Cross border electricity supplier welcome black Friday Wuhan Amoy Amoy people love to buy

Cross border electricity supplier to meet the black Friday, Wuhan people love to buy a pack of more than 11 of the hustle and bustle of the uproar has just ended, known as the sea Amoy rush black Friday relay to. Compared with the double 11 one-day panic buying frenzy, brewing for years "black five" became more crazy, scouring the sea will last nearly a month of panic buying. This "black five" is the local time on November 25th, although there is still a week or so, but on the 17 day, Amazon China, ocean terminal to import goods for cross-border electronic business platform flagship to start preheating, and launched a variety of new services and benefits to grab the market, chop hand family buying enthusiasm will be cheap imported goods the light. Cross border goods can also be sent free of charge to eat the soil risk, or want to buy a bag." Wuchang white-collar Miss Qin said yesterday in a circle of friends, ready to take advantage of the black five big sea Amoy a bag, issued a few friends to help pick a pick. And in the last weekend, she just spent more than 2000 yuan to grab some of the two promotional items of 11. Amazon, Ocean Terminal cross-border electricity supplier in 17 days to start a "black five" promotion, recommended to consumers the tens of thousands of explosion models, new and beautiful, timberland, Mead Johnson, THERMOS, PHILPS, Amazon Chinese launched the international big price as low as 52% off. Amazon is the introduction of Chinese consumers from the Amazon and Amazon in the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom, nearly 2000 known as the town store treasure products, there is a substantial direct discount. Amazon Prime membership service officially expanded to support the Amazon UK overseas purchase goods, consumer goods increase optional million. To snatch Chinese customers, Amazon also launched this year, members of a single order of 200 yuan, regardless of goods in the United States or in the United Kingdom, enjoy the free delivery of cross-border orders. I bought a Canon printing machine, the price is only 12 of the country, in the past because of the volume of goods with almost the same price. Now, don’t worry about the freight." Mr. Wang Wuhan people in the Amazon before the first single, irrepressible excitement told reporters. Wuhan sea Amoy love to buy more bags this year in an interview with reporters that the "black five" preheating of the day before yesterday morning, ocean terminal 10 minutes turnover exceeded 60 million, is 6 times last year. The same day, Hubei, Wuhan people’s spending power ranked third in the country, the average consumption of $800, the highest consumption of 40 thousand yuan. Wuhan, has become the world’s first foreign terminal platform ranked first in the city. The reporter learned from Amazon, ocean terminal, in the "black five" to promote, bags, shoes, health care products, baby products are most popular with consumers, consumers can buy homes from dozens of countries worldwide commodities. At the same time, the payment channel becomes the key to the competition of the banks. "Black five" period, China bank, China Construction Bank credit card in the sea Amoy website or overseas online consumer businesses, a full 10% of the cash back reward. According to research firm Nielsen survey shows that last year, the number of mainland China Sea Amoy has reached 18 million, China has become the United States cross-border online shopping family of the top second countries. Reporters learned that the enthusiasm of the Wuhan sea Amoy not lose double 11, the main focus is on shoes and bags. Will continue to the Western Christmas "black Friday" promotion, apparently also may set off a round chop)相关的主题文章: