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"Gansu province education comprehensive reform plan" announced – Gansu channel — original title: "Gansu province education comprehensive reform program" published in Gansu Province Department of Education announced the "Gansu province education comprehensive reform plan today". Our province will deepen the reform of educational system, management system, examination and enrollment system, personnel training mode, resource allocation and other areas of reform. According to the "plan", our province will improve the admission system in the compulsory education stage, pilot school district and nine enrollment system, to prohibit any form of entrance test, is strictly prohibited to take or disguised take examinations and other forms of selection of students. Throughout the province will protect the school-age children and adolescents in the vicinity of the nearest school enrollment, improve the reception of migrant workers and their children to attend school entrance examination method. At the same time, our province will be a reasonable diversion of junior high school graduates to enter high school and secondary occupation school, the implementation of quality and quality of vocational senior high school enrollment reasonable distribution to the area of junior high school, and reasonably determine the proportion of. In the occupation education, I will reform and improve the vocational graduates "knowledge + skill" counterparts in the entrance examination, gradually open up from vocational to vocational (specialist) entrance channel, undergraduate, and gradually expand the professional degree of graduate enrollment. At the same time, strengthen the combination of engineering, improve the internship, carry out cooperation training. In the field of higher education, our province will further promote the province, outside the University Alliance, establishing curriculum resource sharing mechanism to promote the union of University, colleges and universities in selecting courses and teachers engage. And to carry out the examination reform of similar subjects, to explore the establishment of the credit conversion mechanism in Colleges and universities, and further enhance the level of personnel training. Our province will strengthen the construction of rural teachers, rural teachers to improve the treatment, and actively implement various preferential policies, the 58 contiguous poor county and 17 poverty-stricken counties flower type rural primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, appropriate to be tilted in the performance of the total wages when approved. At the same time, the province will actively explore the management system of university area, the implementation of the school district go teaching system, to improve the quality of teacher resources especially music such as the shortage of teachers in schools, weak subjects, between urban and rural county between the inter County reasonable flow. In the education of precise poverty alleviation, our province will implement targeted poor rural areas of special admissions program and the Midwest enrollment support collaborative plan, increase the number of rural students in key universities; to increase college students from poor families in relief efforts to provide employment support for high school graduates from poor families without a job. The province will establish a pre school education, compulsory education, vocational education, ordinary high school education and higher education system for students with financial difficulties in the family, and the implementation of Postgraduate Scholarship policy. I will take the graduate loan formally incorporated into the student loan system (Undergraduate per student each year up to 8000 yuan loan, graduate every year up to 12 thousand yuan loan, the loan repayment period of up to 20 years), and the 58 contiguous poor county and 17 poverty-stricken counties flower type participatory poor households for preschool children to 1000 yuan per student per year from the standard fee, to enter the provincial higher vocational college impoverished family)相关的主题文章: