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Director Shang Jing mourning for Yu Xu last Thanksgiving and she also chat chat show photo director debut young woman in Sichuan, air force outstanding female pilot Yu Xu unfortunate sacrifice, let Sichuan people very regret home. 11 day 13 morning, the WCC reporter a telephone interview with the 2010 CCTV Spring Festival Gala [micro-blog] rehearsal directed Yu Xu director Jean King, he was busy making Beijing new TV drama "happy hero". Turning to the sacrifice of Xu Yu, Shang Jing said, 12 evening that Yu Xu sacrifice, I was suffering tears. Yu Xutai loves to work and love to fly. She is the hero of our air force. Not long ago we chat, meet in Beijing party." Shang Jing said: "more than Asahi sunshine, happiness, feelings, intelligent enthusiasm, is truly beautiful and handsome, she passionately devoted to flight. 2010 CCTV Spring Festival evening, we worked together in the essay "my heart flies". We also often talk about Sichuan home, I said you are the pride of the air force, called the national treasure. Young Yu Xu sacrifice, we are particularly distressed. I lost a good comrade to me, I will always miss her." Then, should the WCC reporter, is Jingchuan to chat with more than Asahi pieces. I can see that Yu Xu is a love of work, love to fly, love life, a good girl. In the 2010 CCTV Spring Festival Gala rehearsal scene, WCC reporter who interviewed was in Shang Jing’s essay "my heart fly" Sichuan younger sister Yu Xu. In the Spring Festival Gala backstage, the reporter saw the scene of Yu Xu’s Spring Festival gala. Yu Xu rehearsal very serious. Under the command of Shang Jing, lines, actions, meticulous. Yu Xu is the debut year lunar New Year Spring Festival evening of China female fighter pilots. February 21, 2010, Yu Xu returned to Chengdu from Beijing, accepted an interview with the West China Metropolis Daily reporter, talked about the story behind the Spring Festival gala. When the WCC reporter interviewed filming Yu Xu and the other 3 chuanmeizi and Shang Jing photo. The following photos and articles are written by the reporter, as if it happened yesterday. Report: February 22, 2010 Huaxi Dushi Bao > > > "my heart fly" hot spring "Air Force baby" with Sichuan to debut the tiger show the Chinese female fighter pilots yesterday (Note: February 21, 2010) back to Chengdu, this reporter special interview story behind the sketch "soaring heart" for 16 China female fighter pilot’s stunning debut, received the national audience. Some viewers commented: "my heart to fly," the true feelings, the 16 female pilots wonderful debut, far more valuable than the comedy skit." Yesterday afternoon, the reporter received a message from the CCTV Spring Festival Gala Award "I love the office, because" my heart fly "successfully demonstrated China’s first female fighter pilots of the spirit, these days, visitors from all over the country to vote, were flocking to the skit. In the 16 female pilots, of which there are 4 pilots from Sichuan. They are Chengdu girl Tao Jiali, Yu Xu,相关的主题文章: