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Every day, NBA]05 [surplus ball basket color trend: Warcraft waiting for the old main Beijing time on Sunday November 6th, there will be 8 games in NBA, which is the highlight of the rocket vs eagle, Howard will first encounter with the old master. In addition, the clippers and thunder spurs pedestria back home court against the Timberwolves, knights and 76 men staged Eastern Bangwei battle. From the day of the game and the opening situation, the Rockets away form, is expected to end against the Hawks played 5 game losing streak, the knight handicap downturn is difficult to trust, and the Spurs against thermal recovery of the clippers, will face no small crisis. Waiting for the old main handicap of Warcraft Knight poor rockets vs eagle, Howard first met the former "". This is the Rockets 5 straight third games, there are two rival wizards and spurs. The eagle today at Washington, will be back to back to back home court. The rockets on a war and Nicks are back to back, finally rocket 19 points break opponent, harden 30 points and 15 assists is very amazing. After the Lakers lost the opener cold, 4 rocket which has 3 achieved good quality of victory. The eagle has the Rockets 5 game winning streak, but today with the wizards to fight until the last defeat, with extremely tired back to the home court, is undoubtedly the absolute opportunity of the rocket. The Clippers vs spurs, two back-to-back encounters, the Clippers today at Spurs at Memphis, sir. After the thunder of the season decline, the clippers and spurs the competition of particular concern. The Spurs home court record has been very horrible, but nearly 10 home court against the clippers, spurs 6 wins and 4 negative advantage is not obvious, nearly 10 times the two teams played 5 wins and 5 losses is equal. Spurs lack of Parke and the two main players in the short run, I am afraid that the attack will be affected by the impact of the. In the face of very good offensive clippers, 4.5 points for the Spurs home court did not in fact win grasp, this can be optimistic about the Clippers at least win. Knight vs76, knight on a war for the Celtics beat, became the only team league unbeaten team. However, the biggest problem is that the Knights love "water", a war even has remained above 10 + leading results, or only to win 6 points this season, losing bets, Knight let disk only 1 wins and 4 losses. The outcome should be no suspense, but the knight bets so badly, make 13.5 points away deep dish case, lost all 4 matches of the 76 people may lose less when win. In addition, the two teams played 8 times in the past played a small score of the 10, the offensive is the main reason for the 76. The thunder Pacers expect Minnesota vs thunder home court rebound, Minnesota open area 3 straight trip, the thunder ended back-to-back 2 straight. Timberwolves 3 points at home on the battlefield inferior to the Nuggets, the opening of the 1 wins and 3 negative exposed a lot of problems. The thunder 2 straight first 2 win over the clippers, then 26 points to defeat the warriors, the recent schedule is extremely difficult. Past 10 home games, thunder 9 wins and 1 negative overwhelming advantage. Thunder just defeated warriors, the team should be eager to rebound at home. The relative lack of control of the game against Wolves, the thunder is worth a rebound bottom. The bull vs walker, the Bulls today will be back to back before the war home court Nicks, indianapolis. Two meters相关的主题文章: