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Business The secret to accelerate your article marketing is to take each element seriously. You cannot win the battle if you focus too much on one aspect and ignore the other elements of your marketing strategies. What I mean is that you will not thrive in this endeavor if you create articles with attention-grabbing titles but with lousy content. Here are the other huge steps that you need to take in order to accelerate your article marketing: 1. Use .pelling article summary. Sometimes, titles are not enough to lure online users to spend their precious time reading your articles. It would help if you can create an article summary that can tell these people the gist of your content. To make sure that this will work for you, include a bait or a hook to make your articles sound more enticing. 2. Pick your topics. Don’t waste your time on topics that will not help you drive quality traffic to your website. Before you start writing, do a keyword research first so you can easily identify the topics that are being searched for by your potential clients. Find good angles for your copies to make sure that they will sound more interesting to your readers. Whenever possible, talk about their pressing issues or burning questions and provide answers or solutions so you can easily help these people out. This is the best way to earn their trust and convince them to do business with you later on. 3. Optimize your content. You’ll stand great chances of dominating this field if you know how to make your articles fare well on relevant searches. This can easily be achieved by identifying and strategically placing major search terms all throughout your content. 4. Widely distribute your articles. Give your articles the kind of exposure they need while boosting the number of your inbound links at the same time by posting your copies on all possible avenues. Aside from article directories, you may also post them on relevant blogs and forums that are frequented by your potential clients. You can also consider using them as content for your newsletters or load them on your auto-responders to easily provide your potential clients with the kind of information they need directly on their mailbox. 5. Monitor the performance of your articles. Spend at least a couple of hours every week to assess how your articles are doing online. Ensure that all of them are generating the kind of attention they need. If some of them remain unread, improve on their titles and on their content to ensure that they’ll be able to help you realize your marketing goals. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: