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Cecilia Cheung’s mother attended the movie premiere children join Cecilia Cecilia Cheung lack of mother Dasari according to Hong Kong media "Oriental Daily" reported that the movie "Cecilia Cheung Dasari’s mother received the cases of ISO II" premiere. For the first time filming her dress, sexy dress up the scene, several children including Dai Bizhi, Zhang Haolong and Zhang Bowen together appeared to support his mother and the shadow photo, Bridget black dress "in wide open, hot body very suction eye, with more howlon wife’s field, but also did not have Bai Zhi, is in want of perfection. Bai Zhi MA in an interview on the sexy dress jokingly responded: "this most conservative. (Bai Zhi does not come? She is busy these days, call her later join. (the filming is what feeling?) Good fun and surprise, although only the fragment, but I feel that I can do well." Po Chi mother said the drama had not yet received the first time to tell their children: want to surprise them. (and Cecilia blows?) No, I have confidence in myself. (days after children to Stewart?) Hope to have such a chance, very special." Zhang Haolong said he has withdrawn from the entertainment circle, his wife gave birth to her daughter about 3 years old, asked whether "after several", he said: "want to, but now raising kids are expensive and difficult to teach, if back to Canada will be good."相关的主题文章: