From Ningbo to Jiangxi 7 months after Liu Qi was elected governor of Jiangxi Province-diying

From Ningbo to Jiangxi 7 months after Liu Qi was elected governor of Jiangxi province Liu Qi, the afternoon of September 28th, the twelfth Jiangxi Provincial People’s Congress sixth conference by secret ballot, the election of Liu Qi as governor of the provincial people’s government. February of this year, Liu Qi from the Zhejiang Provincial Committee, Ningbo municipal Party committee secretary served as Deputy Secretary of Jiangxi. July 8th, the Twelfth Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Congress decided to appoint Liu Qi vice governor of Jiangxi Provincial People’s government, deputy governor of the people’s Government of Jiangxi. The National People’s Congress "positive", he was transferred to Jiangxi from Zhejiang from just over 7 months time. Liu Qi was born in 1957, graduated from the Department of chemical engineering, Zhejiang University, has worked in the chemical industry in Zhejiang province for 16 years. Since 1996, has held leadership positions in Zhejiang Province Petroleum Chemical Industry Department, province planning and Economic Commission, the provincial state-owned enterprises, Wenzhou City, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial people’s Congress, the Provincial Federation of trade unions etc.. January 2011 to February 2016, Liu Qi has served as mayor of Ningbo, mayor, Party Secretary of the municipal government, the twelve Zhejiang Provincial Committee, Zhejiang Provincial Committee, Ningbo Municipal Committee and other staff. Liu Qi served during the Ningbo Municipal Committee, made a number of Ningbo city development strategy — by the end of 2013, put forward the "double drive four governance strategy, namely: to vigorously promote the reform driven, innovation driven, pay close attention to the ecological governance, urban governance, social governance, soft environmental governance"; in January 2014, the port economic circle "" strategy, to build the Yangtze River Delta, East China’s radiation effect of "port economic circle", and "port economic circle" to lead the construction of economic elements exchange network of cross regional, large capacity, high efficiency, realize the port radiation radius maximization, port function maximization, the maximization of the port economy, Ningbo has become China’s agglomeration the allocation of international trade, shipping and logistics resources strategic highland. In February 2015, Ningbo put forward the strategic goal of "to strive to become the major city first team". In 2015, the Committee on the "13th Five-Year" planning proposals put forward "one circle, three center" strategy, Ningbo in the "13th Five-Year" period, to promote the construction of more influential international innovation center, port economic circle and the manufacturing industry of economic and trade cooperation and exchange center, port logistics service center. While working in Ningbo, Liu Qi also known as the people first image. From 2011 to 2015, Liu Qi to research as the theme of the trip up to 153 times, an average of nearly 30 times a year. Many people have been on the subway, markets, construction sites and other occasions, and under investigation or Liu Qi accidentaly across town. Reporter Shi Xiaozhu Liu Qi resume Liu Qi, male, Han nationality, born in September 1957, Shandong Yishui people, joined the Communist Party in October 1976 Chinese, March 1974 to participate in the work, postgraduate degree, a doctorate in economics. Jiangxi provincial Party committee deputy secretary, governor, provincial Party school principals. In March 1974, Zhejiang province Wuyi County Peach Tan Xiang commune youth; in March 1977, the Zhejiang University Department of chemical engineering, polymer chemical industry professional learning.相关的主题文章: