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Internet-and-Business-Online The vast majority of individuals are aware of PPC marketing and Google AdWords, which is for all intent purposes the Google PPC campaigns. Even those individuals who are not internet savvy will have heard the terms Google Adwords, PPC marketing and Google PPC campaigns bandied about on several occasions, but what about Google Remarketing? If you as an individual are a regular user of the fabulous world wide web, you will probably have seen Google Remarketing in all its glory, but just not realised it! Have you ever considered buying an item on an e.merce site, added it to the virtual shopping cart and then decided not to go through with the purchase? We are surely all guilty of having done so at some point in our browsing experiences. Whether we have .pletely changed our minds with regards to making such a purchase, or whether we have decided to put it off until another day, or whether we have simply been sidetracked during the actual buying process, we have effectively abandoned our shopping cart. Google Remarketing is what happens next. Have you then visited another website, only for the items you were previously looking at to almost magically appear before your eyes? Have you wondered exactly what that much desired pair of shoes, the exact ones that you so wished for, could possibly have in .mon with the merits of the banana smoothie? That magic is the genius concept that is Google Remarketing, and genius on the basis that it is almost subconsciously reminding the individual of their (near) allegiance to the earlier website, which may now as a result of Google Remarketing result in an actual sale. Google Remarketing, although somewhat rather elusive, is fundamentally another option with regards to the Google PPC campaigns, and one which is available to all Google AdWords advertisers. We all know that PPC marketing is a fabulous means to attract traffic to any website, but can you as an individual personally make it pay? We are all desirous of a constant stream of targeted traffic, but how do we get it? The answer to that very question could potentially be Google Remarketing. When using PPC marketing through Google PPC campaigns in the form of Google AdWords you are effectively bidding on and paying for the use of certain specific keywords. When an individual searches for said specific keywords it will be your advertisement that appears along the top or down the side of the returned search results. Google AdWords works on the premise that a percentage of the traffic finds your specific advertisement appealing, thereby clicking through to your website. In any PPC marketing campaign, whether Google PPC campaigns or otherwise, you are effectively renting the significant traffic that these sources own. The joy of PPC marketing is the fact that everything is effectively instantaneous. You can see the results tomorrow, if not today. If one advertisement is not working it can be changed, again in an instant. Many individuals use Google PPC campaigns in the form of Google AdWords while they are waiting for their search engine optimization efforts to .e into play, others for a specific promotion and some on an ongoing continual basis. Google Remarketing takes the whole Google AdWords concept another step forwards, and is a way in which you can connect with your visitors by specifically tailoring your Google PPC campaigns to the way in which your potential customers were previously interacting with your website. Google Remarketing is remarkably easy to set up, through the "Audiences" tab in Google AdWords. It would be prudent to tag every page on your website with a view to gathering a larger amount of visitor interactions. In addition, messaging can be tailored to specific demographics, which in itself is priceless, making the potential customer feel somewhat valued and special. It is of course of the uppermost importance that you remember to continually test the results of any marketing campaign, whether Google PPC campaigns or otherwise. Google Remarketing is indeed another PPC marketing genius concept from Google, and the only way forward is to see if such an extension of Google AdWords works for you as an individual. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: