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Arts-and-Entertainment David Blaine and David Copperfield’s popularity have inspired a lot of people to learn magic. And with that, there are also a number of stores that sell magic paraphernalia for those who would like to learn the art of magic. Below are some of the popular equipment used for magic: Visible Sawing – the participant lays flat on a bench or table. Then, the magician places a wooden stock over the participants mid-section. The saw is turned on and is used to cut the individual in half. After the saw has been turned off and the stock is removed, the participant stands in front of the audience unharmed. Victory Cubes – is a new stage inclusion that can be used to make tricks more well-executed. Perfect for blocking those angles that might reveal the trick’s secret, or as a prop container. These instantly make a magic show show bigger and more valuable. Magic Rose – the magician is holding a full sized white rose and sprinkles it with glitter dust. Then he approaches one of the female specatators and gives it to her. Suddenly, the white rose turns to red. Vanishing milk pitcher – it looks like an ordinary pitcher. The magician present the pitcher to the audience to show that it does not have any holes. He places liquid (usually milk because it is more visible than water) on the pitcher and covers it with silk cloth. A few magics later and the liquid disappears from the pitcher. The magician even turns it upside down to prove that there is no liquid on the pitcher. Giant Deck of Cards- there’s a deck of cards available which falls perfectly in between the standard poker-size cards and the typical jumbo decks. The Anglo Giant cards measure 3.5" by 5" and their large indices make it easy for audiences to see the cards even from a distance. Magnetic finger Tips – is used to perform routines with Coins, Silverware, Cling Rings other metallic objects. It can also be used in a trick to move objects. Wand – it is a slim stick used by magicians to execute some magic tricks. Collapsible top hat – a black satin lined hat that folds flat when tapped by a wand and springs back to normal when touched again. Chinese coins – can be used for enthralling type tricks and other magic coin techniques. Coin bender – a specially made tool for magicians that bends coins during an act. Feather Flower – this item can be compressed into a thin bundle than can fit on either your coat sleeve or into your hat. Then, they pop open when reached. Threads – This is almost invisible to the naked eye. It allows you to perform tricks that make objects float. Fire Wallet – this wallet fires up when opened. About the Author: Preston Houer has been involved with the art of illusion and sleight of hand for over 30 years. Let Preston show you how to Have Fun With Magic. Visit His Site Today! ..have-fun-with-magic.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: