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Conti Chelsea: only a paper for small teams why play 3 defender Conti command race sina sports a 0-3 defeat to Arsenal’s defeat, Conti let Chelsea suffered the League two game losing streak, at a news conference after the match, Conti believes that Chelsea is just a paper on the team. Conti believes that the poor start is one of the reasons leading to the team defeat: "we start the way is very bad, start from the first minute is not good, this is very strange, because Arsenal should be a big game for Chelsea, when the US and Arsenal such excellent team, should be absorbed in from the first minute, but today we did not do. I used to be a player, there are a lot of reasons for this performance today, but I hope to improve the performance in the future. We lost two important games, so we have to be more modest and understand that we have to work harder to change our situation." The second half opening soon, Conti with Marcos Alonso for Fabregas, Ivanovic, Lewis and Cahill have talked about the third health system, Bianzhen Conti said: "I must solve some problems, because we lost at least two goals per game, whether it is three or four, two guard guard guard, we all need to correct to find out the tactics of the team, I have done a lot of efforts." Although losing the game, but Conti still have confidence in the future: I said before, we lost two games, which is good for us now and later. We need to do a lot of things to improve, change the current situation, because we are just a team on paper, rather than on the field of the team, the stadium is true, this is the most important. We have to make a change because it was too bad last season. There are a lot of difficulties, but if we can understand the problem, we can be in a good position and recover." () ()相关的主题文章: