Dicky Cheung through 2 burst table is a serious career – ending funny entertainment Sohu p8400

Dicky Cheung "through 2" funny ending burst table was a serious business – Sohu entertainment experience Dicky Cheung Qi army Anti Japanese Sohu valiant handsome entertainment news over the weekend, is regarded as "the conscience of the variety" "we" through it second season ushered in the ending of the war, Dicky Cheung and Song Xiaobao, Shen Tengsan and the "top smile of God" to soar the 12 phase of the program ratings, so brilliant a ratings break frequently, not only entertaining, let the audience in the harvest of laughter while a better understanding of historical knowledge and traditional culture in the collision of modern thought and ancient life, also won the strongest Council seat, Amway Liyuan fan group, learning fans. "The artist" Dicky Cheung’s first variety show with good performance, good reputation, good ratings burst table ending. Dicky Cheung to show God into the sea Qinliqinwei. "We through it" as the first file historical experience shows, by Sichuan TV, Shi Xi media, Huayi Chang Sheng, McIlroy studios, jetsen, state media CO produced by Guoli Zhang, the chief director. Dicky Cheung, Shen Teng, Song Xiaobao, Yang Qian, Huang Xiaolei, Yu Xiaotong, sea? And many other artists joined forces to join the second season wonderful show, "the Qing Dynasty Shanxi Piaohao" and "Qi army" Anti Japanese "and" Shushan chivalrous biography "and" painting "four history theme for the original type, launched a grand narrative, show the history of a masterpiece to create new styles Chinese variety form. The movie aspect for many years Dicky Cheung following the "speaker" I took seats won applause after the teacher, this time in the "we" through it in the second quarter as links and allusions experience program group carefully prepared, Dicky Cheung "heaven into the sea was either cliff herbcollection, street" begging "," Ren Zhi ", or by carry logs, station junzi, loading raid, mast plug flag, Dicky Cheung didn’t hesitate to force," laugh "full of fruit. The full Dicky Cheung and Shen Teng and Song Xiaobao CP show, "a combination of" black and white "and South smileking group" love to kill, privately become friends, must meet together again in the film and television drama. The Dicky Cheung mission is full of funny serious affairs across three places of entertainment for 30 years with Dicky Cheung, "" journey to the west "," young hero Yuk "clever", "little do not know Andy and Kangxi", "young Zhang Sanfeng", "energy-saving" and many other dramas become security ratings, "the ancient men of God, in the TV drama, wit, humor, ridicule extraordinary invincible, but privately is caring, rarely gossip, evaluated by the media as" the total in the comedy figure of the star, his life is a drama." In recent years, Dicky Cheung seems to deliberately reduce the TV drama production, but on the screen to show more wisdom and more profound side, some ups and downs, integrate the life philosophy of the wonderful speech video viewers and users continue to be automatically forwarded to Amway, second "tap water". The "we cross it" in the second quarter, Dicky Cheung will inherit and carry forward the Chinese traditional history and culture as its own responsibility, and hope that through the joy and laughter to allow the audience to explore and experience the rich cultural feast. Dicky Cheung himself frankly: funny is a serious cause, behind the comedy is more profound communication and experience, I hope to use laughter相关的主题文章: