German feather race – Shi Yuqi, the smooth progress of the way in the middle of the road because of

De plume game – Shi Yuqi He Bingjiao smooth cut Xue Song halfway out of the race because of injury he Bingjiao qualify for the Phoenix sports news Beijing time on November 3rd, the 2016 Grand Prix gold Germany open continues, the men’s singles China two players Shi Yuqi and Huang Yuxiang hand cut, Xue song first out of the race. What’s Bingjiao round pass easily, Huang Kaixiang Wang Yilv and Chen Qingchen Jia Yifan, men’s doubles, women’s doubles Huang Dongping Li Yinhui have a smooth round. The men’s singles second round, China team has two players. Last week, the French champion Dan Yuqi against Holland Maggs, he took 37 minutes to win two 21-17. Huang Yuxiang in the battle with Russian player Strand – 21-17, 21-3- win. Xue Song and India in the first round of 9 against wolmar, 16 behind, Xue Song chose to retire, the game only 15 minutes. The third round, Shi Yuqi will be against the German local players, Huang Kaixiang, the opponent is the local name of the United States, the name of the singer. What a Bingjiao team only singles Chinese entries, as the top seed in the first round she only takes 27 minutes to 21-17, 21-14 zhiluoliangju beat Germany de Press. The second round of He Bingjiao will be against Shivani in India. The men’s doubles game, only Huang Kaixiang Wang Yilv of China team competition. In the face of the Rio Olympic runner up, England’s Ellis Lange Rich Huang Kaixiang, Wang Yi law played in three games, lost the first inning in the 17-21 case, with 21-11 and 21-17 won two games and achieve win. The second round, Huang Kaixiang Wang Yi’s opponent will be the Danish combination of Antonson Soja De. Chinese team has two to advance to the second round of women’s doubles. As the tournament’s top seed Chen Qingchen Jia Yifan bye qualify directly, had the game Huang Dongping Li Yinhui has also been a good news, England rival Brown Walker Huang Dongping abstained, Li Yinhui directly pass.相关的主题文章: