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God made man with ribs, Jiaotong University Affiliated Hospital of ribs of God made man ", with rib ears with rib ears professor guo." The picture above is a photo of an operation in an arm as the acme of perfection, grow out of one ear. Yes, you are not wrong, this is plastic and maxillofacial surgery of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiao Tong University a ear reconstruction surgery, the surgeon professor Guo Shuzhong with his hand of God, in patients with forearm made ear. A year ago, with a guitar because of a car accident resulting in right maxillofacial trauma, right ear avulsion is missing, emergency debridement and repair of maxillofacial surgery. After the right facial tissue contusion serious, repeated debridement, and because of the right auricle and the right buccal tissue defect, transverse cervical pedicle flap for buccal defects. The operation was successful, and the life was saved, but only the ear that had been damaged in the accident was never returned. After many Xunyiwenyao, Kyrgyzstan learned traditional ear reconstruction surgery need to use near the ear skin tissue, skin expander embedment, to be expanded to a certain degree after the ear prosthesis repair form. But Kyrgyzstan right ear local tissue defect serious scar healing, severe adhesion, not for dilator ear reconstruction. The news made him feel depressed, lack of an ear on the body, the heart always feel that something is wrong. Fortunately, Kyrgyzstan attracted to find a national one ear reconstruction expert Professor Guo Shuzhong. Guo professor of plastic surgery in the field for 33 years, is the world experts in second cases, the first case of the Asian face, he knew that the psychological impact of tissue defect caused by the patient, especially in such a special part of the head and face, will allow patients to produce low self-esteem, anxiety and other negative emotions, seriously affect the work and life. In the detailed understanding of the disease, after careful consideration, Professor Guo decided to break the traditional mode for ear reconstruction surgery – patient. The operation completed in three phases, the first phase in patients with right forearm skin expander embedment, regular expansion; autogenous cartilage carving with second ears bracket, embedded into the right forearm flap expansion; third microsurgical vascular anastomosis technique, the right forearm transplantation good ear growth in the head, to repair the appearance. Photograph of circle of friends scraper yesterday is the ongoing two stage operation. Professor Guo Shuzhong and Professor Shu Maoguo preoperative accurate surgical design, leading the team in plastic and maxillofacial surgery under general anesthesia for Kyrgyzstan of costal cartilage removed, remove the right forearm dilator ear reconstruction, the operation went smoothly, reconstruction of ear shape fidelity, postoperative patient’s condition is stable, the treatment effect is satisfactory. Kyrgyzstan looked at his arm ear revealing a long lost smile, waiting for the two phase of microsurgical repair of vascular anastomosis of right auricle. If there is no superb skills, this would have been true to life’s ear; if there is no humanistic care to the patient, do not look for patients relieve pain. Professor Guo is precisely because of his skill and sentiment to be able to do so well ear reconstruction surgery. Professor Guo delved into the medical care of patients, and are worthy of every staff learning.相关的主题文章: