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Family members do not accept the results of the girl’s family members do not accept the results of the survey in November 17th, when the little girl’s grandmother received a phone call from the police station, asked her to not file a notice on the signature. But it wasn’t until November 18th that she went to the police station. She does not accept the results of the police investigation. She said her granddaughter was 5 years old, the same day she sent the doll to the village of kindergarten, doll go fast, in front of me in the back of the road." When he saw Zhong Quanyou granddaughter will hold on to the car, "my heart was still muttering, the stranger why we hold the baby?" For the case, the five year old little girl also said not clear. The incident is not far away in weeding in the Tao aunt said, "I saw him holding a baby car, if someone had not stopped, will take." She was impressed, had occurred in the village a few attempts to grab doll thing. For Zhong Zhiqiang, the attitude of the villagers, let him see that he wanted to prove his father’s innocence is still a long way. In the face of the villagers and the families of the little girl is not recognized, he also felt powerless. "I believe that the law will give me a fair respect for the findings." November 18th, Zhong Quanyou said in a wheelchair. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter Peng Liang相关的主题文章: