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Exclusive: sexual violence, innocence fades away, why children become more mature – Sohu reading whenever learned man in China, on September 1st all the love and hate. It marks the school: (at o on) ~ ~ in such a meaningful "(taking) with the school week, reading to Jun serious and lively talk about children, children’s education topic…… In recent years, we have come to realize that children are becoming more and more intelligent. They no longer like we always thought that "pure" "ignorant", the way people often have an amazing feat, the language has become mature, juvenile crime is more and more frequent…… Recently, 13 year old teenager in Guangxi killing 3 children’s case that shocked the nation, according to him, according to him, the motive for the 3 children crying endlessly, spur of the moment…… "Childhood" is an invented concept, before the popular printing, between children and adults rely on oral communication, sharing the same basic cultural world of each other, so humans are not "childhood"; after the popular printing text, become the dominant adult holds the word and the world of knowledge, a cultural the gap between children and adults, "childhood" was born. The age of television, all the information can be shared between adults and children, the boundaries between adults and children gradually blurred, children are almost forced into early conflict, war, violence and sex in the adult world, childhood gradually fade away. In the following text, you want to explore and discuss what is causing the child’s "childhood" was virtually shortened, what took their innocence. The content is selected from [beautiful] Neal · one of the representative works of "the disappearance of childhood" (CITIC publishing house, 2015). Neal · is the study of media culture; the world famous and critics, after Mcluhan the world is one of the most important media cultural studies scholars, he pioneered the media ecology at New York University. Bozeman has published more than 20 books, in addition to "the disappearance of childhood", "entertainment to death" should be said to be known to every family ~   pure where to go, what to let children know how much? Television is an open door technology, there is no material, economic, cognitive and imaginative constraints. 6 year old children and adults of the age of 60 have the same qualifications to experience all that television provides. In this sense, television is a perfect egalitarian communication media, better than oral communication. Because when we talk, we can always keep our voices down, not to be heard by children, or we can use words that children don’t understand. But television can’t whisper, its image is both concrete and self explanatory. Children can see all the programs on tv. The most obvious result of this condition is that it excludes the exclusiveness of worldly knowledge and, therefore, excludes a fundamental difference between children and adults. If the five grade students know the knowledge of the students in grade eight, there is no point in dividing grades. Children and adults have boundaries? In most cases, the formation of social roles is governed by the specific information environment of Article 5相关的主题文章: