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Heilongjiang province tourism market — Heilongjiang — check channel people.com.cn National Day coming, Heilongjiang Provincial Tourism Commission in recent days around the tourism sector issued a notice, requirements for holiday tourism work, to ensure that people enjoy a happy and peaceful holiday National Day. Notification requirements around the tourism sector initiative to coordinate public security, transportation, industry and commerce, quality supervision and other related departments, immediately organize tourism market inspection, special rectification of problems found, especially to increase the unreasonable low price, forced consumption, punishment, breach of contract cheating or other illegal acts, centralized treatment a number of typical cases, and resolutely curb the tourist market chaos. Municipalities to actively guide the tourism enterprises to carry out sincere service, civilized service, improve the quality and level of tourism services; tourism to smooth complaint channels, improve the tourism dispute handling mechanism, timely and properly handling tourist complaints, tourism disputes prevention concern for public opinion fermentation hot or group events. The Provincial Tourism Commission will in the near future to cities to make random checks, informed of the problems highlighted in the areas of serious problem areas will be interviewed and accountability. Strict implementation of the leadership class during the holiday and 24 hours on duty system, to ensure the smooth flow of information, rapid response, proper disposal. The occurrence of major problems occurred according to the provisions of timely reporting and proper disposal, to eliminate false positives and false negatives, and delaying concealed. Do a good job of information reporting, highlighting local characteristics. Major emergencies, accidents, important social trends and other aspects of information, after the local tourist travel to the person in charge of the post. Provincial Tourism Commission duty phone: 0451 – 85978639, fax: 0451-85978619. Provincial Tourism complaints Tel: 0451 – 87010055. (reporter Li Jinglin) (commissioning editor Zou Hui and Ding Yang)相关的主题文章: