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During the national day of Suzhou to strengthen the positive supply of   as illegal tour " " – people.com.cn Jiangsu windows — people.com.cn original title: Suzhou positive supply squeeze illegal tour showmanship black lead street can not see the National Day golden week near the end. 6, the ancient city of Suzhou area in the northeast corner, visitors queuing at the ticket, visit the bustling pedestrian street is busy but not chaotic. "Yellow" and "black" the showmanship of the scene, can not see the. Northeast Street area concentrated Humble Administrator’s Garden, Lion Grove, Suzhou Museum and a number of heavyweight attractions, is the first stop of many foreign tourists to. Because of the holiday traffic is huge, also became yellow, black eyes "xiangbobo guide". "Before it was so crazy!" At the end of the street northeast Huayang Garden District, many residents have suffered — the home of someone on the only way which must be passed, "enthusiasm" lalacheche, sell a day "to them". These "yellow" and "black guide" and best law enforcement officers hiding. "They are mostly verbal promotion, discovered, or casually quickly ran away, or denied." Nearby a security told reporters. Suzhou City Tourism Bureau Zhu Guoqiang introduction, the National Day holiday, a number of departments of tourism department and public security, such as price to carry out joint enforcement in Suzhou, a number of key scenic spots and the surrounding additional staff. On the Northeast street, patrol law enforcement officers everywhere, greatly improving the safety of tourists. Most importantly, Suzhou actively promote the positive supply of tourism products and tourism services, alternative low-end products. "Since visitors do have a demand for" one day tour "products, may wish to design and promote some of the real good quality and low price products, and set a clear guide logo. For a long time, ‘cattle’ ‘black guide’ naturally there is no market." In July this year, the tourism service Street northeast point refurbished and opened its doors, its location is the public, visitors are key sections of dogged. Garden ticketing, tourism information, free of charge on the consulting service forward, convenient for visitors at the same time, effectively occupy the "cattle" space. Reporters from the northeast corner of the park is not far from the intersection of the park to see, spacious and comfortable, cheap Suzhou good tour bus carrying tourists to the major scenic spots in Suzhou. Suzhou good trip, deputy general manager of the company Zhou Wei introduced into the long holiday, Suzhou good tour bus line 100 days a day or more. Many passengers arrived in Suzhou, the transfer of the bus tour in the city. Suzhou good line also launched a customized service bus in a timely manner, in accordance with the needs of visitors to increase the stop point, popular. It seems that blocking as sparse, dredge, the market needs to meet the order is good. Meng Xu (reporter: Zhang Xin Tang Lu, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: