Don’t believe it! Automatic car dare open your car too bad (video)-didadi

Don’t believe it! Automatic car dare open your car too bad automatic car driving skills automatic models and simple operation, do not step on the clutch, for the novice, too right, and stop and go driving in the city, manual models seemed to have no gold left foot chicken ribs, but dare not open. The need to pay attention to the problems in the automatic driving car lot, do you know? A misunderstanding: the steep long down, has used D to block some low torque poor car steep you hang D block may not go up, you will feel that the transmission is very busy in the shift, this is undoubtedly of great harm to the transmission, at this time should be fixed with a low gear or L block, in the downhill if you’ve used D block of words, but also with the brake to control the speed of the brake system also increased the burden, the correct approach should hang into the low gear, use the engine brake, which is safe and convenient, the gear can refer to manual models. Error two: automatic vehicle trailer is free when automatic models of faults in the road, it is best not to use the trailer to tow rope, because the car after the failure of automatic transmission oil pump can not operate, lack of lubrication and cooling, drag will damage the long distance transmission, the best call trailer, the driving wheel and then Trailer there is no way, it should also pay attention to the low speed and distance is not too far away. Misunderstanding three: like the manual that slide to automatic transmission to achieve fuel economy is much more complicated than the manual transmission, the corresponding gear has a corresponding hydraulic and lubricating oil, at a high speed if the N block, the engine is idle, and the transmission is high speed running condition, could not get sufficient lubrication and cooling, easy to burn out or urban power control. Misunderstanding four: high speed sudden change into low gear of each gear automatic models will have the highest speed limit, especially some of the old models, there will be 1, 2, 3 gear that, when you are in high speed suddenly forced to shift to the lower gear. The metal crash is enough for you to love, make not directly damaged, ready to pay. Error five: the car is not very stable will change into the R block some of the owners have such bad habits, the car did not stop when entering the party from the R D block, will cause the gear impact, wear clutch transmission, come down for a long time there will be wrong, also blame somebody else the quality of the car.相关的主题文章: