Closure of the closure of the dam project is expected to build 2019 of the benefits of Liuzhou

Long falls dam closure is expected to 2019 built in Liuzhou for the benefit of nanguojinbao reporter Huang Xianqiao Wen   Wang Jining figure of concern falls for water conservancy project, yesterday ushered in a major node — in the construction of river closure. After the completion of the project, Yangxi hydro project and the construction, can improve the Liuzhou urban flood control standard to a hundred years. For the successful closure after setting off fireworks to celebrate the scene. The valley was diverted down for clean water conservancy project located in Rongshui Miao Autonomous County town of Xin’an village Lai Tun Rongshui County, just more than and 10 minutes distance. The road is newly built into the reservoir, the reporter’s car was gradually led to the two sides are among the green mountains. In the artificial development of the construction site, a number of construction vehicles are busy to the upper and lower reaches of the dam two cofferdam, continue to add the closure of the soil. Downstream of the dam is not far from a half of the font turn, diversion tunnel directly from the upper reaches of the dam to open up the mountain, flowing downstream, and the original river to synthesize a triangle. At 11:18 in the morning, in the "crackling" sound of firecrackers, long falls dam cofferdam are truncated, clear bay river flow, all downstream from the diversion tunnel to go forward with great strength and vigour. Liuzhou City Longxi Hydropower Construction Investment Co., Ltd. deputy chief engineer Chen Wentu introduced, the diversion tunnel construction began in September last year, Duan Mingqu water including water channel, 65 meters long, 400 meters, 210 meters of culverts, tunnels were door shaped, 6.5 meters wide, 9 meters high, the diversion capacity of 565 cubic meters seconds. It is understood that the water conservancy project is falling long Bei River Planning of grade seven development scheme in sixth steps, from the upstream four Rong town about 15 km, about 13 km downstream from Rongshui County, from then to the downstream Liuzhou city about 121 kilometers. The surface water and groundwater flow in the two sides of the Yangtze River Basin are consistent, which is concentric to the river bed. Reservoir lithology is the oldest strata of clastic rock reservoir has no leakage and leakage to the adjacent valley, providing good conditions for building. More than two years to build the dam according to the design, fall for multipurpose dam project, will be in the middle of the river bed layout of sluice dam, the dam and power plant layout layout after dam fishway, power plant, on the left bank for ship lift position, the non overflow section arranged on both sides. The main dam RCC gravity dam is the largest dam 59.8 meters, crest elevation 161.8 meters; the auxiliary dam of concrete gravity dam is located in LAN Kou Cun small tributary watershed, the maximum dam height of 15.8 meters. The main dam cofferdam retaining water standard for the dry season in 10 years. Chen Wentu introduction, water conservancy projects mainly in the construction of non flood season, flood stoppage. According to the plan, before the flood season next year, the height of the concrete dam will reach 118 meters. The whole dam construction plan to be completed in January 2019, which lasted more than two years, followed by water, power generation plan in 2019 March, the same year in May the water conservancy project completed, normal operation during the first year of flood control benefit of up to 190 million yuan. Reporters learned that the long water project is falling.相关的主题文章: