[happy trip] black sesame cake – eating Zamian Sohu-gamelink

[happy trip] black sesame cake – eating Zamian Sohu in late autumn, all gradually mottled. Time by careless hand changing everything, let the touch of green become the vicissitudes of life. Autumn is feeling disappointed, but not cool and thin, close your eyes, slowly aftertaste is sweet. Light years, leisurely life. A cup of tea is the source of happiness. Huadianxinsi brandish the kitchen, good meals, fragrance temptation, make you want to go home. Black sesame cake Zamian material: 200 grams of flour, corn flour 50 grams, cooked sesame 50 grams, 40 grams of sugar, red dates and large amount of walnut. Practice: 1, sesame seeds should be cooked black sesame seeds, with cooking machine grinding into powder. 2, milk, sugar, yeast mix evenly, so that the yeast melt. 3, add flour, corn flour, sesame powder. 4, stirring evenly. 5, take a 6 inch cake bottom mold, the bottom brush oil, pour the batter, smooth, cover fermentation. 6, fermentation to the mold of the 8 full. 7, walnut meat and red dates with surface decoration, you can use any fruit to decorate their love. In 8, after the water into the steamer, steam for 30 minutes, 5 minutes to open off the fire after the stew. 9, after the good steamed out, the mold can be removed in a circle. Note: the kitchen Fagao hardness can be adjusted a little love to eat out less add 10 grams of milk, love to eat soft a bit of a little more milk, no problem. You can use any fruit cake surface decoration.相关的主题文章: