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Japanese media exposure Fuyuan love month marriage with Chinese Taipei player Ai Fukuhara and her boyfriend fruition Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 8th, "porcelain doll" Ai Fukuhara getting married? According to Japanese media reports, Japan’s table tennis champion Ai Fukuhara has been in the early this month and the Chinese Taipei team table tennis player Jiang honji married in Tokyo. Japanese media reports Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie’s love in April this year, the Japanese media exposure. Japanese media reported that the two people from the end of the year before the close relationship, began to contact last spring. "Weekly paper spring" to take about two photos, the two person informed a stable relationship, have the parents, or in the year after the end of the Olympic Games. In an interview with NEWSWEEK, Ai Fukuhara said: "he was always there for me when I was injured." Jiang Hongjie was born in 1989, is the Taipei table tennis player, is currently one of the Taipei men’s team players, who won the 2005 World Youth Championships Men’s doubles champion, men’s singles champion 2009 universiade. In the area of Taiwan, by virtue of the sun handsome appearance and skills, Jiang Hongjie has a high popularity. Blessing is also the first time to respond to love, she used her personal trainer Tang Yuanyuan micro-blog on the matter was explained: Hello, I’m Ai Fukuhara. Talk about my business with my coach Tang Yuanyuan’s micro-blog. This time my private affairs report, to add trouble. I’m serious with Taiwan table tennis player Jiang Hongjie. I’m going to take part in the Olympic qualifier, and the Rio Olympics in August. I hope you warm concern and support us. I’ll cheer you up again." After the Rio Olympics women’s team competition, good relations with Ai Fukuhara table tennis CCTV reporter Li Wujun said Ai Fukuhara received a wedding invitation.相关的主题文章: