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Don’t ignore the baby teeth! Maternal child – Sohu has little confused this or that in the growing period, parents will be more worried about this. What are the common items of children permanent teeth period, and the matters need to pay attention to? From about 6 onwards the primary physiological shedding occurs, to 12 years before and after all is replaced by permanent teeth. Some children have a permanent teeth but adorable, often refused to give way, form a "double tooth", resulting in permanent teeth is not neat, the need to go to the hospital department of Stomatology doctor to pull teeth. By late deciduous off a lot, the most common is the child eating too fine, do not give full play to physiological stimulation of teeth. Therefore, as children age, children should be allowed to eat jellyfish, peanuts, sugar cane and other chewy food, to keep the stimulation of good teeth, make teeth fall off on time. Permanent teeth of children lively, easy to run and play in the collision, resulting in conclusion fold or fall off completely. And just adorable out teeth, the root of this period has not yet fully formed, such as trauma and infection, root apical inflammation, apical also cannot be closed again, the treatment is very troublesome. So, at this time, parents should pay more attention to children, do not damage teeth, just for good teeth in case of traumatic loss, be sure to keep the child’s permanent teeth, the bubble brought to the hospital in milk or water, can be fixed, tooth replantation. Some parents found a larger gap between children affect the appearance of the newly developed two front teeth, they are worried about their children’s front teeth is not good. Most children as long as the lateral incisor eruption, the anterior tooth space will naturally reduce or disappear. A few children may exist supernumerary teeth between the two front teeth, resulting in gaps between the two front teeth. This can be checked to confirm whether the supernumerary teeth, identified after the removal of supernumerary teeth, so that the gap closed. The children in the permanent teeth, teeth in the jaw replaced, in the development, gradually establish the occlusal relationship, sometimes malocclusion temporarily, such as crowded arrangement mild uneven development process in the tooth part of children, often can adjust themselves back to normal. If the child to 12 years of age after the arrangement of teeth is still not considered to be able to find orthodontic treatment. But if the child anti (occlusal) also known as the "day", often need to early treatment, early treatment to spend a short time and low cost, otherwise it will affect the child’s appearance.相关的主题文章: