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Fu Yuanhui declined to spring be scolded friends would say in addition to the force to do sports [] – Sohu to Beijing on November 17th news Fu Yuanhui with "field force" Hongbian Chinese. 2017 Spring Festival director recently arrived in Hangzhou invited Fu Yuanhui to participate in the Spring Festival evening was declined. Some netizens said on the Spring Festival evening show of force? There are users irony Fu Yuanhui, do not want to when the network is still red on the program every day. Source: tiqiu recommended reading: Fu Yuanhui video Fu Yuanhui Championship 50 back first qualifying Fu Yuanhui Spring Festival evening declined to be scolded friends would say in addition to the power of doing recently, the 2017 CCTV Spring Festival evening director personally flew to Hangzhou, want to invite Fu Yuanhui on the spring festival. But Fu Yuanhui for the championship training, declined the Spring Festival evening program group invitation. A message, netizens scolded "I just don’t understand why she said don’t want to be on the side of the Red Net Program", and "at a professional athlete with success won the comedy role in two words or three known to the public, the successful transformation is really gratifying!" "They are not so speculation by fans was red, Fu Yuanhui basically every program that they just want to be a player", "on the show she can do, what time is it hype, the dog is really also than the broker" since Fu Yuanhui has a will the force of the explosion of red in the Rio Olympic Games, micro-blog fans shot, after her variety show is often become the focus of the audience. But in fact, she is also very clear that she is a professional swimmer, do not want to go to the net red. Fu Yuanhui’s father Fu Chun said that, in order to participate in 17, held in Tokyo in 2016, the Asian Swimming Championships closed training in the hope that does not affect the training of her. But Fu Yuanhui declined the invitation in the Spring Festival, there are also a lot of friends support behind her. "I hope the media not to harass our athletes." "This girl is very special. Her red was surprised, but small age has not been become dizzy with success. A lot of activities are not her own, but she has always stressed and insist on their hobbies and careers are swimming. She did a good job." Refueling, Fu Yuanhui, I hope you do not forget the beginning of the heart, to do their best. No matter how public opinion in you heart forever lighting accompanied by peals of thunder, don’t forget the original ideals, in the swimming pool in order to show the real leap of Fu Yuanhui. You might also love: Chen Long wins the championship of Dubai Zhongyu expected to attend the finals Lin Dan Zhao Yaqi Lin Dan derailed derailed object profile of Zhao Yaqi Fu Yuanhui on the network will not consider the Red Spring Festival evening do not want red net相关的主题文章: