Chinese version of the proposed big fight Zhang Yixing Chen Douling reproduce the classic – Sohu Ent yezimei

Chinese version of "Zhang Yixing Chen Douling" boot proposal is expected to reproduce the classic entertainment Sohu – "courtship major combat" Zhang Yixing Chen Douling "boot proposal" proposal "combat combat" boot ceremony entertainment Sohu in November 4th, jointly built by SMG pictures and Fuji Japan Taiwan Chinese version of "major combat" proposal in Shanghai low-key boot the famous director Mao Xiaorui, producer, Cui Yi, carrying all the creative collective appearance, the simple act of worship. Much attention had been the leading men and women candidates finally settled, Chinese version "major combat" by the proposal has absolute popular appeal, with "good" old nine door "gentleman" and other hit series super idol Zhang Yixing, and a small angle of the ear to pure temperament in the movie "left ear" the actress starring Chen Douling, this part consists of Japan’s top production team co creation of TV series, will be in ten years to reproduce the classic style at the same time, to create China memories of youth. It is understood that the play will also have more coffee for actors to join, set up a special surprise lineup. "Marry" Shanghai combat boot, a remake of the classic China type to create memories of youth "courtship battle" is Japan’s Fuji TV broadcast in 2007 of a love drama, the average ratings of 17.3% TV series called the pinnacle of Japanese TV drama, then get on the drama academy prize best works. Ten years after the broadcast, "marry big fight" accumulated an impressive drama mystery fans in Japan, Baidu Post Bar has maintained a 14.02% high activity, occupy the top 10. At the same time, the play scored 8.6 points in the watercress, in the nearly 60 thousand raters, more than half of the given out of 5 stars. "Marry" will remake version of Chinese combat news, drama mystery fans will set off a heated discussion on social networking sites. The original variety of touching classic plot how to restore? The protagonist of the story of how the youth will be more rich, more localized interpretation? It is understood that the China version of "major combat" proposed by Japan’s top creative team team built, the original drama director, screenwriter Mao Tian Yue into gold tree were deeply involved in the creation of a remake version of China. Although it is a remake, but China version of "major combat" proposal will maintain the original Japanese classical elements at the same time, fully integrated into the youth culture China, strengthen the local style China, into the China audience shared memories of youth, enhance the China audience into feeling and emotional resonance. Zhang Yixing Chen Turin campus group CP temperament seductive, high-quality idol reproduce ten years of classic ten years ago, Tomohisa Yamashita and Masami Nagasawa with the play to become Japan’s most popular youth idol, the Chinese version of "proposal for combat" male and female selection is also very strict, not only fully consider the fit skills performers, popular appeal and the role of the actor’s own temperament, and public image is also an important consideration in the standard one, the final choice by Zhang Yixing and handsome affinity pure quiet Chen Douling as a heroine. Two both the popularity and strength of the high quality idol, the composition of the campus in the drama CP, for the Chinese audience to reproduce the classic for ten years, to create Chinese style youth memory. It is understood that the play also starred in the lineup.相关的主题文章: