Ding Junhui Bingham won the first 8-7 victory over the 6 Red World Championship-ravbin

Ding Junhui win 8-7 bin Ham won 6 World Championships for the first time the ball Ding Junhui first won 6 world champion Red sina sports news Beijing time on September 10th, the 6 red world championship ended in Thailand, Chinese star Ding Junhui bin Ham to beat the striking one snag after another 8-7 event for the first time, won the championship. However, the race is not ranked in the race, the winner can only get a bonus, the players will not affect the rankings. Ding Junhui lifted the trophy 6 red world championship, as the name suggests, only 6 Red snooker rules, but the pace is very fast. Although it is the world championship, but the level of competition is not so high, the players from the mix of professional and amateur composition. Because the total prize money of up to 8 million baht, also attracted Selby, Bingham, Mark – Williams, Maguire and other famous entries, belongs to a very important tournament invitation. Ding Junhui in the first game after scoring the opportunity to stay errors, Bingham took the opportunity to get started to clear the table, first to lead 1-0. Second the two sides start the misalignment, then Bingham blasted the red pile, Ding Junhui long started to clear the table and table into the red ball, a single shot 57 points pulled one back, 1-1. Third Bingham didn’t play, Ding Junhui single pole 72 distinguish 2-1 with taiwan. The fourth Bingham start left defensive gap, Ding Junhui pole 46 distinguish Taiwan green ball to the next city, 3-1. Fifth Bingham finally to chance, with a combination of base ball bag succeeded, red ball, perfect solution take place at one time, a single shot 70 points to the score to 2-3. Sixth Bureau Ding Junhui still started to get a clear shot, single pole 67 points, 4-2 lead. The seventh Bingham kick-off, Ding Junhui left in the bag at the end of the red ball turnovers by Bingham single shot 29 points after playing the ball throw, Ding Qingtai to pink ball, the two sides battle 29-25, followed by an exchange of a few global bar after Bingham scored pink ball winner, is still behind 3-4. Eighth Bingham made the first single shot 36 points, on most points only 35 points, the two sides around the last red. Global exchange, Ding Junhui accidentally caused the snooker white ball fell bags to abandon the Bureau, both sides 4-4 draw again. Ding Junhui in the ninth inning error bar Bingham frame after use, the white ball is challenging a rod magazine then scored the ball, scored 21 points after he a rod, Bingham solution ball is very beautiful, but also gave Ding Junhui an excellent opportunity, Ding Junhui start again after direct clearing the table, 56-0 and 5-4 with. The tenth game of Ding Junhui with high quality snooker caused by Bingham two penalty points, then Ding after scoring hit the red bag in an exchange of global Bingham opportunities, but the attack left at the bottom of the bag misalignment, Ding Junhui took the opportunity to clear the table to the yellow ball, 56-0, Ding 6-4 lead. After Bingham with a single shot 65 points to the score to 5-6, Ding Junhui in the twelfth inning with two started to clear the table, 56-8, he got the match point to 7-5. Bingham a board after the start of the fourteenth set, the two sides into a safety contention, Bingham 11-0 took the Ding Junhui offensive in the red left no good will in chance, Bingham again 38 points although after the attack, but)相关的主题文章: