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Insurance! The odds look bad in the foot at Uzi no win a draw play [information] odds look bad country foot war Uzbekistan no win a draw play sports Tencent news October 10th 12 finals fourth round, the Orangemen will be a guest in Uzbekistan, the armed forces for high return, only to win this one goal. But before the Gambling company odds is not optimistic about the country foot away from all 3 points in the win odds as high as 4.33, while the home court against Uzbekistan win odds only 1.90, but from the score odds, the Orangemen still is expected to take 1 points away draw with rivals. The odds look bad in the foot in foot and get away in Uzbekistan before the 3 round of 12 match performance there is a world of difference, although the third round of the Uzbekistan home court lost 0-1 to Iran, but because the former 2 matches were won with 1-0 Syria and Qatar, Uzbekistan after the 3 round with 6 points, firmly occupy the initiative for 3 the. In our life, South Korea, Iran, negative flat against Syria, the 3 round only got 1 points, if the face of Uzbekistan didn’t win, the rest of the 6 round of the 12 finals will be completely reduced to the role of the prince with reading. The odds look bad enough but before the Gambling company get away out of the odds are not optimistic about the Orangemen victory over Uzbekistan in Tashkent, winning odds of 4.33, even the opponent’s odds of 3.25, while the home court against Uzbekistan, winning odds of only 1.90. Uzbekistan unbeaten at home to the odds as low as 1.22, in contrast to the results of the national foot unbeaten in the road to reach 1.90. The score odds, the odds of victory over 1-0 Uzbekistan home court is only 5.50, two 1-1 or 0-0 draw odds were 6.50 and 7. Uzbekistan home 2-0 win odds of 7.50, 2-1 win odds of 9. The Orangemen 1-0 victory over the odds for 8.50 2-0, the odds of winning up to 19. Judging from the odds of the score, Gambling company is also optimistic about Uzbekistan home to get 3 points, but the country has enough to take away from the road to the hope of 1 points. (bar)相关的主题文章: