Chrysanthemum corner price over a thousand coins valuation 3 million borderland

Corner of the chrysanthemum thousand price have a coin valuation of 3 million in recent days, people began to shift from Changchun Ms. Lin at home in the corner of the piggy bank, the fourth set of RMB a dime from hope can be found in a few pieces of the appearance of well preserved, the industry commonly known as the "chrysanthemum corner" coin. Ms. Lin is suddenly interested in the corner of the chrysanthemum, because WeChat recently in her circle of friends have a lot of people in the share of such a message: "the ‘chrysanthemum corner’ coins, the market price is over 1000! Look for a home!". According to WeChat’s claims, the people’s Bank of Chinese recently issued a notice, decided since November 1, 2016, the fourth set of RMB only a dime does not pay, the bank financial institutions shall not receive this version of foreign coins to pay, the new collection and inventory fourth set of RMB 1 coins are damaged RMB deposit as separate people banks. People’s Bank of China, a central branch of the relevant person in charge of this statement affirmed. He said that this is mainly to take into account the chrysanthemum corner coins more severe, coupled with the fifth sets of RMB has been circulating for a long time, we will not be affected when in use. 1991-1999 1 corner chrysanthemum coins a set of nine, more than 90% products in the same amount of about 170 yuan -200 yuan. 2000 1 corner single price has nearly a thousand dollars!!! "Some of my colleagues are also looking for a corner of the coin in the home," I hope the best to find a 2000 ‘Daisy’ coins, even a small surprise." Ms. Lin told the securities times. E reporter. "I also have to pay attention to the ‘chrysanthemum corner’ coin market prices have been thousands of WeChat articles, which is actually some people in order to attract the eye and deliberately made gimmicks." Department member service Numismatic Society of Jilin province official Dou Shuangbin said, "in a corner" chrysanthemum coins from 1991 began trial cast to 2000 to stop the issue, according to the different period there were 10 pieces. But in fact, the circulation of the market is only in 1991 to 1999 issue of chrysanthemum corner coins. In 2000 the "chrysanthemum corner" coins although also made, but did not enter the field of circulation, but is bound into the suit for the collectors collection. So, no matter how people look at the money in the house, it is impossible to find the 2000 chrysanthemum corner coins, because it does not flow through! In fact, now the so-called "chrysanthemum corner" coin market prices have been thousands, in fact, this is included in the 2000 "chrysanthemum corner" coin collection price. Securities times, November 8th. E reporter in Jilin Province, a large collection of antique collection market, at present, from 1991 to 1999 issued a single corner of the chrysanthemum flower coins are mostly priced between 1 yuan to 4 yuan. Among them, the 1992, 1994 issue of "chrysanthemum corner" coins because at the time of issuance is relatively less, so the price at 3 yuan to 4 yuan, while the other year "chrysanthemum corner" coin is priced at about 1 yuan. Antique shops in the city, the price of foreign sales, even so, the purchase price is lower, a single price.相关的主题文章: