Grass roots rock paintings in the feelings, where to install – Chongqing window – People’s

Grassroots rock in feelings, where Chongqing is in the same window, rock inscriptions depict Taizhou spoony woman Ling Ling (a pseudonym) than a day in Beijing with red 13 scenic spots Chen Zhicheng are lucky, Chen Zhicheng scold Ling Ling got some pour out a torrent of abuse, the people recognized. Two of them are not the same, a spoony girl, is a boring man; one is refers to the average, may be included in the ranks of the artist; a child with basically no difference between a graffiti; behind a touching love story, a shaman is behind time barren. But they are ordinary people, are equally uninvited, also forms the original natural landscape destruction. But in the face of Lingling’s lifelike rock paintings, we all can not hate. This is not a split of public personality. The difference between the public and the public is due to the contradiction of social cognition itself. Bad habits are a folk inscription tradition has a long history of the. For example, we say graffiti, are not acceptable, but on the other hand is the famous inscription everywhere. Because of the history of human achievements of the mountain too many examples, which hill is not high mountains over a variety of characters, if not the inscription, not the words behind the story, this is a boring thing. The question is, who’s going to tell you this is graffiti? Is that art? Celebrity inscription painting can, why folk artists work? Is the celebrity calligraphy and painting, calligraphy, folk artists is graffiti, I am afraid that no one dare to this conclusion. Who said that folk artists must to be put in good taste, from the countryside into the social mainstream culture field to more to go, classical novels started by folk storytelling, classical drama also to folk troupes, folk culture, most of them from the folk, but today can say that this is not a symbol of culture? Why do we refuse folk artists? Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes almost all folk artists work, you can say that leaving these things is not a baby? Identity is not the only criterion for deciding who should stay or who should be washed away, nor is it the sole criterion for deciding who can do it. This brings another paradox, if anything, we don’t know who is good or bad, we are not likely to open such a hole, you to draw the first, then we can not erase. No punishment, how to manage the people, want to. People can be more than one Lingling, have a wonderful touching story of people who have come beyond count, so that more mountain painting is not enough. In fact, these ideas are not unsolvable. Ling Ling’s behavior is illegal, which is not controversial, the penalty or punishment, strictly in accordance with the law to punish Ling Ling’s behavior, which reflects the importance of the rule. Humanity and nature need to find harmony, portrait of the inscription will give Jiangshan thespians, but this is done in order to perform certain procedures, after the public recognition of the experts, the law allows. Without this premise, even celebrity calligraphy and painting celebrities calligraphy does not move up the rocks. But there are many forms of punishment, and we don’t have to stick to this one. Specific to this event, if the public can feel good, experts also recognized, even an unknown hand)

草根岩画里的情怀,何处安放–重庆视窗–人民网   同样是在岩石上题字刻画,台州的痴情女玲玲(化名)就比在北京一天涂红13处景区的陈志成要幸运多了,陈志成被骂得狗血喷头,玲玲却得到了一些人的认可。   他们两个有点不一样,一个是痴情的女生,一个是无聊的老汉;一个被指水平不一般,可归入艺人行列;一个基本上跟孩子涂鸦没有区别;一个背后有一段动人的爱情故事,一个身后撒满的是岁月的荒芜。但他们同样都是普通人,同样都是不请自到,同样也构成了对原始自然景观的破坏。   可是面对玲玲栩栩如生的岩画,大家竟然都恨不起来。这不是公众人格分裂,此一时彼一时。公众的前后不一源于社会认识本身的矛盾。民间题字留念的陋习是有源远流长的传统印记的。比如我们说涂鸦,都不能接受,可另一方面名人题字却是处处都有。历史上因为人成就了山的例子太多了,三山五岳哪个山头不是题满各种各样的字,要是没有这些题字,没有这些字背后的故事,该是件多么无聊的事。问题是谁来区分这是涂鸦,那是艺术呢?名人题字画画可以,为什么民间艺人就不行?名人字画是墨宝,民间艺人就是涂鸦,恐怕谁也不敢下这个结论。   谁说民间艺人就一定难登大雅之堂的,由乡野田间走入社会走向主流的文化多了去了,古典小说是由民间说书开始的,古典戏剧也源于民间的戏班,民俗文化的绝大部分都源自民间,但今天能说这是没文化的象征吗?我们又凭什么拒绝民间艺人呢?敦煌莫高窟里几乎都是民间艺人的作品,你能说留下这些东西就不是宝贝了?   身份肯定不是决定谁该留谁该洗去的唯一标准,也不是决定谁能题谁不能题的唯一标准。   这又带来另一个悖论,如果来者不拒,我们不知道谁好谁坏,我们也不可能开这样的口子,你先来画,不行我们再抹掉。不罚,又怎么来管理后来的人,想题字的人可不止玲玲一个,有一个美好动人故事的人也数不胜数,谁都这么来一下,再多的山也不够画的。   其实换个思路,这些问题也不是无解的。玲玲的行为不合法,这没有争议,该罚的还是要罚,严格按法律对玲玲的行为作出处罚,这体现的是规则的重要性。人文与自然需要找到和谐共存的方式,题字刻画也会给江山增辉,但这得按规矩来,履行一定的程序,经过公众专家的认可,法律的允许。没有这样的前提,哪怕是名人字画名人的墨宝也一样不能往岩石上搬。但处罚是有多种形式的,不必拘泥于铲除这一种。具体到这一事件,如果公众觉得好,专家又能认可,哪怕是无名人氏题的画的,又有何妨?   哪怕这幅画最终难逃被抹掉的命运,也给了我们足够多的思考,不一定只有名人的墨宝字画才能刻碑立传,留名青史,野百合也有春天,民间之中有很多艺术的瑰宝,有很多动人的故事,也该给它们一个展现自我的舞台。 (责编:秦洁、张?)相关的主题文章: