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"A dream" small Fu dubbing "main" death voice issued a statement mourning – Sohu   entertainment; tvsp died in new network on 25 October, according to the Taiwan news network reported that the well-known Japanese animation "A dream" first generation voice gradually withered, and so death came 24 days to pay "little man" Voiceover liver. The first generation of "panghu" dubbing wall and also as early as a year ago died, who was a friend of the "little man" tvsp in funeral cries: "panghu, panghu, my friend, why do you go ahead!" Still unable to retain old friends died of acute respiratory failure. In addition to the vertical wall, and also tvsp died one after another, the protagonist of "A dream" voiced by nobuyo Oyama is suffering from dementia. 83 years old, she was seriously ill, has been unable to take care of themselves, was sent to the nursing home. The famous "A dream", nobuyo Oyama has no memory, hear your own voice is also no response from tv. Even so, in the wall and also the farewell ceremony, she sent condolences by relatives and friends. Nobuyo Oyama and A dream 26 years dubbing story, was also adapted into a TV drama broadcast NHK. In addition, as the "main" the voice of Ohara Noriko, "Shizuka seiyuu Nomura Michiko also advanced in age. Ohara Noriko yesterday by the brokerage firm issued a statement mourning tvsp: "really shocked, just last year with kimotsuki (small husband), Nomura (Shizuka) to join the Yamagata Film Festival, he was very healthy." In May this year, she heard the kimotsuki body out of the situation, as the soul of "male", she also want to encourage planning dinner with Nomura kimotsuki, now difficult to achieve permanent. She and kimotsuki collaborated on a number of credits, two drama off screen are friends. She said: "he has always been a funny center, we all like him, want to work together happily."相关的主题文章: