Jiangsu to prepare for the end of the European tour to prepare for the new season cba-bree daniels

Jiangsu to prepare for the end of the European tour in October 29th for the CBA season, the new season CBA League will pull the curtain. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Jiangsu two basketball club kendiya, the end of the European tour, today will return to Chinese, finally a foreign aid Abbas Tongxi team will usher in. A month before the start of the new season, Jiangsu’s two teams have entered the sprint stage. Modern Express reporter Wang Wei ZAKER Nanjing kendiya end came to Europe this summer, Jiangsu kendiya all the players go to the European tour. Yesterday, the players went to the end of the practice of training during the last warm-up match, today will fly back to China, to prepare for the new season CBA league. In 26 days, Cartier men’s basketball team and from Slovenia, Russia, Czech and Turkey and other European countries, the team played 11 match. Coach Hu Xuefeng said in an interview: "we played a lot in Europe during the warm-up match, most teams level are relatively high, from them we see the problems of their own existence, recognize the gap." In addition, the reporter also learned that small foreign aid horse will also come from the United States today, china. At present, apart from the CBA season opening and a month of time, the Tongxi coach Hu Weidong, three foreign aid teams all in place, immediately into full tactical exercises, after the competition, through a series of warm-up to run the team.相关的主题文章: