Count the five big mistake people make Home Furnishing decoration winsockfix

Count the five big mistake people make the decoration Home Furnishing [Chu Home Furnishing] to everyone wants to decorate them up, but sometimes in the decoration except for some small mistakes. Misunderstanding one: environmental protection materials are not equal to the so-called green plate decoration environmental protection materials, they are only low formaldehyde content, completely pollution-free is impossible. The introduction of the national indoor air quality standard: the content of formaldehyde in indoor air should be lower than 0.1mg m3, if it is in a green environmental protection standard, formaldehyde emissions should be 17.86mg days, if the decoration with the 10 sheet up? The formaldehyde content of at least 7 times exceed the standard that is "exceed the standard cumulative!" to attract attention. Misunderstanding two: the new complete renovation of the house ventilation window for a period of time can help a lot of people know that ventilation contributes to formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances release, but it can only be put on the surface of free formaldehyde, adhesion to blow away, because formaldehyde is divided into three kinds, namely the free state, adsorption state, combined with the state. The formaldehyde which is contained in the artificial board and the adhesive can not be run by the ventilation. Besides, it has an incubation period of 3-15 years. A door and window will also be released, must be chemically treated by drugs volatile, so it is safe. Myth three: the new furniture has a peculiar smell is a lot of furniture is made of man-made board, formaldehyde is included in the artificial plate adhesive. Strange smell is the release of toxic gases from the furniture, combined with strong formaldehyde in volatile. Furniture placed inside the activated carbon, it can adsorb the release of formaldehyde, can not completely break down pollutants; at the same time, the adsorption material will be saturated after a certain time, need to re update the material. Wardrobe as far as possible not to wear underwear, children’s clothing, blankets and winter clothing, clothing to avoid excessive formaldehyde content. Misunderstanding four: fresh air purifying agent can be a lot of people think to buy air purification agent or addition of formaldehyde like drugs can not own Penpen, adsorption and decomposition, only temporarily not to hear, that is a kind of flavor gas obscures the harmful gas, the easier to alert the funeral. But the pollution source was kept on the release, the key is to cut off the source of pollution, by a single spray to remove formaldehyde is not possible; or through the detection apparatus, and comprehensive management according to the inspection report, is the most effective. Misunderstanding five: high-grade car would not have polluted the car air pollution mainly comes from; plastic parts, car dashboard carpet, roof felt, leather sofa, paint, etc. the release of formaldehyde, acetone, benzene and other harmful gases. Small space inside the car, coupled with a good seal than the harmful gases inside the house more harm to people. Remind drivers friends, the car air quality can not be ignored.相关的主题文章: