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Health China: a new perspective of "health package" economics – Health Channel – – medical investment is not the only means to improve national health. Only adhere to the prevention, can effectively reduce the disease burden of   according to reports, Gansu Province, free of charge to the household farmers issued a "health care box", there are salt bags, scraping plate, cupping, thermometer, salt spoon, small pot, there are nearly 5 million households to get health packs". Among them, the most distinctive is the salt bag. Farmers stir the salt heat, add some fennel, pepper, Wormwood Leaves, etc., can prevent the treatment of cough, pharyngitis, arthritis, stomach pain and other common diseases. The health care box appears to be very "soil", it reflects the prevention concept, which is called "small finances do big health" masterpiece. This reminds us of Finland’s famous baby carton". In the past 70 years, Finland pregnant mothers, will receive a gift from the government — a cardboard box, filled with clothes, sheets, diapers, toys and other necessities of parenting, also called obstetric package. At the bottom of the box is a mattress. The baby can sleep in it. Government regulations, prospective mothers only after prenatal examination, in order to receive free. The move to promote the popularity of maternal prenatal care, making Finland one of the world’s lowest infant mortality. Two "health package", an earth ocean, contains the same health economics, health prevention is the most economical and effective strategy. The practice of all countries in the world has proved that medical investment is not the only way to improve the health of the people. Only by adhering to prevention, can effectively reduce the burden of disease. In recent years, the cost of health care in many developed countries has been rising, but the national health level has not been improved". In fact, the medical expenditure has the tendency to be high. Even the most developed countries can not afford to raise the cost of medical treatment. Health economics studies show that when the total cost of health care is at a certain level, the same increase in the cost of health care can only result in less health benefits, the so-called "diminishing marginal returns". Only when we invest in public health and change from disease treatment to health management, can we get a greater national health benefits. At present, China has entered a fast aging society, the burden of chronic diseases is increasing, and the total cost of medical treatment is rising rapidly. However, China has formed a hospital as the center of the medical service system, the rapid expansion of the number of beds in the hospital, the number of thousands of beds in Canada, the United States and other developed countries. The system focuses on the treatment of disease, not from the source of disease prevention. National Guard Planning Commission released a statistical report shows that in 2015, China’s per capita total health expenditure of 2952 yuan, accounting for GDP of total health expenditure of $6%. In contrast, the government has invested only 40 yuan per capita of basic public health services, the majority of health spending on medical care. To solve the problem of the health of the Chinese people, must not engage in medical arms race, but to increase the basic medical and public health investment, the center of gravity down, resource sink. At present, the use of basic public health services in our country exists the phenomenon of "sprinkle pepper face", many projects become a mere formality相关的主题文章: