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In South Korea the 3 foot score of at least 3 Korean war rhetoric prediction [information] in the 3 ball victory over South Korea South Korea War foot prediction score soaring at least 3 ball victory over September 1st, Korean War at the Seoul World Cup Stadium started. This army fully equipped for full of confidence. And what do we think of the South Korean team? Recently, South Korea Football Association held a player online Q & A will, the protagonist is a "China hand", they are played in the Super League three South Korean defender – Guangzhou Hengda Taobao jinyingquan, Guangzhou R & F Zhang Xianxiu and Jiangsu Su Ning Hong is good. Moderator asked questions by the fans, so that three people to answer. We have some questions about the China. Let’s see what they say! Jin Yingquan, Hong Zhenghao, and interview with Q: how do you feel about playing in China? Jin Yingquan (hereinafter referred to as Kim): there are a lot of good players, the league’s standard is very high, I am honored to be here. Hong is good (hereinafter referred to as Hong): come here to feel a lot of the collection here, such as the big bang, as well as the atmosphere here is also very good. Zhang Xianxiu (hereinafter referred to as Zhang): to Chinese play is a good experience, and many world-class master blows, can help to improve our personal ability. Q: there are a lot of people in the team of the three of you who have been selected for the Chinese national team King: Gao Lin. Wu Xi captain of our team. Zhang: Kim Gao Lin over there. Q: Kim want the past five big league? King: Yes, the five major leagues in Europe, naturally higher than in asia. Asian players if you can stand on the stage in Europe that is a very good experience, if there is a chance in the future, I still want to go to the five league to test their strength. Q: which one of you is more popular in China? Kim: I think it is just Hong (laughs) ~ pretty young Korean boys because of Korean influence, in China ages 20 years old girl in popularity is remarkable. I think this is the right thing to do. (laughs) Q: who do you think will be able to break into China? Hong: Huang Xican. Q: Please predict the score against china! Zhang: 3-0! Hong: 5-0! Gold: 4-0! Listen to the three South Korean players on the "truth", our international is eager? On the court on September 1st.相关的主题文章: