Family event Stephen Chow Maggie Cheung spoof ghost baxia

"Family event": Stephen Chow Maggie Cheung "ghost" family event "Gao Zhisen stills" family event ", 1992 frames 314th, this moment from" family event ". Dandy Changhuan (Stephen Chow ornaments) to go to Japan to find love movie girl He Liyu (Maggie Cheung ornaments), then is to catch up with the Hollywood blockbuster "ghost" film, two people learn the movie making pottery, pottery is round, actually turned into the shape of a hand. He often took the jade Huan chastity after Zhuangfengmaisha, finally and her marriage. Often has three brothers, the eldest changman (Raymond Wong) for his wife Cheng Dasao (Sandra Ng ornaments) ran away from home when genv; Second often SaO (Leslie Cheung ornaments) is a sissy, but with the table aunt (Teresa Mo ornaments) beam warriors together. This is a lively comedy, released in the 1992 Lunar New Year stalls, ranked in the second annual box office. "A happy event" Stills Now mainland New Year Movie gathered in Hongkong in the early 1990s, but the film was not so. In fact, "family event" quality is quite high, is a big gathering, two is followed by hot film, ghost, pretty woman, Edward Scissorhands, the next ten days, Terminator 2 etc……. A year ago the Hollywood blockbusters, are all parody spoof, again. This is not only a small Hongkong film cost characteristics, but also very enjoyable. "Family event".相关的主题文章: