Difference 5 cm! Tram pigtail suddenly fall hit private cars windjview

Difference 5 cm! Tram pigtail suddenly fall off the hit a private car yesterday afternoon, Hangzhou Moganshan Road play bridge near the bus station occurred at the scene. K155 bus braids off, smashed through the front window of the private car, fortunately, the driver of the private car Zheng quickly, survived the robbery. He is still suffering from the shock told reporters: "at the time that they can’t live!" Fortunately, the owner of the private car driver did not hide quickly rushed to the hospital when the reporter, the driver of the private car Zheng is unable to sit on the outside of the emergency room chair, next to a bus staff accompanied. One of his hands even shoulders bandaged, the other hand holding records, wearing black Tangzhuang overcoat from the shoulder to the arm had been torn. He is still suffering from the shock told reporters: "I have no strength, at the time that they could not live." At that time, Jeong drive to Zhejiang University hospital visit the elderly, did not expect to encounter the unexpected trouble. "I hide quickly, but the neck to shoulder here too late to hide, were smashed to." Subsequently, Jeong also rushed to his wife, Jeong said to her: you almost became a widow." His wife comforts: "all right, you fudamingda!" Zheng’s wife told reporters: "the bus company staff said that the accident happened when the intersection of two cars," braid force is too large to fall. "." Fortunately, Zheng did not hinder. First off "braid" accident the company will check all the tram reporters from Hangzhou bus company, at that time, this car K155 Road, the driver is ready to take off the braid driving, because the left pole fault falling down, tram pigtail homeopathy into Citroen windshield, and hit bend. After the incident, the bus company staff immediately rushed to the scene to understand the situation, and the whole process accompanied by Jeong hospitalized. Bus company official said that since 2013 the K155 way back to Hangzhou, is the first time such an accident. The reporter learned that Hangzhou city like K155 road "braid" tram, there are 151153 and 188 lines, because the road conditions and other reasons, some sections by the removal of braid driving, is the driver in the cab automatic operation. Bus tram company official said: the next, the company will conduct a comprehensive inspection of all tram maintenance, so as not to happen again. – review the scene tram pigtail off hit car at 2 yesterday afternoon, Moganshan Road bridge playing near the bus station, from north to south in a traffic jam. A Zhejiang A license white Citroen sedan parked on the yellow line, its front windshield has been turned up, broken into a spider web. At the crack of the window, with a thick finger". The rigid "braid" from the side of the road near the bus station K155 bus. On the road, because K155 tram pigtail suddenly fell off, hit the side of the car, while the pound is driving jeong. Fortunately, Jeong dodge in time, sideways back, "braid" just hit his chin and shoulders, not life-threatening. In all efforts, the driver of the car quickly removed from the cab, rushed to the second hospital of Zhejiang medical treatment).相关的主题文章: