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In the Ming Dynasty has a talk: rocket rocket Heaven – Beijing manned Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft was successfully launched, it is a great achievement in the aerospace industry of China. When launching a spacecraft, it is important to deliver a rocket. The rocket is carrying a satellite, spacecraft and other high-tech equipment booster, it relies on the huge power of fuel, the satellite and other space. "Rocket" is a word both image and vivid, in fact, the "rocket" in Chinese history, appeared very early, but was confined to the ancient rocket technology, mostly used on the battlefield, after the continuous improvement of the past dynasties, the rocket has become one of the ancient battlefield fire is very fierce. In the Ming Dynasty, there were people who tried to use the rocket to launch a manned rocket. Can imagine, at that time the technical conditions will be what kind of outcome. But this does not affect the epoch-making significance of the test: This is the first attempt to use the rocket to achieve the dream of flying. Today, with the great progress of science and technology, the ancient dream of flying can be achieved, and now people call the rocket, and then the rocket has changed dramatically in the sense of. The history of the Rockets, but also become a witness to the ancients. 1 in the history of the Southern Song Dynasty rocket in the history of China, the word "rocket" for a long time. "Rocket", first seen in "Three Kingdoms Wei Ming Ji"? The annotation cited "Wei". Wei Taihe two years (228 years), Zhu Geliang attacked Chen Cang Shu, Wei Shou Hao Zhao "to shoot the rocket inverse ladder, ladder, the ladder is burned". However, at the time of the "rocket", only in the shaft near the arrow tied to oil soaked linen and other flammable materials, lit with a crossbow firing out for arson. After the invention of gunpowder, combustible material was replaced by gunpowder, the gunpowder arrow. This is a fundamental difference between what is now seen as a booster for launching satellites and spacecraft. The Northern Song Dynasty was an earlier period of gunpowder and firearms used in the battlefield. Before the Northern Song Dynasty, some areas of the late five generation began to use gunpowder, and made the initial firearms. In the early period of the Northern Song Dynasty, the rulers paid much attention to the weapons manufacturing because of the need of the war. In addition to conventional weapons, the firearm is mainly rely on the gunpowder crossbow firing rockets and cast by longitudinal machinery of various types of ball (powder package). In addition to making gunpowder weapons, the Northern Song Dynasty also set up "preparing siege" management, gunpowder, hot oil and a number of workshops. The late Northern Song Dynasty, folk pop a goofy "fire", it is the use of gunpowder combustion reaction, the "fire" is similar to the rocket. During the Southern Song Dynasty, especially in the middle of the twelfth Century, the technology began to be used on the battlefield in large numbers. At that time, due to Song Zhaoqian, some of the Bianjing gunpowder, firearms workshops and craftsmen were Jin army has in turn against the Southern Song Dynasty Jin Jun, the use of gunpowder. Since then, the Mongols destroyed the Jin Dynasty, the Mongolia army has also mastered the firearm technology. In twelve and thirteenth Century, the Southern Song Dynasty, the Jin Dynasty and Mongolia, the three regimes were fighting each other. Some of the main battlefield at that time, always smoke, flames..相关的主题文章: