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Happiness is like the flowers of Baojing "sky gardens" to attract tourists to Baojing Peace Village rock mountain flowers. Huahai yourenruzhi. A couple in the wedding photos of flowers. Tourists from Xinjiang to take pictures in the flowers. "Flowers in the Zhang family portrait!" Tourists flowers pictures. The National Day holiday, is located in Baojing County of Hunan province moved the peaceful village of Ling Zhen at 200 acres of monkey slope "garden in the air" – rock mountain flowers, daily in nearly a thousand tourists. Peace village director Tang Daan introduction, Peace Village will be precise poverty and rural tourism combined with rural tourism drive and promote the peaceful village economic development. This year, several villagers jointly funded the work team in the county Propaganda Department of poverty alleviation and help, farming, Liuhua Ju, Ge Sanghua, Zinnia cristata and other varieties of flowers, the flowers bloom, as the most beautiful motherland blessings. During the national day, the weather is fine, the sky is blue, colorful flowers, butterflies fly, the public and tourists flying mood, came to a close interaction with the flowers all over the mountains and plains. A slope near the flat at the ranch, the high terrain, good ecological environment, along the road, can enjoy high mountains and lofty hills pastoral village, also can experience the green garden, villa farmhouse leisure life. Although the peace village to monkey slope road under construction, tourists from the flat toward the pasture to detour to sea at present, but still yourenruzhi. From Xinjiang Urumqi, 87 year old Ms. Hu Jun and his family came to the flowers. Happy family photo with his family, his face has been filled with a happy smile: really too beautiful, and this is the way home!" From Huayuan County, a couple came to the wedding photos. The couple said happily: "there are rare day drive so bright flowers, hope that after the day, as well as the flowers!" (Yi Guo Peng Xuedong)相关的主题文章: