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Into the classroom of deaf mute School: special teachers, special love – Beijing, Beijing, September 10 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Ni) to communicate with sign language teaching and even can think of all the body language, ordinary children learn it again will content to teach 35 times or more…… In the eyes of ordinary people, this is very frustrating, but this is a killing patient work, a group of people has been firm, they are the deaf school teachers. In the ordinary but different jobs, these special gardener silently dedication, with love watering the flowers in the silent world. The teacher’s Day approaching, Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) and the dumb reporter walked into the Beijing experimental school, the warmth of the story this special school between teachers and students of the record. Preschool special education teacher Yin lead children to do activities. Washington reporter Zhang Ni she is a teacher and my mother kept calling the name of the child, teach them to practice the simplest daily dialogue, this appears to be a mother in yiyaxueyu children scene happened in pre-school deaf. Although the children here have to go to school age, but their ability to hear has just begun to develop soon, every word is a huge breakthrough. Yin lead is a teacher at Beijing experimental school and was, in this special collection of deaf students in the school, she is mainly responsible for the work of teaching young children. Work in the school for 20 years, and the restless heart and a little sensitive dealing with children is homely food. Yin said the teacher, the most difficult thing is to teach children to help children develop language skills. Children born with normal hearing, about one year old began to learn to speak, and after some hearing-impaired children two or three years old did cochlear, began to establish hearing. At this time, the teachers are very patient to help children develop language functions, both teach and control strength, avoid strong language learning affect the child’s physical and mental development, but also the cultivation of comprehensive ability of sports, social and other aspects of the child. For the children of this age, Yin teacher is not only played the role of the teacher, and children in need stay together morning and night, she turned to a mother. Wang Nan, a Chinese teacher in high school, uses sign language to teach students. Reporter Zhang Ni photo class is a physical activity for the high school Chinese teacher Wang Nan, sometimes more like a class of physical activity". Because deaf children’s language system development is lagging behind, the ability to understand and express words are less than normal children. In order to let students understand, understand, Wang Nan class will put into the largest volume, the most exaggerated mouth do, in addition to add rich and any sign language can help children understand body language. Often a class down, Wang Nan’s voice is hoarse. However, it has been held for more than ten years in special education positions for her, is not what, no more than the students learn what knowledge is more important. Read, Wei Tao will give the children a funny story, the children always listened with relish. New web records相关的主题文章: