In the film Cao Yunjin Elanne Kwong’s awkward roadshow, never abandon. vy canis majoris

In the film Cao Yunjin Elanne Kwong’s awkward roadshow, "never abandon" the public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Elanne Kwong, Cao Yunjin (data plan) in October 31st, the movie "never abandon" premiere held in Beijing, produced by smiling buildings, starring Yuan Chengjie, Shen Long [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Yue Yien and other creative staff at the scene. But once fell in love after the break-up of Cao Yunjin [micro-blog], Elanne Kwong [micro-blog] choose to avoid meeting, not able to attend, the future will also separately finish the movie promotional roadshow.   previously, Cao Yunjin house was also exposed. The movie "never abandon" changed files in November 4th national release, the film stars Yuan Chengjie, Cao Yunjin, Elanne Kwong co starred in. The film tells the story of physicist Tao Yanda (Yuan Chengjie ornaments) in the upcoming and lover Ye Xiaomei (Elanne Kwong decoration) married Eve found himself suffering from lung cancer want to escape death, express little brother Yu Tianhong (Lu Yu Cao Road, a cloud of gold) dilemma and harvest moved to make Yuan Chengjie heart feel the value of life, life to recover. Yuan Chengjie said that such a comedy is not a small challenge, but also to bring their countless moved. "And it’s not just a comedy. Not immediately after, but see the joke, taste, smile." In addition to different bursting point, "never abandon" is not a general "". Yuan Chengjie said, in the show will show numerous fine body, is the use of this sewage plot, talking about some of the great truths of life." The same as the film starring Cao Yunjin, but did not appear in the press conference of Elanne Kwong. May 12, 2016, there are media exposure comedian Cao Yunjin and actress Elanne Kwong love Hongkong. In September 30th, Elanne Kwong announced his 29 birthday and broke up with Cao Yunjin, and said the most sad time has passed. During the movie "never abandon" shooting, two people are honey love, now the movie was a break up, in Japan will also be completed separately promotional roadshow. It is reported that the film "never abandon" will be landing in theaters nationwide on November 4th. (news source: Sina entertainment) more exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: