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Reference-and-Education The prices of collect textbooks continue to rise. Thats the bad news. And the good news is that there are ways to get cheap textbooks you either rent or buy them from college bookstores online. To help ease the pain of textbook prices, federal rules prohibit publishers to bundle their textbooks with other types of reading materials. Textbooks, workbooks, etc. should be offered separately. These publishers, when making their sales calls to the professors, should also tell their textbook prices. Add to this the requirement for colleges to give college registrants enough time to buy their books, so the list of needed books should be ready upon registration. Using the college bookstores websites allow you to get cheap textbooks. Following are some sites that can help you find your books at low prices whether you are buying, selling, trading or renting textbooks. 1. Buy.. is one online retailer where you can get discount textbooks. This operates in a similar way as Amazon… They sell almost about everything. Their pricing are highly .petitive and accept any payment gateway, including Google Checkout and Paypal. It is not only cheap textbooks that will draw you to this college bookstore, but also their inexpensive shipping offer. 2. Socialbib – In this site, you can get the needed textbook while at the same time getting rid of the unneeded ones. Here you can trade books with the other book traders, but you need to create an account with the Socialbib site. You get one credit by default. You can get free books through credits. You get credit points by trading your old books. 3. Chegg.. focuses on renting rather than selling textbooks, but you also are given an option to buy cheap textbooks. When you rent, you can have many books at lower price and you dont have to hold on to them or deal with selling them when you are done using the books. Chegg operates simply. You visit the size and make your choice from the selection of books, and you pay the rental price for each book. This college bookstore allows you to send back your finished books or buy them for you to keep. 4. Half.. is a subsidiary of eBay, but minus the bidding aspect. Half.. focuses on person to person sales of college books and textbooks. If you are interested in buying used and cheap books, or selling your used textbooks, this site is the ideal choice. They usually charge 15% .mission to sellers. 5. Amazon.. is among the most respected, trusted and the biggest online merchants. It has be.e a popular site for buying or selling new or used college textbooks in almost all categories. The textbook section of Amazon is similar to Half.. – charging the same 15% .mission for textbooks. They also pay shipping costs to the book sellers. People who are familiar with Amazon and appreciate the shopping experience they get from this site find it an ideal place to buy and sell their books. There they are the best places to go if you want to get cheap textbooks. There are many more sites like these but the above are top of the list. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: