longjie three years ago, China state leaders proposed to build a Silk Road Economic Belt "initiative in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan responded positively. Under the framework of the new economic policy of "Guangming Avenue" and the "Silk Road Economic Belt", the cooperation between China and Kazakhstan produces fruitful fruits. China Nonferrous Metals construction Limited by Share Ltd (color stock) can be described as "pioneer"". Since the "Silk Road Economic Belt" initiative put forward, Sino Kazakhstan capacity cooperation fruitful fruit. Pictured, recently, Chinese workers in Kazakhstan Pavlodar petrochemical plant construction project site vulcanization. Wen Longjie, "thank you", China’s work is located in, Pavlodar calcined coke plant for the color shares of the EPC (engineering general contracting) project, the total contract of about $81 million, and its core elements are all from china. The project is The Belt and Road "Kazakhstan capacity cooperation projects, Kazakhstan is also the national key projects, Kazakhstan attaches great importance to. Kazakh President Nazarbayev visited the project at the beginning of this year, the Chinese say "thank you" with Chinese, because Pavlodar calcined coke plant "is of considerable importance, its products will not only meet the domestic market demand, calcined coke, make Kazakhstan without such products imported from abroad, will also receive export opportunities". And the same is another project undertaken by the color of shares in Pavlodar on the outskirts of the city, is the first and only Kazakhstan, an electrolytic aluminum plant. The total investment of the plant is 1 billion US dollars, and 250 thousand tons of electrolytic aluminium can be produced annually. The project has met the EU environmental protection standards, and also received the financing of China’s preferential loan provided by the China Import and export bank. The first electrolytic aluminum ingot in Kazakhstan’s history was built here, and Nazarbayev praised Chinese enterprises for helping him realize the dream of building electrolytic aluminum factory for many years. Pay for thanks to the Chinese staff for their hard work, in the completion of the project, will use the Kazakhstan specially set up special columns in the Russian Memorial on the wall of the Chinese people’s name. Since the "Silk Road Economic Belt" initiative put forward, Sino Kazakhstan capacity cooperation fruitful fruit. The picture shows that, recently, the Kazakhstan copper ore dressing plant, which was built by Chinese enterprises, has been put into operation. Wen Longjie takes advantage of international quality, China’s advantage, international quality is the magic weapon for Chinese enterprises to open the situation in Kazakhstan". In his evaluation of the Pavlodar coking plant, the president stressed that the air purification device used in this project "replaces the similar equipment in Europe" and is worth promoting in all industrial fields in Kazakhstan". In addition, China’s technology and equipment also have their own unique advantages. "We compared the equipment evaluation between China and Europe and the United States and found it later."

产能合作使哈受益 中国优势国际品质获青睐-中新网 自“丝绸之路经济带”倡议提出以来,中哈产能合作结出丰硕果实。图为,近日,中国工人在哈萨克斯坦巴甫洛达尔石化厂硫化项目现场施工。 文龙杰 摄   中新网阿斯塔纳10月14日电 题:产能合作使哈受益 中国优势国际品质获青睐   中新网记者 文龙杰   三年前,中国国家领导人在哈萨克斯坦提出共建“丝绸之路经济带”倡议。哈萨克斯坦对此积极响应,在哈“光明大道”新经济政策与“丝绸之路经济带”的对接框架下,中哈产能合作结出丰硕果实。中国有色金属建设股份有限公司(中色股份)可谓此中“先行者”。 自“丝绸之路经济带”倡议提出以来,中哈产能合作结出丰硕果实。图为,近日,中国工人在哈萨克斯坦巴甫洛达尔石化厂硫化项目现场施工。 文龙杰 摄   “谢谢”中方的工作   位于哈国巴甫洛达尔的煅烧焦厂为中色股份的EPC(工程总承包)项目,总承包合同额约8100万美元,其核心元素全部来自中国。该项目既是“一带一路”下中哈产能合作项目,也是哈萨克斯坦国家重点项目,哈方高度重视。   哈总统纳扎尔巴耶夫今年初视察该项目时,用中文说“谢谢”中方工作,因为巴甫洛达尔煅烧焦厂“具有相当的重要性,其产品不仅将满足哈国内煅烧焦市场的需求,使哈萨克斯坦无需再从国外进口此类产品,还将获得出口机会”。   而同样是由中色股份承建的位于巴甫洛达尔市郊区的另一个项目,则是哈国第一座、也是唯一一座电解铝厂。该厂总投资达10亿美元,每年可生产25万吨电解铝。该项目达到了欧盟环保标准,还获得了由中国进出口银行提供的中方优惠性质贷款融资支持。   哈萨克斯坦历史上第一块电解铝锭就是在这里浇铸而成,纳扎尔巴耶夫盛赞中国企业帮助他实现了多年来建设电解铝厂的梦想。为感谢中方人员付出的辛勤劳动,在工程竣工时,哈方特意将中方人员的名字用中俄文列在了专门设立的纪念墙上。 自“丝绸之路经济带”倡议提出以来,中哈产能合作结出丰硕果实。图为,近日,由中国企业承建的哈萨克斯坦巴夏库铜矿选厂投产。 文龙杰 摄   国际品质,中国优势   国际品质是中国企业在哈萨克斯坦打开局面的“法宝”。哈总统在评价巴甫洛达尔煅烧焦厂工程时强调,该项目所使用的空气净化装置“替代了欧洲的类似设备”,“值得在哈萨克斯坦各工业领域推广”。   此外,中国技术与设备还有自己的独特优势。“我们对中国和欧美的设备评估比较后发现,欧美设备一方面价格昂贵,更主要的是操作太过复杂;中国设备质量不输欧美,且操作简单,更适合哈萨克斯坦这样从零开始的国家。”电解铝厂哈方负责人加林说。   中色股份副总经理秦军满表示,“有色冶金工业是中国的优质产能,拥有多项自主知识产权的先进技术和设备,在中哈产能合作的号召下,我们有信心,也有决心为两国共同发展经济添砖加瓦。”   眼下,哈石油天然气公司向中色股份“定制”的巴甫洛达尔石化厂硫化项目已在建设之中。该项目哈方经理安德烈告诉记者,已是第三个项目了,我们与中国朋友的合作十分顺畅,“在接下来的工厂改造中,我们依然会优先将他们作为合作伙伴。” 自“丝绸之路经济带”倡议提出以来,中哈产能合作结出丰硕果实。图为,近日,中国工人在哈萨克斯坦巴甫洛达尔石化厂硫化项目现场施工。 文龙杰 摄   反映欧亚心声,构建利益共同体   中哈在“丝绸之路经济带”框架下的合作正全方位展开。据中国驻哈经商参赞孙丕文介绍,中国政府成立了亚投行、丝路基金、中国欧亚经济合作基金、中哈产能合作基金,两国金融和保险机构签署了多项合作协议。目前,中国银行、中国工商银行、中国国家开发银行、中国进出口银行等已在哈积极开展工作。   中国驻哈大使张汉晖在接受中新网记者采访时指出,“丝绸之路经济带”倡议是新时代的产物,反映了欧亚大陆各国加强合作的心声。在中国社会科学院中国边疆研究所所长邢广程看来,经过30多年的改革开放,中国与国际社会的共赢合作已经站在新的起点,“中国提出的‘一带一路’愿景旨在与欧亚空间进一步共享合作,构建利益共同体”。(完)相关的主题文章:

computer applications 朗润的意思

2 shares yesterday revealed good opportunities in the interactive platform Daquan consulting contest: Irving King catch monster at sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the company interaction: DHI nuclear power nuclear power plant products have been covered all the main categories of lifting equipment flush financial news April 28 10, DHI interactive platform for investor relations the company said that the current nuclear power nuclear power plant products have been covered all the main categories of lifting equipment, including nuclear ring crane, loading and unloading machine, fuel container crane, fuel handling machine, gate lifting crane, nuclear power plant fixed gantry crane, crane, crane, pump turbine building QT NC crane, nuclear plant containment spreader. Data show: Dalian heavy forging manufacturing enterprises set of cast steel, cast iron, cast copper, forged in one of the company is mainly engaged in: heavy general equipment, special equipment, transportation equipment development, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, service and spare parts, spare parts supply; electromechanical equipment spare parts collaborative processing; metal manufacturing the structure of metal products, mould manufacturing;; metal surface treatment and heat treatment; electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, cement products manufacturing; crafts sales; transportation, warehousing, labor and personnel training; the import and export business, commercial trade; technology development, transfer, consulting; computer applications, electrical equipment leasing services the real estate development business. The company said Erik wind interaction: the devaluation of the renminbi will have a positive impact on the performance of the company flush financial news in October 28th, Erik wind on an interactive platform for investor relations, said the 1 companies export products accounted for about 70% of sales revenue, mainly in dollars, the devaluation of the renminbi will have a positive impact on the performance of the company. 2, the company product pricing model is the cost plus model, which added part for processing profits remained unchanged, and not change with the fluctuation of raw material prices, so steel prices has little effect on the company’s net profit. Data show: Erik wind is a professional production and sales of wind power equipment enterprises. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

2股周五互动平台透露利好机会大 全国投顾大赛:偷看投顾大王捉妖股 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   公司互动:大连重工核电产品已涵盖核电站内所有类别主要起重设备   同花顺财经讯 10月28日,大连重工在投资者关系互动平台上表示,公司目前的核电产品已涵盖核电站内所有类别主要起重设备,包含有核环吊、装卸料机、乏燃料容器起重机、燃料抓取机、闸门提升起重机、核电站固定式门座起重机、汽轮机厂房起重机、泵房起重机、QT厂房数控吊车、核岛安全壳吊具等。   资料显示:大连重工是集铸钢、铸铁、铸铜、锻造于一体的铸锻件制造企业,公司主要从事:重型通用设备、专用设备、交通运输设备成套开发、设计、制造、安装、调试、服务及备件、配件供应;机电设备零配件协作加工;金属制品、金属结构制造;工、模具制造;金属表面处理及热处理;电气机械及器材制造、水泥制品制造;工艺美术品销售;交通运输、仓储、提供劳务、人员培训;进出口业务、商业贸易;技术开发、转让、咨询;计算机应用、机电设备租赁服务;房地产开发经营。   公司互动:天顺风能表示人民币贬值将对公司业绩产生积极影响   同花顺财经讯 10月28日,天顺风能在投资者关系互动平台上表示,1、公司出口产品约占公司销售收入70%,主要以美元结算,人民币贬值将对公司业绩产生积极影响。2、公司产品定价模式是成本加成模式,其中加成部分为加工利润,基本保持不变,不随原材料价格波动而变化,所以钢材价格上涨对公司净利润影响较小。   资料显示:天顺风能是一家专业生产及销售风电设备的企业。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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The Beginning Stages Of Alzheimer’s Disease By: Wendy Gorman | Jul 1st 2008 – As a caregiver to a newly diagnosed Alzheimers Disease patient, you will have to take a breathe, think clearly and plan the future for both of you. Options need to be explored and their impact on both your lives understood and allowed for. Proper preparation when Alzheimers Disease is first diagnosed, will not eliminate, bu … Tags: 相关的主题文章:

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The Mistakes I Made Creating My First Info-product By: Michele PW | Apr 1st 2013 – My first information product was an ebook called "Got Ideas? Unleash Your Creativity and Make More Money." Bet you didn’t know that, did you? That’s because it was a complete flop. Yes, my first foray into the wonderful world of info-marketing was pretty much a train wreck. So why I am talking about it now? Be … Tags: Information Products – How To Make Money From Creating Information Products By: Conleth Onu | Dec 14th 2009 – Have you ever heard of information products business? If you have you’ll know that anyone can make money from creating information products if they know how. There are lots of ways to make money on the internet, but one of the easiest and most lucrative businesses one can pursue online is information products marketing. Tags: 相关的主题文章:

full paralysis of the body might occur. This kind of stroke has a negative effect on the volunteer muscular tissue manage of the body. Thus 兰州大学教务系统

Business Movement occurs when there is a sudden interruption of blood circulation to the brain. As sufficient amount of blood falls short to get to the mind, air supply to the mind cells gets affected. This condition leads to fatality of a group of brain cells. The blood supply to the brain is primarily interrupted by existence of embolism inside the canal that supplies blood to the brain or because of hemorrhaging in the mind. A movement could come from in numerous areas of the brain such as appropriate or left hemisphere of the mind, cerebellum or brainstem (least expensive part of the brain). Amongst them, a brainstem movement has disastrous effects. This is because the brainstem manages several of the most crucial features of the central nerves that consist of breathing, awareness, blood pressure, heart price, motor control of the physical body and so forth. Symptoms A brainstem movement can impair several of the essential features of the body and produce a life-threatening disorder. A few of the most conveniently recognizable signs are as follows – One of the very early symptoms of brainstem movement is vertigo. It can be called a spinning feeling and the client discovers it tough to maintain the physical body balance. This is usually gone along with by nausea. Brainstem accomplishes the crucial function of regulating the fee of heart beats and breathing. A brainstem stroke can disrupt these functions. Normal breathing plays a significant job in effective articulation of the speech. Because of interruption in breathing, slurred speech is frequently noted in this health condition. Another sign that is noted is partial or total depression of the body. The effect of a partial depression could be noted simply cheek by jowl of the physical body. In many cases, the left side of the body gets paralyzed when the right part of the brain supply gets influenced by the stroke. On the other hand, depression of appropriate side of the physical body is a sign that the stroke has influenced the left component of the brain. In some serious instances, where all the electric motor nerves of the brainstem that transfer signals between the brain and physical body are harmed, full paralysis of the body might occur. This kind of stroke has a negative effect on the volunteer muscular tissue manage of the body. Thus, it results in unsettled body movements which is labelled as motor ataxia. A stroke might conflict with the vision of one or both the eyes. When visual experience of just one eye acquires had an effect on, then visual hallucination is a common incident. A few of the movement patients may show "locked-in" disorder. In this health condition, the person is completely conscious yet fails to react to any sort of stimuli. People frequently deal with problem in ingesting due to neurological damage caused by stroke. This health condition is called dysphagia and is a severe concern as it could result in choking. People with brainstem movement may slip into a coma. This mostly takes place when the brainstem is subjected to compression due to the fact that of swelling. Treatment A patient with signs should be taken to the healthcare facility when feasible. The major objective of the doctors is to bring back blood supply to the mind supply and hence, they try to guarantee minimum harm to the brain cells. Any sort of blockage in the artery by cavity enducing plaque accumulate is taken out by medical methods. There are different surgical techniques that are being made use of for this purpose. It is then followed by effective rehab that includes managing blood pressure with medications, stringent diet regimen, which has much less fatty tissue and sodium web content, normal exercising to maintain a healthy and balanced physical body weight and an anxiety complimentary life. Those patients that have hindered electric motor capabilities are treated with physical treatment. Those with communication issues have to receive speech therapy to improve their oral communication. Patients with dysphagia are proposed a special diet regimen and exercises that could enhance their ingesting capacity. Those clients who have slid into coma might need encouraging treatment like ventilators, and so on for the remainder of their life. As you could recognize from this write-up, a brainstem movement could have severe effects. The recuperation from this problem mainly relies on just how quick a person receives healthcare. For that reason, at any point of time, if you assume that an individual is turning up with brainstem movement symptoms, then you have to rush them to the local medical facility for an emergency situation medical therapy. Hence, you could save the client’s life and avoid any sort of major harm to the mind supply. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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UnCategorized The Internal Revenue Service today released proposed regulations that would establish a fee for individuals who apply for a preparer tax identification number (PTIN). Proposed regulations that were issued in March would require certain tax return preparers to obtain a PTIN. The IRS is working to finalize those proposed regulations, which are the first of a series of steps planned to increase oversight of federal tax return preparation. The proposed regulations (REG-139343-08) would establish a fee of $50, payable to the IRS, to cover technology costs, as well as compliance and outreach efforts associated with the new PTIN program. The proposed regulations would also provide for an additional fee (expected to be substantially lower than $50) to be charged by the third-party vendor chosen to operate the new online system. That fee amount is expected to be announced soon, as well as additional details about the launch of a new online application system. These fees could change in future years as program costs are reevaluated. Agencies are directed by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to charge user fees to recover the cost of services that convey special benefits beyond those available to the general public, such as the authority to prepare federal tax returns for compensation. Tax professionals and other interested parties have until Aug. 23, 2010, to submit comments regarding the proposed regulations. The official publication date of these proposed regulations is July 23. In January, IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman announced the results of a comprehensive six-month study of the tax return preparer industry, which proposed new registration, testing, and continuing education of tax return preparers. With more than 80 percent of American households using a tax preparer or tax software to help them prepare and file their taxes, higher standards for the tax return preparer community will significantly enhance protections and service for taxpayers, increase confidence in the tax system and result in greater compliance with tax laws over the long term. How to Learn More. The IRS recently broadcast the topic "New Requirements for Tax Return Preparers – Learn the Who, What, When and How" on the webinar IRS Live, an educational program for tax professionals. View the archive on Tax professionals can also learn more by attending one of six tax forums this summer around the country hosted by the IRS. The IRS Nationwide Tax Forums are three-day events that provide tax professionals with the most up-to-date information on federal and state tax issues. Also for more information see a special page on this web site. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: