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Peter Julie Julie exposure has reached an agreement with separate custody – divorce dispute Sohu JoliePitt entertainment seems to drop the curtain Sohu entertainment news according to foreign media reports, Ange Rina – Julie (Angelina Jolie) the day before the spokesman issued a statement, said Julie and Peter (Brad Pitt) have reached an agreement on the legal custody of the six children the sole custody of Julie will have children. However, this statement is contrary to some reports from the foreign media, there are reports that Pitt has filed an application to the court, hoping to get the joint custody of their children. The spokesman said: "we can confirm that childcare expert has drafted a legal agreement, the agreement has been a week before Julie and Pitt agreed, two people have been formally signed. Under the agreement, the six children will be monitored by the mother Julie, father Peter can continue to visit the six children. The problem of the ownership of guardianship is decided by the experts of child care, which is also the starting point of the children’s best interests." "We are not in a position to discuss the details of the agreement. Now it is clear that this incident involves children, hope that we can understand the family is currently in a sensitive environment. We believe that in this difficult time, all parties can show common, give this family healing space." After Julie and Pitt couple divorce, the two sides in the temporary settlement agreement reached last month, including visits, consulting related terms, many of the details from the Losangeles county children and family affairs, the validity of this Agreement until October 21st. Sources said Julie spokesman called the legal agreement is actually an extension of the temporary settlement agreement. Another source said that this legal agreement is not a permanent custody agreement, but Julie and Peter negotiated a transition agreement reached before the permanent custody agreement. It is interesting that, contrary to the statement by the spokesman for Julie, Pitt last Friday to submit an application to the court, hoping to get the joint custody of their children, while Julie still adhere to only the right to visit pete. Julie Pitt divorce event review] Beijing time on the evening of September 20th, according to foreign media reports, Angelina formally filed for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. They began dating from 2004 -2005 years, and married in August 2014, just after the two anniversary had separated. According to the documents, the two were officially separated in September 15th. Also pointed out that Julie to get custody of the 6 children, while Pitt has a joint custody, but only to be visited. In addition, according to gossip media TMZ said that the two children on the way the children have serious differences in education, and lead to divorce. Subsequently, Angelina – Julie by lawyer Robert Offer issued a statement confirmed that she had filed legal documents for Brad and Pitt divorce, this move is to "family health" reasons, not for Julie to comment on the matter, and to protect their family’s privacy. As for the reason, gossip media TMZ refers to the custody of the custody of the custody of 6 children, Julie think that marijuana相关的主题文章: