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Children do not like to go to school crying? Reason is the most useless! Try to do – Sohu mother baby (child care) said the original, reproduced please mark the source father (joking): you miserable, to go to school, you can not play! Child (grievance, upset): Mom, why should I go to school? I don’t go to school! Mom stared at dad…… If the child does not want to go to school, adults how to deal with it? Let’s pause for a moment, and we’ll see how the child’s mother is going to do it Every year the end of the summer vacation, in the face of children go to school, parents have a lot of worries. Children do not want to go to school how to do? What if the child cries? Children will not be adapted to? It froze nervous fears, might as well try to do so: to set a "happy school" tone to accompany the child to imagine interesting situations such as after school after school, many children can play together, sing songs, dance funny cute little dance, there are a variety of games, slide, writer, game pass the balloon…… How interesting it is, my parents really envy you. Imagine as detailed as possible, in the minds of children in the outline of the image and the image of the case, to arouse the child’s desire to go to school. Don’t forget to say "have fun" when parents send their children to school to get their children to school and say, "Have fun, sweetie" , this is not without reason. With the discovery of happy mood, you can easily help children find happy things. When you pick up the kids from school, "are you happy today? What interesting thing happened today?" The "happy" and "interesting" words in the question have given the child the direction of their memories, which will lead them to search for interesting things in their minds. Children’s memories of happy things, will be further determined to go to school is happy, so I went through so many fun things today, really very happy to go to school." The usual conversation with friends and relatives, from time to time to hint my children to go to school very happy "," my baby’s love to go to school "," I really envy their little friend, go to school with so many fun things "," I wish I was a child, together with the children of the school "…… That is just come into the world with a near ignorant baby said: "this is blue", "this is green", once the children form the "happy" is First impressions are strongest school concept, will encourage children to find school fun. What if a child really does not want to go to school because he is unhappy at school? After school, before going to bed, used to ask the child "happy today", the children are very simple, if the occurrence of unpleasant things, they also tend to tell the truth, as long as the adults usually question in front of the children is a good listener, the child will be their the passions all talk. If the child in the school setbacks or even unfair treatment, parents often panic, how to do? Children said to remind, in this case, parents need to calm down, and then understand.相关的主题文章: