Huang Yilai, a charity for children in poor areas to build the green playground

Huang Yilai, a charity for children in poor areas to build the green playground on the afternoon of 12 Huang Yi, actress Huang Yi came to the city of Harbin, to participate in the "Yi Dynamic Fund green playground" Harbin Railway Station ceremony, and help the 2016 happy Chinese · and forum authorization and launch a number of Harbin Railway Station activities, had a close communication with the public and city fans. For children in poor remote areas to build a playground as a famous actor, in addition to filming, the most Huang Yi do is to engage in public service activities. In 2009, Huang Yizai Shanghai Sports Development Foundation under the support of the establishment of China’s first sports public welfare as the core of the "Yi sports fund" to help improve sports facilities for children in poor areas, and disabled athletes rehabilitation engineering and other sports as the main object of donation. "Yi moving green playground fund will be donated one hundred seat playground for poor schools across the country, Harbin will also serve as the first station of northeast, first started construction site. "Yi" Dynamic Fund "for many poor local children donated a playground, sports facilities, to see the smiling faces of children, really feel very touched, think he has done a very meaningful thing, each child smile gives me strength. This came to Harbin feeling a lot, there are many children to the playground, we will be located in some poor and remote areas, for children in preparation for the green playground, I hope to see a happy smile on their faces." Huang Yi said. Love ice and ice sculpture building praised Harbin the most beautiful winter in Harbin, Huang Yi said "Harbin is the most beautiful in winter!" Originally, many years ago, Huang Yi came to Harbin for filming, the filming in Harbin for a period of time, left me a good impression. This time to feel the change is big, still so beautiful." She felt that Harbin is a cultural heritage of the city, the streets, buildings and ice are very characteristic, especially in the city building, is the combination of Chinese and Western style, a sense of history, Harbin is the most beautiful city in the north. Low life patience hope more people warm heart this time, Huang Yi also help out 2016 "happiness China · home and auditorium" authorized Harbin Railway Station and launching ceremony. On the spot, she talked about the importance of a happy marriage to the family and the society. "In the past few years, I have encountered some setbacks, but also into the trough of life, during which I matured a lot, the heart becomes stronger, but also learned to love and patience. Patience is an invisible force that makes me learn to take responsibility." Huang Yi said. For the future, she hopes to be able to bring more people to work together with her charity, to bring more warmth to those who need help. The reporter Wu Yutong photo.相关的主题文章: