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"Cold" Zhijin Wang Ning group in letter with partner Zhong Hanliang – Sohu "entertainment" Wang Zhi’s letter Ning cold Sohu entertainment news by Chee Wen media and honey Amoy films CO produced, including Zhong Hanliang, Ma Tianyu, Sun Yi, Wang Zhi and many other stars, adapted from the popular novel of the same name of the TV drama "cold, we can not sad" is like a raging fire shot, and the exposure of figures for the first time. Recently, due to the "Sherlock" and worry public strength actress Wang Zhi formally into the group, joined the drama starring lineup, starred in a letter Ning angle, as Cheng Tianyou (Zhong Hanliang ornaments) love, deep love Cheng Tianyou forever. "Cold, we can not be sad" by the godfather of Taiwan idol drama directed by Junjie Liu, tells the story of life and cold, ginger Cheng Tianyou, BaiZhuanQianHui between Cheng Tianyou and Ning letter story will put across twenty years with love and care, can not give up love and companionship truly show. The play, played by Wang Zhi and Jiang Sheng, Ning letter, like cold, God bless, also let fans love ten years name. Ning letter from the age of 15 he began to know God, and sister Weiyang together as the most important person in my life, "is the first letter Ning God wants to marry the girl". Although some may have been due to believe that, in order to love sister, so that they can not go to the end and save, but many users still stand "Tianxin CP" love letter Ning crazy for love for love madness, more out of "trust", hope that you are well. Acting praised Wang Zhi how to shape this role, it is worth looking forward to.   相关的主题文章: