Guangzhou Panyu to the region to promote the new entrance into the rental to brush

Guangzhou Panyu intends to popularize new entrance guard into the rental house to brush ID card original title: Panyu district to promote the ID card in and out of the rental house "didi""! On November 2nd, in front of No. 8 Lane 7, vanguard street, Pioneer Street, Pioneer Street, Panyu District City, a migrant worker brushes his ID card, and the rental door opens. At the same time, the entry and exit information has been uploaded to the public security system database. The author learned from Panyu District, after the pilot pioneer community and other places, such intelligent access control system is gradually spreading the 31 thousand rental houses throughout the region. Difficult to start, difficult to collect information, management problems, this is the Guangzhou District rental housing management problems encountered. In order to further improve the technology level of rental housing, rental housing in Panyu District Bureau of Guangzhou to promote the intelligent access control system construction in the pioneer community pilot. In November 2nd, the reporter saw in the vanguard street, 8 alley 7, a rental house, an electronic display was constantly beating, showing a variety of information. Yu Yongliang, deputy director of the Bureau of Panyu District to introduce, the front screen is a set of access control system, the 12 sets of rental housing in the house, 19 to ear personnel are registered with identity cards real name, personnel system registration rate of 100%. Through 1 sets of intelligent access control machine, the door is equipped with 1 sets of magnetic electronic lock, door installation of 1 sets of uninterrupted power supply, access door is installed in a case with the network camera installed in the tail gun rental, real-time information transmission system to achieve synchronization using the Internet platform to support the gate door pictures, video host monitoring with tail capture, alarm function, the function of electronic map, the focus of attention, trajectory queries, elderly attention, comprehensive data analysis, information release, online community equipment management and online upgrade 11 functions, effectively rent households included in the scope of management, to further enhance the level of rental housing security management. "In accordance with the plan, we will be in the region more than 31399 rental houses to promote this intelligent access control system." Yu Yongliang introduced, at present, Panyu through bidding, has selected three companies, responsible for the construction and operation of intelligent access control system. Because the rental housing owners and tenants do not use upfront investment, this system has been widely welcomed in the pilot. "If successful, this year is expected to complete the entire task of 30%, 2017 plans to complete 90%, the first half of 2018 will be completed."." Nanfang Daily (reporter Liu Huaiyu correspondent Fan Xuan) editor in chief: GDN001

广州番禺拟全区推广新门禁 进出租屋要刷身份证   原标题:番禺全区推广刷身份证进出租屋   “嘀”!11月2日,在番禺区市桥街先锋社区前锋大街8巷7号,一名来穗务工人员轻刷身份证,出租屋大门应声而开。与此同时,这名来穗人员的出入信息已经实时上传到了公安系统的数据库。笔者从番禺区获悉,经过先锋社区等地的试点,这样的智能门禁系统正在全区3.1万栋出租屋逐步推广铺开。   入门难、信息采集难、管理难问题,这是广州各区出租屋管理普遍遇到的难题。为了进一步提高出租屋技防水平,番禺区来穗局在先锋社区试点推进出租屋智能门禁系统建设。   11月2日,记者在市桥街先锋社区前锋大街8巷7号出租屋看到,一台电子显示屏不断跳动显示着各种信息。番禺区来穗局副局长余永良介绍,眼前的显示屏正是一套门禁系统,这个屋内的12套出租房、19名来穗人员均用身份证实名登记,人员系统登记率100%。通过在该出租屋内安装了1台智能门禁一体机、在大门上安装1套门磁电子锁、门内安装1台不间断门禁电源、门内安装一支防随尾网络摄像枪,利用互联网实时信息同步传输,实现系统平台支持门禁主机开门图片、视频监控随尾抓拍、报警功能、电子地图功能、重点人员关注、人员轨迹查询、孤寡老人关注、综合数据分析、社区信息公布、设备在线管理和在线升级11项功能,有效地将租户纳入管理范围,进一步提升出租屋治安管理水平。   “按照计划,我们将在全区31399栋规模以上的出租屋推广这种智能门禁系统。”余永良介绍,目前番禺通过招投标,已经选定了三家公司,负责建设和运维智能门禁系统。因为出租屋主和租客不用前期投资,这套系统在试点中受到了普遍的欢迎。“如果顺利,今年有望完成整个任务的30%,2017年计划完成90%,2018年上半年将全部完成。”南方日报讯(记者 刘怀宇通讯员 番宣) 责任编辑: GDN001相关的主题文章: